( Nature's Avenger's Set, Two-Handed Warder, All 3 superboss Killer(No-MI, No-Pharma, SR 86+)

I’m very happy that you’re encouraging me to develop builds. :smile: :smile:

no green Mafia returns :sunglasses:

:+1: I will be back. (from no green Mafia)

Interesting devotion map. I wonder if it may work for your Gutsmasher EoR Warlord? Or will it need Crab and Ghoul for survival against superbosses? Sorry for offtop.

It needs Scales for Energy (and passive sustain with Gladiator belt). And we tried everything to make it good again during top20 testing but it’s painfully mid now.

Sorry for the off-topic!

To finish the off-top, i would appreciate if you can mention the build you end up testing to see how it fares. Probably it’s not able to beat Ravager/Callagadra/Modrogen?

DPS increased by 15000, and I got Calagadra about 8 seconds faster, but in the normal field, I often ran out of mana, and I lost too much Stun, Slow, and Freeze Resist. I gave up on mad_lee’s devotion because it was impossible to fix. However, I have bookmarked it for future use. I just fought Ravager now, and he died in 10 seconds due to lack of mana. Because of this, I just gave up on the fights with Mogdrogen. With no Ulkama scales, I was already expecting a mana shortage. I’ve had a similar experience before by removing Ulkama’s Scales and employing an aggressive constellation. While my DPS increased, I didn’t even see a time reduction in the fight against Calagadra, as the resist-reduction 20 provided by Scales of Ulkama was gone. And with reduced slowdown resist, you won’t see any time reduction in the fight against the superbosses, or you will be killed by superbosses, despite the very high DPS. In all my superboss killer builds, Slow and Stun Resistance always stay above 80. So, a build that takes down all three superbosses quickly is unlikely to employ very aggressive devotion and achieve very short run-times in SR. So, I always keep in my Devotion, offensive constellation (bear, azraka) + survival constellation (turtle, crab, dryad) + mana supply/resist reduction constellation (ulkama) + life leech constellation (fox, ulkama). Is it enough?

It’s important to use Solael pants and Deathstalker relic to cover those.

Are you using Arcane Spark? As you can see @banana_peel 's setup uses Arcane Spark, Soul Shard and triple Arcanum Dusts.

You get that resist reduction from War Cry’s Break Morale. Break Morale and Scales rr debuff don’t stack.

Again, it’s hard to do while limiting yourself with only legendaries approach.

Look, I can’t tell you how to play GD, but I can offer you this save file:

_Arch.zip (2.4 MB)

It’s Avenger Warder from our top20 testing. You can try it and compare to yours and maybe take something from it (or not, up to you).

P.S. It doesn’t have solael pants, I was wrong, Banana is covering cc-res holes with Frozen Heart it seems.

The best I could do. It’s okay, but not top build material anymore.

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To mad_lee:

I’m not saying your devotion is bad, it’s very powerful, but not applicable to me. As you say, I may abandon my no-MI stubbornness in the future, but for my current no-MI project I can only hope to improve my killer characters within the confines of no-MI rules. My no-MI project will not be meaningful for heavy players who want to create a character with the best performance, but it will be very meaningful for light and medium grim-dawn players(Is this what you call a niche?). Because of the Superboss Killer Project, I’ve been fighting with superbosses at work, such as managing directors, CEO, etc. When they say to me, “Why do you seem to be so distracted lately, is there something bad going on at home?”, I answer, “No - you are mistaken. I am happy and normal. Lol.”

and I am very reluctant to pharma dope when takedowning a superboss, as I feel that pharma doping makes it harder to see the character’s true ability (is this what you call a naked ability?).

There are many characters who perform well in SR, but are unable to take down superbosses quickly due to a very small stat deficit. For such people, pharma doping will be very useful. However, my character’s goal is not SR, but to take down 3 Superbosses without pharma doping from the start, so I just don’t use pharma doping.

In that regard, my characters are all failures except for the pet conjurer. Why? Because for battles against Mogdrogen, my characters need to pharma dope every time to get enough lightning resist, and they also need to apply lightning resistance enhancers.

I’ve mentioned this many times in the development goals for all of my superboss killer characters.

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great build !:heart:, like your other series…are u planning final version?

After publishing this build, I tried to upgrade several times over the course of 3-4 days, but I didn’t see any significant performance improvements. So, this will probably be the final build. Also, I’m working on a no-MI superboss killer build for warlord, but I’m not too happy with the performance so far. It took me about 2min 25sec to defeat Calagadra, so I’m not releasing it at this point.

and, I’ve heard that warder will be boosted in the upcoming, so I’ll consider upgrading this build again.

this devotion is best ! copy it for my build ok?

I believe the copyright fee for my devotion sequence was paid by your praise. :blush: :blush:

oh thank you my friend(´^o^`)I changed to this devotion as soon as possible.