[] Craft your companion! Lightning no-set pet Conjurer


The title of this build clearly indicates the fact, you can craft few of the listed items and have pets spawning from weapon/amulet and nothing to do with blow-up dolls, seriously.


  • main stats, no fashion, just natural clothing

  • pet stats, only permanent buffs and pets summoned

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1.2 patch added pets chaos to lightning conversion to Stormbringer off-hand and also changed Black Scourge pet activation to make
it is easier (possible) to proc them. Credit to @Maya for the idea to combine them in a build. I also decided to use Mog’s Mantle to convert fire to lightning to pets and use Will of Bysmiel amulet, and it’s fully converted minions.

Also, amulet’s mod to Raven is welcomed. I think some of these items are rarely used and have no practical application is top-tier pet builds, but here they work in an essentially conversion based builds. And you need the extra added pets to compensate for lack of Beastcaller/Bysmiel sets for double Briar or Raven. I needed to conjure something up for no sets spec, so conversion is a niche idea.

Build don’t use MI items, that’s done on purpose. And few of the items can be crafted. Off-hand/medal are faction recipes, rings and helm are also crafted. Mog mantle drop from… well, Mog, should be straightforward for farming.


The build sits in the middle of pet build hierarchy (the ones I’ve played), it’s not damage fury like Ghol/Lost Souls Cabalist, vitality Beastcaller for single target, but isn’t slow like some full set builds out there, especially the tanky ones. Or cold Beastcaller, cough. Being Conjurer, you’re pretty sturdy for SR farmable territory and Crucible, not as glassy as some Cabalists. Ofc there are tankier Conjurers with Ishtak. So, the build is interesting and working well in main game modes. Haven’t tried it against supes, but here are videos from Crucible and SR.

GD 1.2 Lightning no set pet Conjurer 151-170 (youtube.com)

GD 1.2 Lightning no set pet Conjurer SR 75-76 (youtube.com)


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Cool build for the very first char imho. Nice pic btw :sunglasses:

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