(x64) Exp bug?

I’m gaining no points toward Nemesis status while killing Eldrich Horrors.
I’ve tested three characters and all other factions appear normal.
Builds used for tests are Warder, Shieldbreaker and Battlemage, all level 100 with maxed devotion trees and running on all difficulties.
I only noticed today so I’ve no idea how long the issue has been there.

assuming rep isn’t already maxed
does your chars Eldritch Horror rep happen to be set to neutral?

Nope - reputation with all is hated status.

A really silly (and probably embarrasing) question as I’ve been playing GD since 2019, but how do I check that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

not sure what you’re asking?

^since you can see the hated status i’m assuming you’re at the faction screen ingame?
which is how you check it ?

Sorry if I’m unclear.
Yes, I’m at the faction screen. I have the red bar. I don’t have the shield, key or book showing at any of the faction bars.

sry i’ve still got 0 clue what you’re referring to

because that’s not in the faction screen itself, but how you get to the faction screen

to return, you said/asked “how to check that” - by which i’m assuming rep status since i was referring to enemy rep status/neutral?

but since you can already see “hated staus” = you must already be on the faction screen, ie you already know how to check that/you’re already on the faction screen to see hate so you know how to check rep status/know how to access faction screen
or did you originally mean something else about what to check?

Firstly, thanks for your patience.
How do I alter faction status if by chance I have mistakenly changed it to neutral?
BTW I have never used GD Stash or similar and the only mod used is Item Asst.

AFAIK you only get reputation with them in Forgotten Gods and random heroes from eldritch totems.

you’d need to use GDstash to change rep status from neutral to hostile - but is the rep set to neutral?


might also be worth to add, there is no rep gain from crucible or Shattered Realm

How do I find out if rep is set to neutral?
Also I’d be loath to use GD stash as I’ve never used far less downloaded it.

Should note that I have AoM and FG.
Haven’t used SR or crusible for tests. Only areas tried are from Gloomwald to Barrowholme on all difficulties.
No other faction rep is effected.

in the faction window… it’s where i assumed you were seeing rep status was hated??

you don’t get eldritch horror rep there, only in FG areas

I’m off to hide under the bed.
I never believed in brain farts until now. I feel about 3" tall.
I’ve levelled dozens of toons and know full well where to grind rep for the various factions.
Unbelievable that I’d mix up Eldrich and Eldrich Horror critters.
You’ll never believe how sorry I am to have wasted your time.

Thank you for your efforts and excuse me as I scurry off to the bedroom… :no_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: