- A Simple DW Melee Purifier (Fire)


Hey all. I’ve been absent for a few months and came back last week with the will to try a thousand builds a month, as I used to.



Because Purifier seems to be still one the most OP classes, I decided to make a dual wield melee toon. The main concept is to have an OP Aura of Censure with +30% RR via this mace x 2.

This a good Auramancer Melee toon, for the lazy players (2 buttons apart from mouse clicks).


The classical Justicar Set + Elemental Balance rings. Constellation’s choice is rather usual for a fire caster; nothing fancy.


This is my threshold for my builds. If I can’t kill Lokarr easily, I put the build in the trash. With this Purifier, it’s an easy <40 second fight, full face-tanking.

>>>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<<<<

Greenless version
<<<<< GRIMTOOL#2 >>>>>

With the 3 x 3K (3k OA, DA and armor), it’s good enough for all content. There’s plenty room for improvement though. It can have some energy problems. And I’m sure its DPS can be maximized.

I hope you’ll like it.

Edit #1: Enchanted Flint on weapon; Beronath Amulet; new Devotion path.
Edit #2: big thanks to madlee, ya and Bevdogg. Lokarr is now under 40 sec.
Edit#3: greenless version added.

If you are playing pure fire build I highly recommend 2x Enchanted flint. Much more damage output. Otherwise, simple and effective, all hail House Malakor.

Indeed, I always go stupidly and automatically to “Seal of XXX”. Thanks for the tip.

Beat me too it.

I’ve a similar setup, but am playing around with 3-piece Justicar & using Gaze of Empyrion helm (https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8131) to boost AoC flat damage (& radius). In Crucible, censure kills all the trash allowing you to focus purely on killing elites / bosses.
I’m also playing around with Light of Empyrion Devo. It’s ok & wish it would proc more often (20% chance on hit by melee attacks) but I think Meteor is the way to go.

As per mad_lee’s advice, definitely change out the components on the weapons to Enchanted Flint to boost flat fire damage. Prismatic Diamond in the helm would help here too whilst also provide damage absorption for those critical moments.

Edit: You could consider Emp. Essence of Beronath in place of the amulet also (https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/885)

The Helm: is it really a good trade if you lose the Justicar (4) piece proc and +1 Demo ? (genuine question)
The Amulet: good point. I think the flat damage and +1 all skills is better than 10% phys. conv. and better Vindictive Flame.

I’ll try this tomorrow.

  1. Devotions could be improved. You should try and get that sailor in place of eel and get rid of point siphons like the chariot (get fiend insted and you got two points to move - with them take sailor for eel and tower for wolverine - plus a decent boost to dps).

  2. Take flashbang.

  3. Scratch the above. You have 150% attack speed, sir. Fixing that is priority one. Blue Beronath amulet, Revenant, consecrated wrappings, dread skull, jackal.

I didn’t see how to get Revenant, Jackal and the Tower without giving up Meteor. I will try without Wolverine and Giant’s blood (?) tonight. I edited the grimtool link according to all your advice so far.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZongdEV is how I would make it. just changed skills, components and devos. didn’t change augments so might wanna get that aether res higher.

behemoth is meh. zero reason to take it with autoattack and adcth. once you got over 3000 da its ok so no wolverine needed. investing more in offense will give you better survivability anyway.

OK, I’ve just tried your set-up. Lokarr was 40-45 sec before. Now it’s 35-40 sec. I’ve edited the GT link.

Options for boots if I dont wanna GDstash cheat?

no green:rolleyes:

Thanks honey

The choice of boots is good but no offense, I must say [insert famous “NO!” gif] regarding the choice of augments/components.

I’ve updated the guide and put a greenless version of the build.