Forthcoming Forgotten Gods expac - what we know so far Part II

Starting a new thread because I think we’re going to have more info in the coming months than the first can deal with easily. Also I can organise this a bit better I hope.

So Part I took us from 10th March up to 9th July 2018. Part II starts with the live stream of the 25th July 2018 which showed off the new game mode revealed in GMs 142 and 143.

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The 27th July live stream started off showing us the new Shattered Realm quest hub and portal.

"So what we actually have here is the quest hub you’ll be entering for the Forgotten Gods expansion. Pretty early on in the game if you’d like - because the pre-requisite for those who don’t know already is to clear Act 1, to defeat Warden Kreig and then you’ll have access to this quest line - if you’d like or you can keep going through the main campaign, on to Ashes of Malmouth and the next difficulty. You do not need to complete Forgotten Gods to access the next difficulty, like Ashes of Malmouth.

tinyangrycrab :so what’s the point of this expansion, does it add the ability to shoot more fireballs
Um, yeah. How could we add an expansion without adding more fireballs, that just seems pointless.

These statues are so awesome. I was so impressed when they came online.

Looks like an ancient time, well a little bit. There was definitely a lot of Middle Eastern influence when we went into this. A lot of Egyptian influence, Persian.

creatorofworlds :Is the DLC content for GD accessible to modders?
Yeah, absolutely. All the data from Ashes of Malmouth and when you purchase Forgotten Gods is on your computer for you to extract and make mods with.

The person on the left? I think you might recognise this armour, although the face needs a little bit of updating. Place holder, surprise.

Sentinel armour, yes. Here’s a secret guys, if you like the Sentinel set you’ll be able to get it as a set in Forgotten Gods.

Show you the Korvaak constellation already. Tell you what, at the end of the stream I will show you the Korvaak constellation. Remind me at the end if I forget.

Are we getting 6 or 7 new classes? At least 8 and a half new classes.

That portal. I’m going to close it and open it again and again.

Vorx002 :ulgrim is lost again ?
Ulgrim actually got sucked into the Shattered Realm and you have to find him on level 100. That’s the real secret.

Pokerkid777 :So opening the portal doesn’t cost anything?
That’s correct. However, if you want to skip to a deeper Shard in the Shatter Realm you can craft Waystones which do cost resources and money. But that’s only if you want to start at a particular floor. But if you’re starting a new fresh run from the first Shard, it doesn’t cost anything at all.

sirspanksalot92 :is the shattered realm basically an infinite dungeon? is there an end to it?
Effectively there is no end to it. You could go on forever. Based on the amount of tuning we’ve done so far you could probably get to like a thousand floors. I don’t know if anyone would ever get that far because it would probably scale too much … but you could.

wrekonize_games :you can name the release date of the add-on?
All I can tell you right now is it’s coming later this year.

addeponkeN :can i leave the realm?
There are two ways: you can die or you can finish it. If you do die you can re-enter it. That’s a fundamental difference from how the other rogue dungeons in Grim Dawn have worked so far. You’re not permanently locked out if you do fail by dying If you’re playing hardcore it’s kinda over for you, I think that’s a given.

lykre :Is it randomly generated? Is that the engine limitation that you guys bypassed?
So, it i semi-random. And what I mean by this is that each of the levels is hand crafted. But the order of the levels that you’ll run into them and what spawns on those levels is fully randomised. And right now, in the current test phase, we something like 12 floors made and we’re going to add many, many more as we proceed in development.

ZlickX :so hardcore chars cant actually leave except for alt+f4 or finishing it?
That would be correct, just like the Crucible effectively.

powbampowbam :Will modders be able to make their own levels to add to it Zantai?
Yeah, if you mod the world you can add more dungeon floors. You can add as many as you want. You can customise what spawns on those floors, you can customise how much it takes to clear a dungeon.

So right now it looks like the soul drops are a little too generous since I finished this floor a little too quickly. We’ll have to tweak that, but the general idea is you collect the Shattered Realm souls and when you’ve filled the bar you can proceed to the next floor.

Matthew___A :what does purple bar in top right mean?
That purple bar is for the particular chunk you’re on. Once you fill it you can proceed.

No loot drops while you’re clearing the dungeon. When you decide to cash out or push deeper then you decide if you want loot or not. The idea being if you keep pushing and going on , trying to beat that clock so you get the bonus reward, if you have to keep stopping to sort your loot it kinda detracts from that.

Pokerkid777 :Is there a reason to stay on the floor once the bar is filled?
There’s not. Once you clear a floor, everything on it is cleared out, you just have an open path onwards to the next level.

binksterrrrrr :how far do you have to go into the shattered realms before being offered the option to cash out?
Each Shard is 5 chunks. At the end of that you fight a boss and if you defeat the boss you can decide if you want to proceed or cash out. Every 5 floors effectively you can stop, if you want to.

ddalius :Can the portal just spawn on you then rather than spawning far away?
There aren’t plans to do that. I will tell you that based on the current tuning that’s in here it’s a little over-tuned in terms of how quickly you clear a floor. You should be much closer to the end of it when you fill the bars.

DooDoo850 : Does nemesis spawn in here?
Oh yeah. They spawn in multiples.

Can party members join you if you’re X levels deep?
Yes. So unlike the Crucible where a floor was in progress you wouldn’t be able to enter, here a player could join you immediately at any time, hop in to where you are, start cleaning mobs and proceed to the next level.

JA_Sinclair :As of now there is no way to customize or switch the “click” on left/right joystick its fixed and its annoying cause you sometimes simply press to hard and you switch weapons or skill bar without your intention. I would like to turn that of or switch it away.
Can’t you customise controllers 100% through Steam? Or am I missing something?

MrT3k : Does the clock ‘‘restart’’ after first chuck/map ?
No, if you fail the clock that’s it, you failed the clock you don’t get the bonus.

CoffeeK1d :how many maps are there the realm rotation?
Right now there’s 12, just for the testing phase to make sure everything’s working, but there will be many, many more as we progress towards release.

oOniDasAlagoas :Will we have an option like TQ: Ragnarok to start a char with higher level?
No, I don’t think we’d ever do that. It seems a weird solution to the problem they’d be having.

ResidentCeno :Any plans to add a drop/mechanic to add time? Worried about entering a “clear speed” meta
Yes, sort of. Sort of like in the Crucible whenever you kill a hero or a higher boss hero the clock is incremented, we’re adding that to the Shattered Realm. The programmer is working on it as we speak.

StrUktO :how does the shattered realm fit into the lore?
I don’t want to spoil anything, but the name of the expansion might be why it’s the Shattered Realm.

IvIumboJumbo11 :Shard system looks awesome. Is there going to be any quality of life changes with DLC? Such as auto pickup on Components
We are not planning to add any auto-pick up mechanics. There are however, all sort of quality of life improvements one of which I can actually show you in a bit which is the challenge areas. Another being the ability to re-roll set items into other set items, there’s all the movement skills. I haven’t even been using that, I’ve got teleport on this guy.

sirspanksalot92 :hey Zantai, what’s the price point for the expac if you don’t mind me asking?
The price point will be comparable to Ashes of Malmouth. This is a pretty big expansion, just like Ashes of Malmouth turned out to be, so something in the 10 to 20 dollar range. We’ll definitely give you a better idea once we’re closer to release and we kinda lock down how much stuff we’re adding. We’re still finishing the content as of now, there are more bosses being made, more dungeons being made. A lot of stuff.

User682345413597354 :Any chance of getting more options for the loot filter for things like MI’s?
I would definitely like to do something to make finding Monster Infrequents easier for you guys. I haven’t thought of a solution that doable RUI and won’t take a ton of time unfortunately. We’ll see. I can’t promise anything right now.

davespen :What happens when the clock hits zero?
When the clock hits zero you miss out on the bonus loot.

LordFratos :are we gonna meet the girl on AoM screen or what?
Yes, yes you will. Her name is Byscella and you’ll meet her in the Conclave of the Three.

Sobergeist :how rare will new transmutation materials be?
Are you talking about stuff to transmute sets? I mean the ones that let you change an item in a set to the same set is not going to be the most common items in the world, unless you’re loaded, but it’s not going to be so forbiddingly rare that you’re never going to want to re-roll sets.

Oneshout_Live :so no xp from enemies in shattered realm ?
Yes, you do not earn XP here until you cash out - same as the Crucible. When you cash out you get XP based on how far you got and that goes up pretty high, depending on how far you went.

tupacx92 :@CrateEntertainment is this the last expansion for GD ?
I think it’s very likely that this will be the last big content push we do for Grim Dawn. It’s just the kind of natural progression of a release product like this. There was a huge spike when the game came out and sales are still trickling in for the base game. Then Ashes of Malmouth came out and the spike wasn’t as big as it was for the base game was and that’s fine, that’s how expansions go. And we expect Forgotten Gods to be a little bit lower than Ashes of Malmouth, but still good enough to make it worth while making the expansion otherwise we wouldn’t be making it financially speaking.

SkyllaSkylla :And how many new items ±?
I can just pop up that spreadsheet and let’s see. So not counting lower level versions of items, there’s over 200 new uniques, a ton of new faction gear, a ton of new monster infrequents.

Spikenik9 :and in GD2 do we get to meet the FG loading screen guy?
Actually I hope we can get the FG loading screen guy into FG.

Pokerkid777 :Will there be any way to skip elite straight into ultimate? Going through the main game and 2 expansions 3 times can become very tedious at times.
I do understand that concern for some of you who have been playing the game for a long time and want to level a bunch of characters up to maximum difficulty. I actually have an idea for how to have a solution to this conundrum for those of you. The programmer is looking into how doable that solution would be and how long it would take. There are a lot of factors involved here. The biggest one honestly is we don’t want to break your characters, primarily due to the attribute and skill rewards you get on Normal and Elite difficulties. When we release an expansion we’re more careful of that so the skill rewards are exclusive to Ultimate.

derpymountain :ARE WE GOING TO GET A DOPE ASS SEQUAL in the not near future
I can’t tell you when Grim Dawn 2 will come out or if it will come out at this time. I think it would be pretty cool to do more of Grim Dawn down the line, I think the people who are working on Grim Dawn might need a bit of a break from working on Grim Dawn for so long. Do some stuff, try some different genres. There’s you know our other project Medierra’s been working on that he will probably announce at some time.

AdiosOcelote : Didn’t you say the same after releasing AoM?
I mean I suppose we did, but ultimately it is a financially driven decision. I guess if Forgotten Gods blows us away in terms of how many copies it sells then maybe a third expansion would be discussed. But at this time isn’t not like - we’re definitely doing a third expansion.

BrierTog :i do hope with all the new stuff we will get more bank space too
One new tab for personal and transfer stash.

enkrypter :Are there any plans to get a transparent overlay map like D3 or PoE?
There are no plans to do that. That was a deliberate design decision. I think you can dig up Medierra’s reasoning for why somewhere on the forum. It’s a pretty old post so might take some digging, but it was a deliberate decision. Sort of to keep you playing the game instead of playing the map.
eisprinzessin :Medierra’s reasoning for having the map as it is:

LacielMG :Any plans for xp after max lvl ? something like bonus xp or “paragon” ?
Absolutely not. I think on a personal level that a character should have an end point and paragon levels goes against that. I’m not a fan of endless grinding and things like that.

drazac :if you do decide to make Grim Dawn 2, can you confirm that one of the goals would be to use new engine
I can’t actually confirm that for you because there’s really two avenues we could take with Grim Dawn 2. Either we start with a new engine and we rewrite a lot of the mechanics that we added for Grim Dawn to add it to that engine or we take the Grim Dawn engine and overhaul major components of it to bring it up to speed with whatever era we’ll be in at the time technology-wise.

