[] Ch'thonic Hunter | Silverbolt Sniper | 78% Damage vs Ch'thonics | Cr 170, SR 75

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For fun, I’ve been coming up with ‘Monster Hunters’ - Builds that have a specific monster racial damage focus. The overall considerations are: I want to get a good amount of racial damage bonus, and use damage types that nemeses of that race have low resistances to. It’s really fun looking out for Benn’jahr and other Chthonics because you know your damage numbers are about to spike when you fight them :smiley:

This build is a crossbow sniper using the Mythical Silverbolt to provide him and his allies with a keen awareness of Chthonic weaknesses. This build ‘feels’ understated to play - It doesn’t have many massive AOE attacks or explosions around it, but the damage is consistent and the survivability of the build feels very stable. Occasionally you’ll do a Silver Spread on a Chthonic enemy, with each of the five shots critting for 220k for a nice ~1.1m damage spike.

Crucible 150-170:

I find this build quite easy and relaxed to play. Place a seal beneath your feet, root enemies to the floor with Blade Trap, and shoot. It’s a fun clear of Chthonic trash mobs when you blade trap a group and Horn of Gandarr them critting them each for up to ~200kish.

That said, the damage of the build feels inconsistent. I think this is due to relying on multiple temp buffs (Deadly Aim, Ulzaad’s Decree, Inspiration), and sometimes unlikely or uncommon RR debuffs. Flat RR comes from Tip the Scales, but this build has 3200 DA and 25% dodge/deflect, and gives enemies a 22% Impaired Aim debuff. It doesn’t take hits all the time, which reduces the chance of Tip the Scales from proccing. On top of that, another -20% of pierce RR comes from Blade Trap, which some enemies are immune to, or Blade Trap simply doesn’t last very long on. Finally, the best ‘default attack replacer’ I could come up with that wouldn’t dilute the damage was from the Troll Rage relic (although if I’m missing something obvious, please let me know).

I had thought about converting this build to a Chaos damage build, but Chthonics typically have high Chaos resistance, so no dice there.

So overall the build is fun! It feels light and easy. It’s not mind blowing, but it’s very comfortable, and has moments of fun. I think it’d be really fun in a team, providing a lot of added damage bonus to Chthonics in the team. :smiley: