( Hard Ticket to Cairn - the bleeding skater paladin

Hi there GD community!

When i saw the changes on Mythical Gutripper - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database and Goredrinker - Item sets - Grim Dawn Item Database on the new patch notes i decided to give it a try and… This fella turned out to be one of the most fun builds i ever played.

With the new evade skill, this build concept became even more faster and reliable! When i was planning the build i was worried about the damage, since with the new sunder debuff we must be even more cautious on HC, but i’m very glad to see the build performing high DoTs even with a more health regen/safer gameplay based path on devotions.

Didn’t try superbosses yet, but did recorded some vídeos. Tried the build on early Lvl96 on SR65 and the build simply DESTROYED it easy and FAST. Definitely a build for those seeking a fast and reliable SR farmer.
*edit: build was able to beat 3 celestials

I leveled this char using Messenger's Blaze Cannon - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database and Skybreaker Circlet - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (use aura of censure while leveling, after you get LVL94 switch to Aura of conviction)

Actual Char Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Bleed damage + life steal

Phys + Other resists

In-Game Vire’s Might DoT)

I had trouble on getting resistances capped so i had to change Bloodrite Gauntlets - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database that was my original choice (more damage) for a OK crafted gloves and i was VERY LUCKY farming my
Dreeg-Sect Legguards - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (original choice was Mythical Chausses of Barbaros - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database but i got a very good pants on first fry farming Grim Dawn World Map (thank you so much crate, now those bastards ALWAYS drops their MI’s) as you can see below (sorry for pic’s quality)

Bleeding Paladin x SR65 (First Try)

Bleeding Paladin x SR65 (Third run)

Beware of Valdaran on SR, he became a real asshole (at least for this build) don’t get too close, use Ascension always for dealing with his high crits

Bleeding Paladin x Lokarr

Bleeding Paladin x Mogdrogen

Bleeding Paladin x Ravager of Flesh

Bleeding Paladin x Callagadra (changed the gloves, belt and head armor augments for Bladeward powder for capping pierce resistance)

If you’re wondering about the build’s name, it’s a homage to the wonderful 80’s trash movie :joy:

Hard ticket to Hawaii - Skater's death

Thank you for reading!


Wouldn’t 2x Bloodborer with Mogdrogen the Wolf devotion route make a lot more sense here?

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Talking about damage, yes, i think it would perform better