1.2 enemy speed change switchup oversight?



since it seems like the wendigo charge skill is shared across most enemy types, would appear like it had resulted in a total zoomie increase across the board rather than decrease for them or wendigos.

Funnily enough the charge skill ex Deepmire Champion use(but not the other sliths) did get a speed reduct

is this an accidental mixup, “working as intended” and/or miswording in the patch notes?

Check the DBR to compare base MS and run animation speeds

asking because in effect every enemy with charge is now zoomey ingame :sweat_smile:

Wendigos had their animation speed adjusted. And no, charges are not universally shared.

Also, charge skills have limits to how far they pursue now, so yes some old charges that were pointlessly slow are faster than before, but most charges are in fact slower.

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appreciate the clarification, just a bunch of normal enemies zooming different before so wanted to make sure it was intended, very noticeable already in act 1 etc :sweat_smile: