[] Bleedie Gonzales - Speedy Bleedy Pistols Build - Cr 170, Sr 80 +

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Highly mobile bleeder build. Between the evade skill, Dreadnought’s Might and Vire’s Might, this build is constantly zipping through the crowds, leaving a wake of death. The build has ~800% bleed duration bonus, so once you’ve applied the DoTs, very few enemies will survive it. This turns 3 second bleed dots into 27 second bleed dots to enemies who don’t have any reduction in bleeding duration.

Highest bleed dot I’ve found so far is 811,00 damage on a training dummy, although this is likely able to be a bit higher. I haven’t pushed it or tested it extensively yet. More typically you’ll see it around the 400-500k mark. You can typically get 400-500k bleed damage up on an enemy within a single rotation of skills, so it might take 1-2 seconds, and from that point you can basically run away knowing that almost anything will die (500k damage each second over ~27 seconds = 13.5m total damage).

Bleed Dot

Mobile Hit ‘n’ Run Playstyle

As you can see from this video, the build uses a hit and run playstyle, and has fun dancing through huge crowds of enemies while hardly taking a hit. As it relies on it’s mobility to survive, the build could probably do with a touch more freeze and trap resist.

When caught out, or when forced to facetank, you can pop a low level Inquisitor Seal and Ascension to give a nice OA/Crit Damage and Damage Absorption boost. Horn of Gandarr also helps to lower incoming damage with the damage debuff and the Confuse CC.

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