[] 2H Blood Knight DK - SR90 - All Celestials - Best Bone Harvest Build in da Werld

2H Blood Knight DK isn’t a new concept by any means but no one’s posting theirs so here’s mine.

This is melee vitality Bone Harvest build with Reaping Arc as a filler skill. It’s not the tankiest build, but it has good leech and a large health pool to compensate. GRIMTOOLS CLICK ME

BK DK stats
With Soul Harvest, Call of the Grave and Abominable Might. Dps shown is Reaping Arc.

BK DK damage

  • Blood Knight set of course
  • Guardian’s of Death’s Gates: Nice stat stick with built-in flat rr
  • Ghol gloves for Bone Harvest recharge
  • Dual rr rings because it’s a vitality soldier build
  • Namadea’s Eye for flat damage and conversion
  • Lunal belt for +1 necro and conversion. Needs affixes with high resistances.
  • Boneshatter Threads for physical and slow resist
  • Grava pants to cap Spectral Wrath. Can be replaced as long as you cap resists.
  • Uroboruuk’s relic to get Reaping Arc
Skills, Attributes and Devotions

Attributes: Just physique dump for health and DA. Spirit dump isn’t worth it, I tried.

Devotions: Weapon allows us to ignore flat rr in devos. Pick up Rattosh and Abom since the proc is partially converted by the belt. Throne and Berserker fit nicely to round out resistances.

Skills: I think there are no surprises here. Main damage skills are maxed, MoT and Ill Omen at soft cap for defense. Pump Decorated soldier to soft cap for elemental and slow resist. Can move points from Field Command into Menhir’s Will if you like, depending on the skill bonus you get on relic.

Shattered Realm
  • Mogdrogen in 1:30
  • Ravager in 1:55. Take a shot everytime I fail to dodge Sunder.
  • Calla in 1:55
  • Crate. Not the best Crate killer but Vitality Decay on BH is doing some heavy lifting.


:crab: :turtle:


I have a spare level fifty Necro waiting for a new mastery, so I’m gonna go for this. Always tried SnB DeathKnights usually, so this should make a fun change. Cheers CT.

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looks good, some juicy crits in there. why the phys dump if i may ask?

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Choose between ~2k hp and 300 DA and 300% dmg increase. Both are valid, but Celestials fights and deep SR are gonna be a bit more sketchy with the latter.

figured that was aimed at the 90-100 bracket or something. 4100 oa with fighting spirit is pretty sick, i can’t say no to that on such a big single-hit nuke build. thanks for posting this, going to give it a shot

what goes into the bat devtion its empty, english is not my first language sorry for bad spelling

I used Soul of Nazaran (summon from the set) for Bat but grimtools doesn’t save it.

Bah. Got overconfident in HC and by level 55 I was killed by chaos dude up in Darkvale. :rofl:

Back to the drawing board.

Very nice build! The weapon fits perfectly here.

Is Counter Strike actually doing any decent damage here? Is it worthing maxing it at all?

Is Mythical Dreadchill Mark not worth it? 5% adtch to Bone Harvest + some frostburn (which is converted).

Haunted steel as component in the weapon?

It has low cooldown and somewhat decent flat damage, maxing it increases activation chance. Guess you could remove the points there and max Call of the Grave instead if you like. Not much else worth maxing here tbh.

Also no % damage, no crit, and no flat damage at all for Reaping Arc. Hard skip. Dread Lord prefix isn’t that hard to get and provides global leech too.

Build has more than enough leech already, physical resistance is much more valuable when it comes to tankiness.

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One important question - where :crab:?

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Maybe next build!

This will be an absolutely retarded question, but are there any gloves to be used here that don’t involve Ghol spiders spawning?

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Prob use Voidrend Talons for flat chaos and attack speed. Use Reaper pants to hard cap Soul Harvest instead.

Losing the cdr to Bone Harvest is going to be a dps loss though. I wish the spiders were moved to another part of the Ghol set cause they annoy me too.


Remove spiders add crabs, problem solved.


What about turtles!? I want the one from Devils crossing gate!

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Where can I find the mythical curse bearer ring?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a random drop like most items in the game so you could find it anywhere.

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Any good alternatives to the Cursebearer ring? I’ve been farming SRs and totems for 4 days and no luck getting it :frowning: