[] Spicy Spirits - 735k+ Sundered Wraith crits - SR 80, Crucible 170

Image courtesy of Dall-E

GrimTools: Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I wanted to see what juiced up Sundered Wraiths would be like. Turns out they’re great. :smiley: This build is a squishy ‘glass cannon’ of the Pet Build world. The wraiths crit between 200-500k damage often, but I’ve just noticed a 690k crit in an SR run :open_mouth: . The damage range varies greatly as it’s dependent on multiple temp buffs (Sovereign, Master of Spirits, Hungering Void, Shepherd’s Call, Call of the Grave), other buffs that pets aren’t always in range of (Blood Pact), and debuffs that may not have had a chance to proc (Spectral Wrath). But regardless, this is a very fun build!

*Edit: Just noticed this juicy 735k crit for Reap Spirits in an SR 79 run :smiley: (Video to follow…)

This build is heavily spec’d toward crit damage, with 234% pet crit damage with all buffs active. This build has about -145% vitality resistance reduction.

Here’s a video of SR 78 boss room through to end of SR 79. Check out the 735k crit at 7:17 :smiley:

The build has a Briarthorn, an Eldritch Hound and a Primal Spirit to help keep aggro off the player, but mostly it’s a game of “Kill them before they kill you”. This build lacks healing, aside from it’s wendigo totem, and is sorely lacking in armour. So you always need to be prepared to evade in any fight, as the build can take a while to recover from damage that it takes.

Here’s a screenshot from the boss room of the above video, with multiple 550k+ hits hitting the target at once, amid a tonne of other damage. Delightful. :slight_smile:

Anyway, enjoy!


Dope picture man :nerd_face:

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Thanks going to give this one a go.

edit : what would you level with if you don’t mind me asking ?

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Good question. There’re a lot of options with this class pairing. You could go the Skeletons route or the Bone Harvest route until you can get Blight Fiend or Briarthorn. Otherwise, you could go the melee path with Savagery + Reaping Strike for some nice healing or something.

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Impressive numbers :scream:

Good job

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Thank you! It’s definitely done a lot better than I thought it would :open_mouth:

thank you will give this a go now :slight_smile:

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Helluva good graphic by Dall-E. Really gets the spirit of the build. Have this one (the build, duh) on my list for next or maybe next after.

Love the way you guys keep coming up with new ways to build. Keeps the game fresh. Keeps me playing. No other game has legs like this one.

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Thks WyreZ. You are amazing as always.

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Aw thanks Aarde_UKR!

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