Vitality Eye of Reckoning Sentinel

I checked the forum and could not find if somebody has already built Sentinel or Opressor around Mythical Death’s Reach so here is my attempt on it. I suppose Opressor can work as well.


Pls share thoughts/critique on devotion/items choices and ideas how to improve it?

Bolvar’s Pendant with some nice affixes to have fewer skills to cast?

You could compare your build to the one @Valinov has made. Both look very good to me :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been meaning to update some of my eor builds to current patch stuff.

Just a little bit of thought on your build
Maybe something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZq9JJmZ
Boosting attack speed will make big differences to eor DPS. (Cant look at devotions from my phone)

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