IvIumboJumbo11 :There going to be LVL increase to 110 or Ascendant type for a couple more skills at 100 or anything like that?
There will be more quest rewards to give you skill points on Ultimate difficulty. Level cap is not changing very much.

JA_Sinclair :Can I dare to ask about a Linux-Version or is this kind of impossible with the current GD Engine?
Nothing’s impossible with an engine because you can just rewrite any part of it. It’s just a matter of how long it would take and is it financially viable and the unfortunate answer with Linux is it’s just not big enough to warrant the work required. If you look at the Steam user survey you’d find that Linux currently represents 0.5% of the Steam user base and Steam is literally our biggest share of sales by a massive margin. Like 95% of sales are Steam, so if only 0.5% of people on Steam are using Linux it’s kinda hard to justify the programming time necessary.

Iceberg_ :so will enemies in FG always scale with player then ?
They will still have levels based on which difficulty you’re playing on. They will have a pretty wide range because you can enter it at level 15 if you rush the Warden.

:One of my biggest issues with Grim Dawn is that I get lost trying to find quest locations, are there any plans to improve map marking for quest zone areas? PS. I’ve never finished the base game because of frustration issues and lack of patience.
You’re not going to like my answer because we kind of deliberately wanted Grim Dawn to be about discovery and exploration and the quest NPCs who give you the quest and the dialogue and also the quest log gives you directions on where to go and when you get close to a quest target that’s when it shows on the mini-map. And that is by design, it’s not something like oh well we could still improve. We actually wanted it to be this way and I do realise that that isn’t for everybody.

ilmithir :Story wise when is the best moment to start with the FG exp?
You want the smoothest gaming experience then go play Ashes of Malmouth and then play Forgotten Gods. They’re sort of divergent stories along the way, they don’t cover the same big threats so there isn’t really a problem if you go to Forgotten Gods first. If you go to Forgotten Gods before meeting say Kymon’s Chosen and the Order of Death’s Vigil things might get a little tricky, but we accounted for those continuities.

garbageking64 :will shattered realm enemies be fully randomized with each floor, not like crucible with a set of possible mobs per round?
Exactly. Each floor has a huge selection of mobs it can spawn and each time, even if you’re on the same floor, you’re going to run into new mobs. And once you get deeper into the Shattered Realm, that’s when you might see some traps spawning too. And those can do some crazy things to rooms. Dangerous things. Kinda bullshit, but it’s fun.

Greek_Feta_Cheese:@CrateEntertainment is there going to be a vendor that re-rolls stat tiers or a vendor that adds a random prefix or suffix to an item that only has one prefix/ suffix ?
I wouldn’t say we’re planning on doing anything like that.

Caerbae :what is the MI availability from the realms?
The Shattered Realm has pretty similar loot tables to how the Crucible works. Once you get to a certain level of chest quality you’re going to start seeing monster infrequents, but they’ll be random. If you want to target a particular monster infrequent doing out in the main world is the way to go, especially with the addition of these new challenge areas which will increase the quality of those monster infrequents.

T3Kv2 :@CrateEntertainment sorry if this was answered, but will you have more Quest/Missions where you can change the outcome of a base. Like do something for an npc and it can make the base look better. Kinda like the quest for Fabric for the prison and you add cloth roofs and stuff
It’s not as big a feature in Forgotten Gods as these guys already have an established base when you come there so it didn’t really make sense thematically for you to be improving that for them, but you still do have an impact on some of the NPCs in town and you should choose which of the 3 Witch Gods you actually want to work with because that will change what quests you do to get to the ending.

garbageking64 :hopefully each post-xpac patch will add a few more floor patterns?
That’s possible. I wouldn’t rule it out.

