[][Something else Clever about Pistols]: dual Morguul's Mortality Ritualist (SR80, controller friendly)

Here comes part 30 of my controller friendly build series: **dual Morguul’s Mortality Ritualist **

This was not my most serious build, but since it cleared SR80 on its first try I guess it’s worth publishing. I don’t enjoy all the maintenance of Wendigo Totem, Bone Harvest/Soul Harvest, Ill Omen, and Siphon Souls, but if you like that sort of stuff this is a good build.

grimtools link. The MI prefix and affix are just the best I had, not what is theoretically optimal.

Playstyle: stand in Wendigo Totem and shoot stuff, then run away and shoot stuff some more.

Video proof of clear
Fight tips
  • Offense: there are three things to maintain: Wendigo Totem/Blood Pact, Devouring Swarm, and Bone Harvest/Soul Harvest. If they’re up, your targets will die quite fast. (As you can see in the video when I somehow pulled Bollag on top of Mossi.) I don’t know of a good way to tell if Devouring Swarm is active, so I just send out way too many of them.

  • Defense: the build obviously has tremendous lifesteal, so you need to keep attacking to survive. Running out of Wendigo Totem will be important at times. You want to maintain Siphon Souls and Ill Omen at all times, but Siphon Souls can be tricky with only a 5.7m radius on a ranged character. If you play on keyboard, or have a button available, Mark of Torment would absolutely be worth a point.


As usual, the resists are overcapped to deal with resist reduction on high SR.

Essential Gear:

  • Packla’s Skins w/ 5% DA: Packla’s Skins gives the conversion on Savagery, and that 5% DA is vital.

  • Korvaak’s Brand: you need it to be able to dual wield, and it also gives 15% weapon damage to Savagery, so it’s an obvious choice.

Stuff I’m pretty sure is best in slot:

  • String of Maggots: 4% OA is really good, and the resists are all important.

  • Ultos’ Spaulders: necessary to hit 9 stacks of Savagery, and it gives OA and DA which this build needs.

  • Heart of Yugol: gives a ton of damage and health, and elemtna res, and freeze res.

  • Signet of the Fallen: flat vit, +2 to Blood Pact and Reaping Strike, 10% AS, and OA. This is great. So great that I used two, although I’m less certain about the second one.

  • Eye of the Storm: since the lightning is mostly converted, this is the highest damage option here. A Serenity could, I suppose, be used, but it would be at a huge damage loss.

  • Arcane Harmony Leggings: “I know I’m probably the biggest fan of these, but I believe a build is only as strong as its weakest link, and without disruption protection you will really struggle against certain enemies. +84/126 spirit is great, and +84/126 DA is awesome as well. The resistances are good too. I don’t know why other people don’t use this as much as I do.” – me, on like 80% of my builds.

  • Crimson Claws: there really weren’t any vit gloves here, so it made sense to finish Savagery with these.

Other stuff:

  • Boneshatter Treads: they’re a good fit at first glance, but their defensive stats are easily replaced. There are boots with vit damage and +DA (Greaves of Ill Omen, Venomspine Greaves), and I would have switched to those if I needed the defense. Windshear Greaves would have been necessary if I were struggling with Benn’Jahr’s entrapment. There was an option to use Wraithborne Legwraps with DA boots, offloading disruption protection to the Amulet, but I just didn’t think that it would be as strong.

I wasn’t terribly happy with these devotions. I wanted the DA from Obelisk of Menhir, but that was just out of reach. I considered dropping Hydra, or Chariot, but that would have cost too much OA and other stuff. Revenant might be worth dropping, since this build has so much RR anyway: 12 or 24 from the weapons (Do they stack?), 10 from the rings (I think they don’t stack), 61 from Devouring Swarm, 25 from Spectral Wrath, and 25 from Rattosh, which would be 133 or 145. I’d probably try that now, if I enjoyed this build more.


This levelled really well. I was able to keep Lokarr’s set through level 94, save for the fight on ultimate against Loghorrean, which I did at level 90. There weren’t any good weapons until level 65, when lesser Morguul’s Mortality became available, but due to this build’s high damage and ability to run away there was little that troubled it.

Remember, as usual, to unlock Rattosh ASAP, since final tier devotions take the most XP to max.

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