[][HC] Aether Shadow Strike Infiltrator: Allagast’s Masterpiece set + Conduit of Night Whispers [No greens][Lokarr, SR65+, Cr170][vid]

Aeon’s Hourglass and Shadow Strike enjoyer back at it again. I played Chaos Shadow Strike Witch Hunter before. Now, it’s TIME for Aether Shadow Strike Infiltrator!

This build is a DW melee attacker and caster hybrid. The main skills are Shadow Strike and Storm Box of Elgoloth.

In-game stats

^In-game stats ( Permanent buffs + Pneumatic Burst, Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal, Deadly Aim, Mindwarp. DPS shown is Shadow Strike.


In-game, you can assign Aether Weapons (Right Hand) and Aether Weapons (Left Hand) in separate devotion skill nodes. I assigned them on Ghoul and Spear of the Heavens but it seems like Grimtools does not let me do that.


Elite and Ultimate difficulty campaign (skipped Normal)
Ultimate SR 65-70
Gladiator Crucible 170



Ultimate SR 65-66
Video recorded run was Ultimate SR 65-66 but this character was able to complete an Ultimate SR 65-70 run.

Gladiator Crucible 150-170
This character’s first Gladiator Crucible run went from 1-170 but only 150-170 was video recorded.


Lokarr’s set and 2 Leovinus’ Rings were used until Level 94. DW Blaze Herald is recommended.


Core items: Conduit of Night Whispers with Aether damage Shadow Strike skill modifier, Allagast’s Masterpiece set, Mythical Soulare’s Helm, and Mythical Mindwarp. Amulet, Chest, and Helm were crafted with % Physique or % Armor crafting bonus.

The rest is flexible. I chose items with skill bonuses (some bias towards Shadow Strike) useful for this build while also considering offensive and defensive stats.


Death Sentence (Inquisitor mastery)

  • -25% Aether Resistance

Arcane Bomb (Widow devotion)

  • -35% Lightning Resistance
  • -35% Aether Resistance

Raise the Dead (Revenant devotion)

  • 24 Reduced target’s Resistances for 1 second

Allagast’s Stormbinder

  • -12% Lightning Resistance to Storm Box of Elgoloth
  • -15% Aether Resistance to Storm Box of Elgoloth

Mythical Soulare’s Helm

  • -10% Aether Resistance to Veil of Shadow
  • -10% Elemental Resistance to Veil of Shadow

Mythical Mindwarp

  • 20% Chance of 24/36% Reduced target’s Resistances for 5 Seconds
  • 20% Chance of 12/16 Reduced target’s Resistances for 5 Seconds


This build’s Shadow Strike has low base damage but it has low CD, has chance of CD reset and CD reduction. Also, there’s a lot of RR so Shadow Strike ends up dealing decent damage. All skills considered, single target and area damage are quite good. More attack speed, more skill bonus to Shadow Strike and Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends could have been nice but it is what it is.

≈15600 Health, 54% Physical resistance, ≈3300 Defensive Ability, ≈1900 Armor, Tortoise, and Behemoth. :+1: Good enough.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this build interesting! :grin:

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