[] Drain Essence does not target and damage the enemy in certain cases or positions

In this instance, I’m trying to kill a trash mob with Drain Essence, but only the effect of Spectral Wrath is damaging the enemy. Vitality decay damage and reduced target’s offensive ability aren’t shown as well since I cannot target the manticore with Drain Essence.

Here’s the screenshot:

I’ve also noticed a pic I’ve saved of this issue on another character (this is not from patch but earlier one, not sure exactly which one):

In both cases the enemy was relatively close to me, but regardless of how much I moved my mouse around to target the creature I couldn’t do it.

I cannot remember if I experienced something like this with AAR and Flames of Ignaffar.

Did anyone else experience something like this?

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my guess is terrain/elevation
there is a couple of janky spots where it seems like it can happen but not exactly easy to manually reproduce since could be relatively exact location+interaction
tried it with a spot in barrowholm towards altar of rattosh, and in the malmouth sewers near an aethercluster and Galakros (couldn’t attack the crystal until moving to different spot)
hill/slope in FG once too, Oasis?(don’t remember), couldn’t target critters 2 feet infront of me and had to move a step
someone posted about issues hitting Primordian which made me remember a similar incident i had with curse of frailty
*curse of frailty being a debuff means it can’t fail OA/DA check and only LoS issues could explain it

since 1.2? did something to some textures made me speculate that perhaps rock texture or something was having like a larger invisible barrier/sticking out more and breaking LoS, perhaps similarly for ground/elevation in terrain
but was just a theory

Since I’ve made quite a few builds with Drain Essence,
I’ve noticed this issues quite often too,

some other AOE skills like Dreeg’s Evil Eye also have this issue.