[] Meteor Mage - Olexra's, Blade Trap, and a Whole Lot of Meteors - SR 76, Cr 150

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Meet Meteor Mage’s Magnificent Madness :smiley:

This build brings a command over the battlefield with big, screenwide rolling freezes, and trapping enemies rooting them to the floor, while huge flaming rocks fall from the skies, stunning anyone caught in their blast radius. This build is a glass cannon, that requires strategic piloting but in my opinion, is very fun. The squishiness adds to the excitement, in my opinion :wink:

With Olexra’s, the build gets 228% fire RR, and Blade Trap reduces effected enemies by 35%, making all enemies caught by both take a tonne of damage when the rocks start raining. On top of that, the build gets up to about ~390k burn dot damage to targets witha burn duration modifier of %450, which also assists with the hit-and-run playstyle of this build.

Olexra’s can freeze most bosses and nemesis’ for a short time, and one of my favourite uses of it is as an interrupt. In the first fight with Grava’ in the video above, you can see Olexra’s interrupt various attacks, including his Sundered and his pink debuff orbs.

To stay alive, the build has limited healing with Pneumatic Burst, a touch of lifesteal and Vampire Fangs. Aside from that, well timed Mirrors and Blade Barriers along with good mobility are required to keep this build alive. The build does sport a nice 48% deflect chance and 22% dodge chance which does help to reduce incoming damage, as does Maiven’s Sphere of Protection.

On top of that, a combination of Veil of Shadow and Eldritch Fire reduce enemy movement by 66% and attack/casts speeds by 32%, making it harder for enemies to approach and land blows against you.