[] Heavy Bolter - Tanky, Decent Damage 2h Ranged with a lot of Pass Through shots - CR 170, SR 76

GrimTools: Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Large bore bolts punching through waves of enemies, leaving them to bleed out internally, the Heavy Bolter fires with decent damage on each hit, and can comfortably hit through multiple enemies. 100% chance to proc WPS, and ~75% chance of those attacks passing through the enemy, with hits ranging from ~200k-620k. It’s very often to crit between 300-400k, or up to 250k if they haven’t had debuffs applied yet (enemies at a longer range as they’re advancing).

The build is strangely tanky despite it’s mediocre physical resistance and resistance overcaps, and I think this primarily comes from Ill Omen’s 25% reduction to enemy damage, and having an ok amount of lifesteal (11%) with a decent amount of weapon attack (31,300), being able to hit multiple targets each shot, and a few HP replenishers like Tip the Scales and Maul when in close range to enemies. On top of that, low level Ascension and Mark of Torment help to mitigate some damage.

The build has decent OA of 3270, and a very nice crit damage of 102% allowing for those big hits to proc quite often. Additionally, 180% attack speed seems decent for a 2h ranged build.