( Cold DW spam ABB Spellbreaker

  • [DW Melee] [] ( Cold DW spam ABB Spellbreaker (Ralfhskz)
    • Damage: Cold, Frostburn
    • Active Skills: Amarasta Blade Burst, Shadow Strike, Olexra’s Flash Freeze, Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification, Amatok’s Breath.

Hello there!

Glad to share this frosty spellbreaker with you!

Build is very fun to play. Fast, mobile and resilient for a DW melee char.

I leveled this char using MI’s like Gargoyle’s gaze, Gargoyle waistguard and two Ugdenbog chillstrife and it was a very fast and fun process. (I know you’re probably asking why i didn’t used an gargoyle gaze on the final spec, after all it’s a wonderful MI for ABB builds, and the answer is simple: i wanted to make something different with this winter king crown :rofl:

GT: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

( Cold DW spam ABB spellbreaker x SR65

( Cold DW spam ABB spellbreaker x SR80

( Cold DW spam ABB spellbreaker x Mogdrogen

****Tough fight, had to use stormshroud ointment for obvious reasons and some health regen pharma

( Cold DW spam ABB spellbreaker x Calagadra

**** oh boy! Prepare your nerves and to sweat LOL for this fight, swaped some augments to get 60% capped pierce resistance. Hit, run and make good use of Mirror of Ereoctes and you should be safe

thank you all for reading!