1.2 steam input - missing Evade

As the title says, I just updated to the 1.2 version, the new Evade seems to be (at least for me)
missing from the “Game Actions” window when changing settings on my steam controller. The complete steam input support is one of the many reasons I really love this game and the developers. I know I’m probably I unicorn which plays the game with a steam controller and I know I can probably work around the issue, but I still hope it would be resoved. Thank you!

If you are using the official steam controller config, it is missing. It will be updated later today.

Custom configs can use it.

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Something related to this topic, although I don’t know if it has much to do with it.

On the “Steam Deck” the Evade does not work for me by pressing the B button. It does work for me on the PC with the Xbox controller.

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Same issue on Steam deck. Evade is not working no matter to witch button I configure it on.

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Can confirm evade action does nothing. Playing on Linux through Proton. I can make evade work by mapping it to any keyboard press, say space, but using designated action doesn’t work.

Any plans for officially supporting Steam Deck controls. As i understand it gives error at native resolution of 1280 X800 and then it doesn’t display controller commands on UI.

Same here. I am using an xinput gamepad. The B evade function doesn’t work. Here is a screen of my options menu.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 210225

It seems that with the latest hotfix it has been resolved. Thanks a lot.

Maybe I’m blind but I cannot find it anywhere on the “game actions” menu.

Is there something wrong on my side perhaps?