[] Wendigo Mastery - Vitality Totemer - Cr 170

GrimTools: Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This build is a Totem Master, with powerful Vitality damage Storm Totems, and powerful Wendigo Totems. All enemies nearby turn very quickly to dust. The build reaps incredible healing and protections while dealing massive AOE damage to enemies.

Key Traits Of Note:

  • 5 Storm Totems each crit for 40-100k+ damage, healing for 8% of damage dealt
  • 2 Wendigo Totems provide a total of 22% + 2420 HP per second
  • 3680 OA
  • 3450 DA
  • 126% Crit Damage
  • 336 Damage Absorption from Inquisitor Seals

The combination of high DA, high damage absorption, decent HP, incredible healing, and big damage to finish fights quickly makes this build very deadly and very fun to play. The recent changes to summoning multiple storm totems at a time is a gamechanger to the effectiveness of turret-like builds.

Here’s a quick video of the build doing Cr 150-170 in ~6 minutes without breaking too much of a sweat. This was my first attempt at Cr 150+ with the build.

The highest hit I’ve done with this build is 210k damage, and I can’t tell if this is from Wendigo Rush or one of the totems critting. Additionally, I’ve seen up to ~318k Vitality Decay damage ticks with this build.

With the totems widely reaching many targets, dealing rapid crits and vitality decay damage, swarms of enemies disappear real fast, as can be seen in the video above.

This build is super fun and super powerful. Recommend. :smiley: