[] Aegis Magi Retalis - Spellshield - SR 90 (100?), Cr 170

GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAxo3o2

Aegis Magi Retalis is a rapid-fire Aegis of Menhir hurling lightning retaliation build with 2 wendigo totems for additional healing and a hearty amount of damage absorption and armour. This build is incredibly tanky, and clearing Crucible 150-170 didn’t require health potions. The rapid lightning aegis constantly bouncing rapidly through hordes of enemies feels fun and exciting, the hefty HP and healing makes for a smooth ride in most fights.

The build can comfortably clear SR 90. SR 100 might be possible. It can clear some of the bosses (Zantarin, Fabius, with patience Benn’jahr, perhaps Reaper, and despite the video above, I do believe Moosilauke in other circumstances (with different cover) may be possible). I haven’t made many attempts yet, but I’m yet to clear it so I’m yet to claim it. :smiley:

SR 100 - No clear, but demonstrates some strengths and limitations and overall playstyle

Things of note:


  • 2x Wendigo Totems each healing for 11% + 890hp per second (22% + 1780 combined), with 22.6k hp and 26% healing increased comes in at ~8500 healing per second for this build. This goes up when Resilience triggers, and is not the only source of healing for the build.

  • 6% attack damage converted to health on Aegis doesn’t seem like much, but with the retaliation damage it’s hitting for anywhere between 80k-410k damage depending on buffs, debuffs and crits. When it hits multiple targets, multiple times per second, that healing becomes really potent!

  • With Stone Form, Phoenix Fire and Ascension, the build has 754 flat damage absorption, plus 16% damage absorption from Primal Bond

  • 3920 armor is helpful, especially as this build lacks phys resitance for a deeper SR dweller.

  • This build has a measly 10% damage reduction to enemies from one of the rings.

  • Entangling Vines + Heart of Wrath keeps a combined 20% retaliation damage in an AOE near you constantly

  • The build brings a total of 114 lightning RR in debuffs.

The build’s super fun, so if you want a high-healing tanky caster-like build to try, give this one a big ol’ go.



Great build! Really fun.

I am not sure you need any improvements, but what i find interesting:

you can skip Wolverine, get Hammer, and complete Targo with another retal proc bound to Judgement.
not sure why you don’t put Mark of Mogdrogen in the boots for extra health + run speed?

you also have damage reduction from boots’ proc, but it’s still only 10% as from rings :slight_smile:

Do you really need points in Avenging shield above 10 (when target count hits 4)? Those points may be spend on Haven and Heart of the Wild, for example.

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Ooh good thoughts. Having Targo is absolutely delicious. Originally I was concerned about dropping Wolverine because it drops the overall % retaliation of the build, and for trying to go deep SR (My original goal was to build something that could clear 100, 105 or 110), I wanted the extra defenses to reduce the likelihood of being crit even when debuffed.

But that amount of extra armour is really hard to ignore. It’s also nice to see the added physical retaliation damage. I had extra points in Avenging Shield for the crit damage, as before building it, I wasn’t certain that the damage output would be enough. But the extra HP and healing effect increase from Haven and Heart of the Wild would also be nice for the healing.

Have you tried out the build with your tweaks to it? I might have to, I think it’d be tankier without too much loss in damage. :smiley:

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Hey, you can try out my devo map from a similiar build I did long ago:

Few tips:

  • Casting speed is really important, so as much as those gloves play into your Wendigo Totem theme, they are holding you back a lot
  • Somehow getting Aegis’ main nod to 16 works really well for damage (and I have no idea if there is even connection between rta and %weapon damage), I tested it
  • Path of the Three is the best exclusive - cdr% is massive for retal builds
  • Having Sanctified Bone makes life much easier since a lot of Chtonians are resistant to Lightning
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Hah, many similarities. I should probably check the forums before posting :smiley:

I can’t give up the gloves though! Heh, the whole challenge for myself here was finding a way to deal decent damage (and be tanky enough to do deeper SR, ideally 100+ (though I possibly failed) while using both of the wendigo items (scepter and gloves), and after trying a bunch of different ideas, this was the one I came up with.

Up for a challenge? :smiley:

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I like different kind of challenges while making builds in GD :scorv:

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