[] Eldritch Mystic :: Mage + Pets Hybrid :: Cr 150, SR 76

GrimTools: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Vile bile beams and grotesque humanesque Blight Fiends spawn acidic dreams for your enemies!
The Eldritch Mystic is an acid damage mage/pets hybrid, for the pet player who wants to do stuff while their pets are also doing stuff. :smiley:

Obliterate on the caster offhand allows you to have some kind of ranged mage attack without having to invest skillpoints, and the offhand itself gives a nice +1 to all skills. The pistol, necklace and helmet all help to convert the elemental damage of Obliterate into acid and poison damage, and offer some other nice benefits for you and your pets (more regen, more crit damage).

This build is designed for exploring the Hybrid Pets concept. It’s not ‘amazing’ as far as builds go, but for a hybrid attempt, it’s certainly functional and quite fun to play :smiley:

Vid: Crucible 150-160

I die at 160 due to poor piloting and possibly not enough casting speed (look at mark of torment in the skill bar in the seconds before death, you’ll notice I attempted to trigger it and it didn’t get triggered :wink: ).
While I did die at 160, I do believe this build can clear 170, I’m just too lazy to go back and re-record it, so I’ll leave it listed as “150” for now.

Vid: SR 76


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