[] Cold Gunslinger | Hagarradian Enforcer Infiltrator, SR easy 75-76, Lokarr / Mogdrogen / Ravager viable

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Forgot that the Relic has 25 % activation chance instead of 20 %, pulled some points from strom spread and bursting rounds, softcaped ranged expertise and pumped vigor

Grimtools for the impatient (outdated):


Since in 1.2 the Hagarradian Enforcer weapon got buffed with +1 to inquisitor and, if dualwielded, 100 % acid to cold conversion, i thought it might be a good time to give this build which was not really good in the past a second try.

Concept / Build plan:

This build uses 2 Hagarradian Enforcers and tries to get as much flat dmg as possible into the Beronath’s Furry Autoattack (AA) paired with trying to get 100 % Weapon pool skill (WPS) chance.

Ingame stats:

22 % leech

Item explanation (not all):

Namadeas Horns: Needs Overseer Prefix, but its easily obtainable

Rings: If you dont have the alkamos rings go Elemental Harmony instead, either double Sapphire or full set as you like, these are easily obtainable

Ilgors Curse / Vigil: Choose which one you have the better Affixes on, I personally think they are equal in strength

Necklace: For SC go Ellena’s, the dmg is very strong, for HC go Azraaka’s sands, cheat death to good

The Relic + Seal of The Void are for 100 % WPS

Key Devotions:

Viper: RR

Rhowan’s Crown: 3 points for RR

Murmur: RR

Hydra: max movement speed + leech, OA and attack speed

Yugol: 5 points for 16 flat cold (Acid → Cold), Damage reduction (DR) already on Aura of Censure, 8 % leech

Crab: Flat 8-9 flat cold (Fire → cold), + nice shield

Hyrean: Flat 9 flat cold (Fire → cold), + more leech and health

rest aims at getting more leech and affinity


You want Lethal assault to be up 100 % of the time, due to Acid → Cold, and stand inside your inquisitor seal. Your RR applies only at short range making you a quasi-meele character thats why 1p Ring of steel (RoS) and Circle of Slaugther (CoS) is very good for defence (Fumble). Blade Trap + Devouring Blades is optional but quite nice since it has - Trap RR on the ability itself, thus it can trap Heros in Sr and apply the - % DA debuff making your crits very strong and lets you burst them down quicker, remove at personal preference.




SR 75-76:

Mogdrogen was very easy unfortunatly i did not record that.

SR 80-81 also possible but not great at it.

Closing Statement:

The build feels actually good to play now but its still far from the strongest in town :smile: but i ilke the astetics and the feel of the build.


Thank you for sharing, looks great!

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How do you farm these Hagarradian Enforcer’s. I’ve checked on GT item database as well as google searched and can’t find anywhere that tells you how to aquire/farm these pistols?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

If GT doesn’t give any locations then they can be found anywhere in the game.

Random drops unfortunatley :frowning: