[] Lightning Bladestorm - Massive AOE Blade Burst - Cr 150, Sr 76

Wonky Mace Boi courtesy of AI

GrimTools: Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Trap hordes of enemies in blades, frost and Korvaak’s petrifying gaze while pummeling them with lightning phantasmal blades. This build uses rapid fire, lightning-converted Amarasta’s Blade Burst to hit all targets in a 7 meter radius, allowing it to clear through waves of enemies in seconds. Don’t take my word for it, watch from 0:13 of this video for 5 seconds, it’s one of the most satisfying things :smiley: (specifically the bit from ~0:15). A quick blade trap to expose all of the enemies in the area followed by a barrage of lightning Blade Burst makes very short work of the battlefield.

When you can deal ~200-380k damage to everything in the area multiple times per second, it makes for fairly quick gameplay. While this obviously isn’t a record-setting single target hit, however much damage you’re dealing to one target is about how much damage you’re dealing to EVERY target. It’s also very fun to see so many red angry crit numbers appear constantly all the time, thanks to Blade Trap.

The build IS squishy, and can take bouts of spike damage. It has poor resistance overcaps. That said, having lifesteal and energy steal on these wide reaching attacks is very fun. If someone else came along to make this build less squishy, then it’d be a really solid build :smiley: For now, I am too lazy, so if someone else wants to take this thread and run with it, please do and show me your results!

Anyway, enjoy!


nice concept!

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Thank you!

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