1 Core poor FPS

Just 1 core use will ever be fixed?

Even Titan Quest never did that.

"7th December 2018 stream:

Dragon_RW : Hi, will this engine still use a single core to do all processing?

Zantai: That is a misconception. I am well aware that the engine is heavily based on one core, it does not however run on a single core, it never has. We’ve actually made improvements to that over the years and it utilises additional cores more than it does many years ago. Could that be improved? With infinite resources anything can be improved, but there are diminishing returns."


I could pay for that, you know, better performance and more content. And the bottleneck of my system is the processor I7 7700 running at 4.1 Ghz.

Excuse me, but I don’t buy it. My i3-4170 reaches maybe 30 % utilisation maximum. Sure it’s limited by even older GPU, but I can’t imagine how high your FPS must be for i7-7700 to appear as bottleneck.

The first core reach 100% and botleneck my GTX 1080, that’s it, It’s a know inssue, the game don’t uses all cores… Excuse me IoI ^^, thanks.

It actually does use other cores. It simply isn’t capable of utilizing them EQUALLY across all cores like games with more “modern” engines - one core is always going to get the majority of the activity.

As for it bottle-necking on you, that’s a different issue that’s likely dependant upon other factors. You can try forcing it to use other cores and see if that helps. I see that the i7-7700 makes use of Hyperthreading - some people in the past found that disabling Hyper-threading in their BIOS prevented this from happening (100% utilization).

It’s up to you if you want to test this out for yourself because I can tell you right now that it’s very unlikely that they are going to redo the GD engine for this - a massive undertaking, which is what it would take for the game to be able to achieve parity across all cores.

On a personal note - I actually use Process Lasso - https://bitsum.com/
…to manage GD’s core usage. It will remember your settings you assign to any process and apply them automatically anytime it detects a process running.

I have it locked to use only cores 1 and 3. Here’s a shot of Window’s Resource Manager (showing all my cores) after a few minutes of playing GD, killing mob groups:

…or with 3 cores here.

…or how about all cores once I re-enabled all 4 cores…

As you can see I managed to make it utilize resources more evenly by forcing it onto other cores. It should be noted that in order to get it to do that with all cores I first had to run it with Core 0 denied for the GD process for a moment then tab back out and reenable it.

You can give up the notion that they are going to redo the entire engine to achieve it tho - that’s a pipe dream unlikely to happen anytime soon - and likely never for GD specifically - unless they can perhaps figure out how to make it do something like whatever Process Lasso is doing once it latches onto the core processes.

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I tested GTX1070 with i3-4170 and even then (reaching 100+ FPS on max settings) the CPU wasn’t a bottleneck. Check if your GPU is reaching full utilisation. If it is, then CPU is not holding it back. The fact that first core sits at 100% is not enough.

The use of GPU is about 50-60%.

I’ll try this and see what happens.

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