[] Elemental WoP Paladin SR 80+

Hello again, this time it’s an elemental WoP paladin. As one would expect from a WoP character this guy has massive AoE, single target is better than you would expect, but fighting bosses gets more and more sketch at high SR cause char can be a little squishy (relies mostly on Word of Renewal and lifesteal from chain lightning for regen).

NEW GRIMTOOLS Elemental Cataclysm WoP Paladin - credit: thaeril for suggesting cata set
Needs more testing to confirm if it is the better version but at the moment I think it is. I’ll do some more SR when I have time to test. The items just fit better with the build and end up with more defense I think dps is pretty similar.

OLD GRIMTOOLS Elemental WoP Paladin - ty tqFan for reminding me about whirlpool

All pics with ascension, word of renewal, deadly aim, and insight



SR 75-76 - Did not have whirlpool in yet or cata

SR 80


No offense but I don’t think it’s very smart to not take Whirlpool when you’re 1 star away from it like that, have many skills to put it on and not that much damage in general (and relying very much on stacking multiple damage sources). I disagree with any explanation in advance :wink:

Whirlpool deals as much damage as your Word of Pain and even more if you happen to stack multiple of them.

Hmmm I used to have it but the reason I got rid of it initially was because I was kiting so much it didn’t seem like the monsters spent enough time in the pool. It’s easy to test again so I’ll take a second look at it.

Thx for feedback!

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I tested and updated the build to reflect. Its already 15/15 lol. I was using it before when I was not using inquisitor seal as much, but as I needed to be more tanky I added seal and then didn’t add whirlpool back.

Thank you!


Nice build! 152% RR is great for an elemental build. And holy mother of god is that an OA value… !


hehe goes up to 4290 with deadly aim proc :slight_smile:

Edit: I just moved some points from deadly aim to inquis seal so would be less than 4290 now

I wonder if it would worth it to sacrifice some RR and slap Cataclysm set on it for 2 more elemental procs.
Obliteration could also work nicely with this builds and it would offer better sustain than chain lightning. Purple beam would be good for elemental build style points…
Focusing more on Gandarr with Codex of Truths is also a possibility.
I guess my ocd is just acting up and I don’t like that off-hand just siding there, not contributing more to the build other than extra RR…

Cool suggestions! Not a fan of beams in this game, but I’ll test with the full cata set, because those procs are going to hit like trucks AND one of them has % weapon damage on it so that will be healing us also.

to switch to cata and get the proc we would lose 32 RR. I’ll test and see over the weekend.
Very cool ideas thnx man.

Edit: I put the cata changes in grimtools and its really looking good. I added a grimtools link for the cata version of the build.

Edit2: Did some preliminary target dummy testing


  1. 29 seconds
  2. 33 seconds
  3. 35 seconds
  4. 34 seconds


  1. 36 seconds
  2. 36 seconds
  3. 36 seconds
  4. 36 seconds

Really tiny sample size, but cata looks promising in terms of target dummy results. Hopefully will have some time tonight to do a bit of SR testing.

How that? It has no wpn dmg.