[] Clairvoyant Aether Cabalist - an aether sigil build that turned into a reap spirit build

Grimtools: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

hey, this is my first build guide despite lurking on these forums forever

i like sigil of consumption a very normal amount and definitely haven’t been trying to make builds out of every possible damage type or anything

i was playing around with a build that used similar itemization to @Willnoword’s Soul Perceptible build about a year and a half ago then took a real long break. his explanation of reap spirit as a nuke spell on its own sent me down a different path this time around.

i was going to go all in on aether sigil but got a pretty ridiculous Terrnox’s Aether Tome, gave that a whirl, and haven’t looked back. i originally expected a “green sigil + green doom bolt makes brain go brrr” build that was passable but instead got… something with a clear speed so fast i had to change my interface settings because i was struggling to find targets for reap spirit fast enough to keep up with the 1.2 (+ 25% chance of 0) second cooldown.

this build can clear all campaign content comfortably and shard 70 of SR reliably; i haven’t tried taking on any of the celestials yet, will post updates if i do.

playstyle is basically:

  • cast debuffs
  • kool-aid man into monster pack with will of fallen kings
  • drop sigil
  • spam doom bolt and reap spirit on cooldown until everything’s dead
  • call of the grave/mark of torment in dicey situations, or just if you need extra damage output

make sure you listen for the jingle/watch for the hourglass icon that indicates you got a 0 second cooldown on your main DPS spells, this makes a big difference for kill speed

Current equipment setup led to a ton of surplus skill points, I wound up maxing out both CoF and Ill Omen, which results in a movement speed reduction of 84% for everything hit by both. that combined with the aether blastwave proc from the pants results in pretty nice crowd control. I’ve seen other aether cabalist builds max posession versus HoD for the damage absorption despite the damage type mismatch but… that honestly hasn’t felt necessary here?? turtle and ghoul also rarely ever trigger. the devotions i stole wholesale from this build.

I’m currently using a rylok mark for extra damage on the sigil, but there’s probably a better medal option. i didn’t try very hard to add extra skill points to HoS or spectral binding/spectral wrath. The belt is for vitality to aether conversion (although this one did a nice job of shoring up a bunch of resistances the rest of my setup was lacking)

i tried swapping out my current offhand for a vampiric bonewall for added sigil duration and faster cooldown but… the %CDR on my current tome is so high that the cooldown for sigil was the same with either item.

i don’t have a ton of experience optimizing builds so i’m sure there are a lot of improvements that can be made here, happy to receive any feedback folks have!

Grimtools: Cabalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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Nice job!

I’ll test out eventually for you in SR75+ and give some feedback, but not right now since I had to take zopiclone for insomnia and thus I can’t be trusted to run SR and not gumby it up completely :upside_down_face:

Anyhow, did a pass over it, mostly happy with the devotions, but might change it later since you don’t need that much energy regen. So here’s my changes:

Changed suffixes and augments, squeezed 300+ more OA out of it and didn’t fuck up the resists. Does loose some DA, but it’s got enough sustain from everything that shouldn’t be as much of an issue. Just wish it had more circuit breakers. Though from initial modelling it should be good enough for SR75-76, maybe SR80-81 or more.

One thing of note with the devotion path - if you’re going to lean into health regen, it really helps to pick up one of the health regen devotions. I think I can squeeze Behemoth in, in theory, but that takes brains I don’t have at the moment. But it might not actually be needed, testing in deep SR will tell though :upside_down_face:

Otherwise you’ve done a really good job with what you’ve come up with :3 With a fairly novel use of that set too.

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