[] Big Bleed - Easy Blade Arc Warder. Ravager,Callagadra, SR90

Grimtools: Warder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

More Dots, more Dots now! now ready for celestials


So i always wanted to do a Build around the Guillotine and a few days ago i got reminded of that when someone on Reddit asked about pointers for Blade Arc.

Its quite fun to play esp. if you like to see big numbers, at the training dummy for example the Bleed ticks for around 1 Million and it stays there for a while so you wack it a few times and then you might walk away - it will die, more then once.

How does it play

All things until SR 80 are not an issue we have an immense amount of Leech and 40%Physres.
from then on until SR 85 you need to start kiting that means Starting to hit the boss with asmuch Bleed as possible and then run away using a Flask or the Falcon Swoop proc on Devouring Swarm to heal yourself.
Depending on the enemy in question, your crit luck and the Time you can spend on it the bleed will last for around ~10 secounds for 500k to 1,3 million per tick. overall pretty save if you get a feeling for it. in SR90 it stays the same but you need to be more carefull

can it do more then 90? yes if played very very carefull i would not suggest it, its very slow.


Thanks to the Help from @Crab_Turtle_2112 for suggesting a few changes listed in the comments this build can now Kill Callegadra/Ravager of Souls, mainly because the Falcon Swoop ability on the Devouring Swarm allows for a Full heal when in need of Kiting and/or having a nasty Dot

as for how long it took, not sure but if you look at the Potions in the debuff bar…4 to 5 minutes maybe?

Its even more fun to play now so give it a go if you like!


Cool build, you could improve it a little further by swapping in pants that require less physique, getting 3x Ateph’s Command in jewelry and grabbing Falcon devotion.

It means alot to me that you like it ^.^

do you think the extra Armor/Heal on Ateph`s makes up for the 2% OA/DA?

as for Falcon i was unsure how to grab it so i left it out to get Owl and complet Chariot and Huntress aswell as Nighttalon

(since you are here, do you see a good way to get more stun/freez resist? beeing unable to move realy is the bane of this builds exsistance)

Yes especially if you can armor absorb. The “flat” bleed is gonna be quite useful with blade arc.

I don’t think Nighttalon is worth it.

Scars of Battle, Dreeg pants, Throne devo, Frozen Hearts.

I’d try something like this Warder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Need to adjust some components and augments ofc.

Maybe try crafted pants of reptilian resilience, that movement speed hurts to look at :smile:

I’ve played Ritualist version quite a bit, still not 100% satisfied with it but damage is decent Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

that movement speed hurts to look at :smile:

no! my darkest secret revealed and dragged into the light :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, thank you for the feedback, your work will be credited in the Version 2.0 once i manage to improve the build in a significant way in terms of SR/Celestial performance.

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