[] Runebolt Hunter - 2h Ranged Upheaval/Pets Hybrid - SR76, Cr150

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WyreZ: New Hybrid Concept is here :smiley:

So I’ve been enjoying exploring hybrid builds, and I’ve always wanted to create a ‘hunter’ like build that used 2h ranged and had a pet to tank out front for it. After many failed attempts over the while, here’s one that I’m quite happy with.

The build uses a lightning-converted Briarthorn as it’s primary tank pet. The Briarthorn is a wonderful tank, taunting to keep aggro, and with Eye of Korvaak assigned to it, it also creates this constant barrier of petrify circles around it as it mauls through enemies, preventing them from moving or getting to you, the player. This also makes them stand remarkably still so that they become easy targets for the hunter. :open_mouth:

The build is based around higher OA and moderate crit damage, for use with Upheaval. I’ve found when making hybrid builds, that they are typically skill-point scarce. As such, finding ways to include player damage that don’t involve a tonne of skill points seems to be the priority when making hybrid builds. Hence, Runebolt and Upheaval, and high OA. :smiley:

As far as playstyle is concerned, the build is generally quite tanky and usually quite chill. Your pets help to keep a lot of aggro off you, and you can comfortably fight on your own without the help of the pets. The build has high resist overcaps, stacked % damage absorption, great HP, decent DA, some lifesteal, low level wendigo totem, and two circuitbreakers - Mirror of Ereoctes and Unlife (medal proc at 40% hp).

The damage of the player is so-so. The biggest upheaval crit so far is 250k which, while certainly nothing special at all, is really not bad for a hybrid build. The upheaval hit is separate from the Savagery hit I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong), so I think if the savagery proc crits for 100k ish, then the hit is overall for about ~350k. The pet damage is also so-so, with the Briarthorn critting for up to ~200k on good crits, and the other pets (eldritch hound, eldritch webweavers, primal spirit) critting for anywhere between 30k-100k it seems (though hard to identify what’s what).

The combined damage is “pretty good” in most cases, especially when guiding the pets onto the same target you’re shooting at, but this build is not going to set any speed records.

With “pretty good” damage and “pretty good” survivabilty, I’d say this build is “pretty good”! :slight_smile:

Things to note:

  • The build and it’s pets lack physical resistance. The Briarthorn adds a nice 14% phys res bonus, but if it dies, then the player is left with a sorely lacking 11% physical resistance. The % damage absorption and 15% reduced damage to enemies from Korvaak’s Swiftness help, but this means that the build is overall a bit squishy when fighting certain enemies. The Sentinel, for example, wrecks the Briarthorn and makes the player quite vulnerable to his attacks. That said, most other fights feel very comfy - Against Moosilauke, Valdaran, Benn’jahr, Fabius and so on.
  • The attack speed of the player is higher than it shows on GrimTools, as Grim Tools doesn’t add the 18% attack speed from Runic Bolts. The in game attack speed is around 144%. Still not great, but it doesn’t feel too awful as a 2h ranged build.
  • The pet damage on the character sheet is quite low, but it is bolstered by things that aren’t reflected in the character sheet including Emboldening Presence, the Glyph of Kelphat ring bonuses, the max’d out Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange aura buff and the Stormcaller relic aura buff. Also, there’s that nice 10% chance of +1300% lightning damage for all pet attacks to help out occasionally.
  • If you want the Briarthorn to have more tankiness, assign Maul devotion to it, so it has constant AOE lifesteal. Otherwise, I keep it on the player so I get more of that healing whenever I find myself fighting enemies in melee range.



This is exactly the kind of build I’m trying to make (with … mixed results lol). I wish hybrids were a bit more viable :smiley: .

Thanks for the inspiration !

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Haha, cheers :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d tried a number of hybrid like attempts but couldn’t quite get them to work. The key that unlocked a few for me was finding a way to get player attacks without spending skillpoints - like using the Runebolt as a default attack replacer, or Obliterate on a caster offhand and so on.

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