[] Cold King Caelis - Cold Damage Pets/Melee Hybrid - SR 80, Cr 170

GrimTools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKp_lf0Jtck

This is a cold damage 2h melee/caster/pets hybrid build. It comes with two cold damage angery birbs (Great Ravens), a big ol’ thorni boi (Briarthorn), and uses a combination of Reaping Arc or Winter King’s Might for melee or ranged AOE attacks. The overall damage output of this build is decent, and I was surprised at the DPS of the pets. The survivability of the build is quite high, with multiple healing skills, decent lifesteal, healing birds, 64% phys resistance, % damage absorption and a wall of pets including a taunting thorni boi to take the focus of enemies.

Video: SR 75-76 in ~6:45:

I’ve been toying around with hybrid pet builds recently for funtimes. Typically, hybrid builds aren’t as powerful as straight up pet builds, nor are they as powerful as straight up non-pet builds. But despite this, I wanted to explore the concept to see what I could come up with. I’ve always admired the might of a good pet build, but the playstyle is rarely my first preference. So, I wanted to make something that had some of the benefits of pet builds with a more engaged player experience. And here we are!

One of the important things I’ve found while making hybrid builds is that, pet builds are typically skill-point-hungry, so my approach so far has been to get a weapon attack skill from items or components instead (like Reaping Arc from the relic or Winter King’s Might from the helmet), allowing better skill point distribution toward the pets themselves.

Video: Crucible 150-160 in ~4:30:

While this build is no different in that a pure pet or non-pet build can be far more powerful, this build is still very playable, and if you’re enjoying exploring a hybrid playstyle, give this build a red hot go.