[] - Fallen Swordsman - 790k hits - Sr 76, Cr 150

GrimTools: Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I’ve always wanted a fun 2h swordsman like build, with consistently high hitting damage. This is that build! It’s a little squishy in some fights (as you’ll see in the boss room, lol), but it’s constantly hitting for 400-500k damage (with a range anywhere from ~110k on non-crit hits up to 790k damage as the biggest hit recorded so far).

Side Note: I only just realised the 100% physical to cold damage conversion on Scourge Strike lol. It still seems to hit for up to 200k despite this… but I am certain it contributes nicely to the trauma dot damage due to vitality/cold damage to phys conversions.

Video: SR 76

Anyway, above all else I really enjoy the ‘feel’ of this character - Hard hitting, wrecks trash quickly, darts around through the battlefield. Being able to cast a couple of waves (Bone Harvest, Great Tide) then dashing through them with Wendigo Rush is very fun. Typically you dash through healing yourself and damaging enemies, and then the wave attacks catch up to finish them off or apply some extra DoT damage.

Ye swordsman cosplay:

Ye, ye, swordsman:

Nah, trust me it’s actually a sword:

Anyway, have fun~!