[] Bloodswarm - Pets/DW Melee hybrid build - Cr150, SR 80

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Bloodswarm is a bleed damage based pets and dual-wield melee hybrid build. It’s quite fun! Lately I’ve been exploring hybrid pet builds, and this is one of the latest explorations. The goal of this build was to provide a decent amount of bleeding damage to a range of pets, to try and get the pet bleed stacks up. I think this is not a bad attempt at doing so.

Of particular importance is finding ways to get Bleed Duration up for the pets. This is achieved in three ways:

  • +50% increased duration from Mythical Heart of the Sand King
  • +50% increased duration from Mythical Beastcaller’s Tasliman
  • +66% increased duration from Blood Pact (Wendigo Totem modifier)

Additionally, the build provides a number of additional bleed damage auras in various forms:

  • Devouring Darkness (chest piece buff)
  • Presence of Virtue (for flat bleed damage, buffed by both of the axes)
  • Blood Pact
  • Mythical Heart of the Sand King

The player’s bleed dot ticks get up to around 220k. This isn’t huge for a bleed dot build by any means, but I believe the pet dot ticks get up to around 300-400k, although the numbers of pet dots never show, so this is just by a loose calculation. Combined, that means this build has around 500-620k bleed dot ticks at max which is still mediocre for a bleed dot build, but it’s a fun exploration none the less. :smiley:

Some other fun things about this build include:

  • +17% lifesteal to all allies
  • +50% Healing Effects Increase to all allies (which affects the lifesteal :smiley: )

Having 4 swarmlings, 3 eldritch webweavers, the Briarthorn and an Eldritch Hound (affectionally referred to as the Spicy Goat), there are 9 sources of buffed bleed damage being applied to enemies, not including the player’s own.

Having a briarthorn able to take aggro is incredibly helpful for the survivability of any build.

Here’s a video of SR 75 to give you an indication of the playstyle:

Anyway, for a concept build, it’s pretty fun! If you like having a swarm of pets but also want to get your hands dirty and dive in amongst them, give this build a spin.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Tried this build in SR 80 and SR 90. It can clear 80 with ease. Getting to the boss room in 90 isn’t too hard, and it can kill some bosses easily (Aleks, Fabius, Iron Maiden). However, it struggled against Shattered Outcast and Moosilauke. I do believe it’s possible to kill both (after a few attempts, I got each one down to about 50% hp), but it’s not comfortable to do so at all, and very easy for the tides of battle to turn quickly. Still, fun build imo :slight_smile:

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