[] Pets 'n' Pew Pew - Hybrid 2h Ranged / Pets Build - Cr 150, SR 76

GrimTools: Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This is a vitality damage 2h ranged + Pets build. I’ve been exploring hybrid pet builds recently for funzies, and here’s the latest exploration :smiley:

This build uses a Runebinder crossbow with 100% elemental to vitality damage conversion as it’s primary weapon, with 75% chance to proc WPS. Two of the three WPS skills (50% chance of proc-ing) have a tonne of lifesteal (Reaping Strike, Feral Hunger), two of the three WPS skills (50% chance of proc-ing) have 100% pass through enemies. In GrimTools, the +18% attack speed from Runic Bolt is not added to the character sheet, so the attack speed with all buffs up is closer to 148%. Not super fast, but not terrible. The highest crit from the weapon so far is 284k damage.

Here’s some Sr 75 for demonstrate the playstyle

This video shows some of the limitations of the build (and the pilot, lol), with one death in the 75 run, but despite the death, the build is able to clear the boss room with time still on the clock. I’m also not yet used to playing hybrid builds, and keep forgetting to resummon my pets when I’m pew pew pewing away.

This build comes with the following pets:

  • Skeletal Servant
  • 2x Blight Fiends
  • Eldritch Talon
  • Briarthorn

The p[ets deal decent enough damage (although understandably, not as much as a pure pet build), and the combined damage of the character is decent enough. Survivability of the pets is a little lacklustre at times, and you’ll find yourself having to re-summon them every so often.

This build can probably do Crucible 170 (I got a bit past 160 and died on my first/only attempt, and am too lazy to explore further :D)

I particularly love the look of the runic bolts as it passes through enemies. Such a cool looking skill :smiley:

Anyway, if you feel like ‘hunting’ with your ‘rifle’ and your ‘dogs’ in Cairn, give this ubild a spin. :smiley: