[] The Glitz of an Anguished Blitz: 4:20 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Celestials, SR 90 - cheap and tanky all content destroyer Warlord [everything+]


*I really don’t have time to do those


Blitz Warlord is a staple of strong budget builds. It can (and frankly should) be your first endgame farmer build. You can start with very little and slowly upgrade your Blitzer into an endgame beast and an all content conqueror. I usually try and limit my guide posts to specs that I find exceptional (or unique enough) and Blitz Warlord has been done to death - it’s not really that unique. However this spec that I found after testing a lot of gear and devotion options is definitely worth sharing with GD’s community. So without further ado…

The build


Since @modal joined our top20 testing as a droprate odds expert we have learned few things about loot tables for certain monster infrequents. I adjusted the spec accordingly with the most common rare and magical affixes for the amulet and the medal (that both had pretty rare prefix “Imposing” before). And amulet got “Warrior’s” prefix which grants the build cdr and three extra skill points and has an almost 10% chance to roll (if amulet rolls rare prefix). As a result, build became a bit stronger than before.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>*

<<<< OLD GRIMTOOLS >>>>*

*Craft everything for stun and freeze resistance
**Bind Ulzaad’s Decree to Shattering Smash, not to Smite

Blitz round of questions

Chains of Anguish? Wouldn’t they make the build vulernable during its proc?
Not if you counter their proc with extra defensive cushions. Build has a surplus of physical resist, elemental resist and movement speed and extra healing proc that is not tied to adtch (so -tdm% doesn’t affect it). And temporary damage dips are compensated by belt’s exceptional stats.

So Deathstalker is not a meta relic anymore? Isn’t Doom’s skill just an extra button?
Deathstalker relic is still a staple of many strong physical builds, however here Doom relic fits better. Build is starved on skill points and relic’s proc is a great support for extra aoe and crowd control.

You say budget but look at all those green items! There are guides that say that getting a particular green item is like once in a million chance!
All those greens have interchangeable biased affixes with the exception of helmet, but Overseer’s is in the helmet’s biased pool here. Weapon is single rare and can be vendor farmed. So strap in and get to farming those monster infrequents, it won’t take too long.


Core items are shield, helmet and the amulet. You must get physical resist on shield. Thankfully it can be done thru a large number of affix combinations. Overseer’s helmet would be the best, but if you don’t get it at first, try to compensate for the phys res by getting formidable somewhere and for stun res by using leathery hide. Weapon should be easy enough to get thru refreshing the vendor in Ugdenbog roguelike dungeon. Tyrant prefix is a must have here, but build won’t fall apart without it. If you don’t have Azragor chest yet, use Restless Remains component in gloves. For boots and shoulder slot alternative options would be Dreadnought Footpads and Korvan Spaulders. Getting “Warrior’s” on the amulet should be fairly easy since it’s one of the most popular prefixes. You need to get at least one of alacrity between amulet and the ring.

Skill distribution is standard, devotions is where it takes an interesting turn. Dryad has great nods and its proc is a good healing crutch that acts like a cushion when our adtch fails us.

This is the endgame build. It works as advertised once you equip required gear at character level 100 and repeat my grimtools as close as possible. For levelling/beginner guides search this forum.


In Crucible and SR 75-76 everything is facetankable. You can take up to 4 bosses in boss chunks at the same time sometimes, but obviously be mindful of who you are grouping up. Learn how to play the build by watching videos below.

Against Ravager use buff potions. Preferred fight would be Ravager of Flesh.
Callagadra is easy if you evade her sunder…


General with all the damage auras


Videos Blitz Warlord vs. SR 75-76 4:29 run (more realistic affixes spec) Blitz Warlord vs. Ravager 1:15 kill (more realistic affixes spec) Blitz Warlord vs. Ravager 1:32 kill (no pharma/no cluster, more realistic affixes spec) Blitz Warlord vs. Callagadra 1:37 kill (no pharma/no cluster, more realistic affixes spec) Blitz Warlord vs. SR 75-76 5:01 run Blitz Warlord vs. Ravager of Flesh 1:16 kill Blitz Warlord vs. SR 90 (one death) Blitz Warlord vs. Callagadra 1:25 kill Blitz Warlord vs. Crucible Gladiator 150-170 “naked” extra spawn 4:59 run Blitz Warlord vs. Ravager of Flesh 1:36 kill no pharma/no health pots Blitz Warlord vs. Callagadra 1:34 kill no pharma/no health pots

In Conclusion

Stay tuned for our new top20 builds post. It’s coming soon…


Truly blitzful moment, when Lee posts a new build. Although I don’t personally like “destroyer of all content” titles, we still need that content, damn it!


Hey, thanks for the plug! I’ve actually been looking at vendor affix drop rates after trying to vendor farm an Unyielding Creeping Ring was really really not working out for me. I’m not sure about this, but my current working hypothesis is that vendors use the base drop rates for the item’s affix combos, unmodified by difficulty + enemy type (boss, hero, etc.). The main reason I’m not sure about this hypothesis is that it actually means, for a lot of items, it’s easier to get a double rare from a vendor than a boss. But that would be consistent, for example, with how easy it is to vendor farm a double rare Fleshwarped Archive from Hyram, so that might actually be a point in favor.

You should be pretty good to either vendor farm this or target farm it from Bargoll. The Root has a huge bias towards Tyrant’s – assuming you get a rare prefix, it’s like a 20% chance for this one. If my hypothesis is correct, Bargoll has a much higher chance to drop a rare prefix, though – 47.5% vs. 14% for the vendor.

However, Bargoll has 3 MIs, so only a 33% chance to drop a Root in the first place, which means that it’s just about a wash: you need to kill Bargoll 22 times to expect to see a Tyrant’s Root, and you need to see 24 Roots from the vendor to expect to see a Tyrant’s.

Since Bargoll is a little bit hard to track down and the vendor can have more than 1 root in stock, vendor farming will probably be faster. But honestly target farming Bargoll for this item wouldn’t be too bad either.

Edit: initial numbers were wrong

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By the by, Milton’s Casque is extremely biased towards Overseer’s, and since it’s a 100% drop chance from Milton Hart it should be extremely easy to farm if you are flexible on the suffix (like just 9 kills on average).

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I wonder why. Maybe game categorizes it as a physical prefix? But good news nevertheless.

The math might be correct but an important disclaimer to your drop rate guide in my humble opinion would be to say that properly crafted builds rarely rely on one particular double rare combination and instead have the opportunity to be flexible with affixes. I think a lot of newbies might look at those things and fixate on how impossible those odds look without realizing that it’s possible to replicate the build with differently rolled greens.

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Heh - Valdaran strikes again I see.

This is why I always pop a lightning resist pot when fighting him, because the electrocute stacks can be deadly. More so if wearing The Chains of Anguish without +60% overcap on elemental resists :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate this point; the guide I posted on the forums is just a how-to guide to interpreting the game files and isn’t trying to make any point about the rarity of drops in general (it just uses one particular drop as an example to illustrate the math). Perhaps I can add another example to show that the conclusion isn’t always “don’t try to farm this” [edit: I did this!].

Because as you can see here, the math can equally well support the conclusion that a particular item isn’t hard to farm for! If you look at my (updated) post on reddit about the Avenger Archon build, the conclusion is that if you substitute different suffixes, the build is realistic (with some substantial effort). I also recommend asking the build author if you’re not sure what you can reasonably substitute and what’s crucial to the build.

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ye, a bit low in that department, but it only bites back in a situation you see on the video: pharmaless SR90 run. I got around 48% in-game which is more than enough for SR75-76 Valdaran even with four boss pulls.

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Looked into this a little bit more out of curiosity. Wondering how affix bias works was actually what set me off down the path of exploring the game database. It seems like there’s a popular folk theory that goes something like:

Affixes have “tags”, e.g., physical, pet, fire, etc., depending on what type of bonuses they grant. Items can also have the same set of “tags”. When rolling affixes, weights are increased for affixes that match the item’s tags. So an item that gives physical bonuses is more likely to have affixes that grant physical bonuses.

This is actually not a bad theory, and it somewhat matches the intended result, but it’s not how things are implemented. Looking at Milton’s Casque, a max level item has a chance to roll on three different rare prefix tables:

weight  table
   200  prefixb01_classes_heacccaster_physical.dbr
   500  prefixb02_armor_allphysical.dbr
   500  prefixb02_armor_head.dbr

Two of those prefix tables have “physical” in the name because they are weighted towards bonuses that give physical damage, so that part tracks with the folk theory. However, the third table is specific to head armor, and it only has two (max level) affixes on it: Celestial and Overseer’s, with weights of 500 and 425 respectively. So since there’s a 41.67% chance of rolling that affix table, and then a 45.95% of rolling Overseer’s on that table, overall if you roll a rare prefix at all on a Milton’s Casque, there’s a 19.14% chance that it’s Overseer’s.

So this is bias that may apply to head armor specifically, regardless of damage type bonuses. But not necessarily all head armor, since the affix table weights given above are specific to the loot table for Milton’s Casque, and may be different for other head pieces.


Apparently it was patch all along, so fixed that in the title. Also decided to see how build does against Ravager of Flesh and Callagadra without pharma and here is the result:

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Shield setup are so strong now. I even chose shields for casters just to have relaxing gameplay in SR. I think that mobs in SR need a buff to compensate for removing resistances debuffs. I would like to be back with 70-75 levels in SR for the strongest builds. Nowadays almost every mediocre build is just crashing 75-76 levels. I find it like a longer dropbox (like 5 minutes long) containing the best possibile Items. Would you agre? :thinking:

I don’t agree, mediocre setups can finish 75-76 but not nearly with the same speed and consistency as top builds do. SR got harder than it was last patch that’s for sure.

That’s good to hear really, I hope my experience is flawed in this region of the game :pray:

The build looks great!

Just not sure if we should indicate which build new players should use first. Even if thats easiest to put together then advance from and safest to play (which I don’t doubt this one is).

Feels like D2 starting sorc meta to me.

Mixed feelings nothing personal :wink:

Sure, everyone can start their journey the way they want to, I am just talking from the standpoint of efficiency. Because I know that a lot of players don’t care about that and just enjoy leveling toons slowly even oftentimes barely stepping into Ultimate.


Dear lee, is it just an assumption on my side or is Oleron devo behind on stone matron now? I guess for builds having 100% vit to phys AND absence of tyrants, Scales is beneficial? Guess you took stone matron instead for passive leech and not needing eg Vires Might to proc Oleron? Thanks!

It’s stronger offensively, but not by much, and because game became harder on average extra defensive cushion offered by Matron and devos on the way to it Stone Matron works better for quite a few builds.

If you have a Gladiator belt Scales are always great as means of passive sustain (plus solves any energy problem a build might have). It doesn’t offer damage reduction so it won’t solve absence of Tyrant’s.

Mostly for better defensive nods and better devotions on the way to it. Its proc is great extra cushion for damage reduction (even if it’s just phys) plus it has Petrify on it which is very handy.

Holy copium, thinking it will be done soon.

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Thanks a lot! My bad about Tyrant’s.

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Hello, just started GD again after yeears and from scratch with no previous savegames or items. I decided to go with this build. I am currently lvl 20 and i’m putting all my attribute points into cunning, am i doing it right ? I also noticed your legpants are requiring 1035+ physique but you have 957 only. Are you reducing requirements somehow? I forgot if that can be done or not.