[1.2.1] Arsonist let loose | Ember's Calling Saboteur | Fire Biting Blades? Hell Yeah!


Grimtools - Dual wield version

Grimtools - Caster offhand version

There are a lot of pros and cons to both versions of this build but I personally prefer the DW version due to it feeling more like a true Nightblade :smiley:. Here is the outdated Version that due to destroyer prefix having phys res, the offhand version was a bit better “back then”.


I always wanted to create a build around Vilgazor’s Heart that specifically utilizes all of its conversion. I never could put a competent fire Ring of Steel (RoS) spammer together and going grenado, kinda forces you towards cold damage and the Rimetounge set.
This is something i came up with when i saw the changes made to Mythical Herald of Blazing Ends, hope you enjoy!

Concept / Build idea:


This build heavily plays around Burn / Fire Damage on Blackwater Cocktail (BWC) and supplements its damage with completely converted Biting Blades, Vindictive Flame and a lot of Meteors :grin:. Make sure to get as close to 200 % casting speed as possible.


This build is reliant on having high CC resistance and kiting enemies while they burn inside your BWC. Sustain comes from a. Harvest Scythe / Behemoth giving you 2k health regen b. fully converted Bat proc on BWC and c. leech applying to your biting blades

Ingame Stats:


Well Ember’s Calling set + Vilgazor’s Heart are mandatory so it’s not a good starter build.

Rings: you can go double Gollus or even take an Mythical Entropic Coil, but I think the Blazing Inferno Ring fits like it was made for this.
Boots: These fix my slow / Stun Res and even trap res, without these capped the build can get pinned down. Take Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards if you want.
Relic: Korvaak’s Deception is the overall better choice but Annihilation also works perfectly fine
The rest i think explains itself.


Viper, Solael’s Witchbalde: RR
Behemoth, Scythe, Bat: Sustain
Magi, Torch, Phoenix: Dmg


This build is an SR specialist (maybe also good in Crucible?) Until the Boss room :melting_face:. Pull everything together, throw a BWC at your enemies, lay a Thermite Mine below them, throw a Flashbang and go ham on them Biting Blades. These apply Viper RR but only at 50 % potency, for harder enemies you can use Blazing Eruption. Try not to get pinned down and when stuff comes too close, go and reposition. Veil of Shadow in the DW version has insane range, use it to your advantage.


Ravager of Souls in 4 min

this is just a proof of concept. All other celestials are also possible but have fun kiting Calla for 10 mins.

SR 75-76 in 7 min

This can be done quicker for sure, but its not the fastest due to being very bad at single target dmg.

SR 80-81 in 8 min

This build is still very safe at SR 80. i didnt try to push higher yet but its definetly possible. Pulling 4 bosses becomes to spooky however.

Closing Statement

This build walks the fine line between Meme and Amazing. While fighting normal SR rooms feels great and is actually quite fast, Bosses feel like a chore. But I feel like this is a very unique touch to the Burn BWC formula, Enjoy!


is Korvaak’s Deception better than Annihilation?

I prefer the Slow / Trap res + % OA/DA on Korvaaks’ Deception. + The Burning eruption can apply additional RR. Annihilation is obvs. also very good but from my testing KD just feels / performs better.

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I remember trying Fire caster Sabouter a year ago or so but I thought there is much more firepower potential in Grenado/Cannister, here is what I did: Saboteur, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Fun little char. Probably can be done with regen focus now and better skill points distribution.

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Yeah i also played around with Bomberman Sabo but i think Sorc / Pyro feel more suited for that + i anticipated some version already exsisting here :smiley:.

When i realized i can make a Fire Biting Blades Sabo i went all in on that idea and this is what came out.

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