OpheliacDS1 :this is still an unsafe death for Hardcore toons right ?
Yes, it’s still an unsafe death. You do not want to play in there if you play on hardcore.

bigpapabear888 :will nemesis/named bosses be main campaign strong or crucible strong in the shattered realm?
Everything in the Shattered Realm is main campaign strong so whatever you’re used to in the Crucible, it’s going to be tougher here.

AdiosOcelote :So can we finish the game mode by winning or only by losing? I am confused because you said that it ends if we win or lose, and now you said it’s unlimited and wtf
There is no win or lose. There is you got to a check point or you didn’t. So every boss you get to decide - do I grab my loot or do I want to go further. And if you get to the point where you actually can’t beat it that’s kind of the risk you’ve taken. You need to be able to beat the boss to get the loot.

If you beat the timer you get bonus loot. The timer doesn’t prevent you from earning loot at all.

ResidentCeno :Will you have a Steam bundle for AoM+FG and/or base GD?
I think down the line that is certainly a possibility. I’m not sure when Medierra plans to do that. I think it will happen.

zakknaphen :How many different mutators are there?
I think 30 - forget.

Giblix :how are the amount of mutators decided? normal is 1, elite 2, ultimate 3?
Mutator numbers are decided by the Shard you’re in. So the deeper you go the more you contend with. You can actually end up with more mutators in the Shattered Realm than the Crucible. The same mutators you’ve been fighting with in the Crucible will be in the challenge areas, in the Shattered Realm.

EvilBaka :When/how do you get the exclusive Legendary set from the shattered realm?
It’s based on your progression. There are certain thresholds that if you meet you’ll get a piece of the set and the deeper you go you’ll get another piece of the set and another piece until you complete the set.

At the Steps of Torment: We’ve entered a Treacherous Domain and you can see there’s a mutator active. Enemies here have higher health, more damage and other stats boosts to make them more dangerous than enemies outside. But in exchange for that they have a much higher chance of dropping good loot.

IvIumboJumbo11 :any new levelling gear ? Like Lokkars set. Maybe different slots.
I think as levelling gear Lokkar’s set does a pretty good job. I don’t know if we want to add any more.

Pokerkid777 :If Forgotten Gods ends up being the last expansion, how much longer do you expect GD to be supported with balance changes and bug fixes?
As long as it makes sense to. Just because we’re not going to work on a giant expansion doesn’t mean that we’ll just stop developing Forgotten Gods stuff. We have ideas for what we could do for post release stuff, whether that could be some new items or some more floors for end of dungeons, might even do some more story content potentially. We will see. And there’ll be additional balancing needed because there’ll be new items, there’s going to have to be some tweaks to make sure everything’s competitive and build diversity goes up.

iorik9999 :wait, i might have missed it, but challenging mode is toggle on and off? or?
There is no challenge mode. There are certain areas that are more difficult. But that’s already generally been the case. There are certain areas in the game that are already more difficult, but the loot wasn’t actually that much better than areas that weren’t as challenging. So this allows us to not only tweak that difficulty with mutators and stuff, but we actually substantially increased the drop rate of rare items.

drazac :What is Crate’s stance on class imbalances. Where certain builds wreak Crucible 170, while others, with BiS gear can barely do 150. To be specific, compare Drain Essence with AAR
Imbalances like that are a matter of you guys bringing it to our attention. We’re not going to literally play every build that exists and balance them. I can tell you that Arcanist is actually seeing a few changes in the next patch which will hit probably around the time the expansion comes out. That will rebalance the skills across the board for Arcanist. Particularly Aether Ray as well.

FreezardB :are mutators going to be a thing that modders will be able to play around with in FG? I really want to make a BLAMT zone now
Yes, absolutely. You could make a challenge area that has one mutator that ever appears in it. That’s always that one, it doesn’t change if you wanted to. You can put in new mutators, you can change how new mutators appear in an area. You can change how difficult the monsters are.

Giblix :regarding the mutators in side areas. i could understand this on Ultimate difficulty. @Zantai are you not worried to scare of the more casual players who already have issues going through said content on normal/elite?
Not too concerned, I mean if there is going to be an issue we can make changes to the balance, but mutators and such - the scaling is per difficulty so the mutators and the modifiers the monsters get to their other stats are different on Ultimate versus Normal. For example on Normal a Treacherous Domain hardly any damage increase at all for regular monsters whereas on Ultimate there is a damage increase.

AllerionGr :is there any chance of you guys making character packs like diablo 3 did with the necromancer?
I think that is very unlikely due to the fact that Grim Dawn is not always online we don’t have a way to kind of lock you out of certain bits of content so if someone owns the 10th mastery DLC pack and someone else does not those people could literally not play multiplayer together because their game versions are incompatible. Which is why we don’t do deals like that, we go all out with big expansions.

droblit :@CrateEntertainment is there going to be more space in the stash for loot?
We are adding another tab to both the personal and transfer tabs.

sunblaze31 :those mutators and dangerous/treacherous areas work with every rogue dungeon right? loves valbury
Yes. Port Valbury, Bastion of Chaos, Ancient Grove, those are all included in these new challenge area player mode.

droblit :@CrateEntertainment does re-entering a dungeon resets/reshuffles the mutators?
You can’t re-enter a rogue-like dungeon already so not sure what you mean. If you enter the same dungeon in a new session there’ll be new mutators, yes.

Eddalius :Zantai will never directly confirm sentinel
I’m not sure what sentinel you’re talking about. That would be such a weird thing to show on a character list, call it something particular. Such a weird leak. Accident. Mistake. So weird.

RaketenHarry :some quality of life improvements planned like easier crafting mythic relics?
Probably won’t be any major changes to crafting systems at this point. I think if we were to make a sequel we would definitely make some changes to the way crafting works.

Giblix :Grava said he might make a secret map with the devs as monsters. similar to TQ secret area. is this coming with FG??
Probably time permitting. It’s one of those things that really only happens at the end. So once everything is done, we’ve written all the lore notes, balanced all the bosses, all the maps are done, that’s when we do fun stuff like the secret quests. Worst case I’ll probably spend an evening making sure something exists cause I can’t not add another secret quest.

vIumboJumbo11 :So each rogue like going to have there own set. Or shared between all of them?
Each rogue will drop a piece of a shared item set. So if you want to get piece A of a set you’ll do Steps of Torment, B Port Valbury, etc.

AllerionGr :is there a release date for the expansion?
There’s “a” release date, not one I can tell you.

Iceberg_ :would you be able to re-roll dungeon set pieces ?
Yes, you would be able to use the new system to re-roll sets. There are a few sets we actually prevent from being transmutable, specifically into other sets. You can’t take certain predictable set drops and then just re-roll them into all the other sets in the game - like the Kreig set.

Spikenik9 :faith’s guard?
Faith’s Guard. That’s weird. It’s like an item got renamed for some reason.

[SPOILER]Faith’s Guard
Epic Shield
Required Player Level 50
Required Physique 521

35% Chance to block 725 damage
0.85 Block Recovery
98 Physical Damage
+49% Physical Damage
+84% Lightning Damage
+390 Health
+4% Defensive Ability
+9% Shield Block Chance
34% Fire Resistance
48% LIghtning Resistance
+2 to Field Command
+1 to all skills in Oathkeeper[/spoiler]

boromonokli :any news on the overhauled retal concept?
I can tell you Forgotten Gods is going to make retaliation more interesting. Make of that what you will.

Sinnfullduck :@CrateEntertainment Will there be anything coming to help me with my Gravechill Drain Essence build?
I would say yes. We did look into some of the transmuters that did not have so much item support and make that better.

Greek_Feta_Cheese :@CrateEntertainment can you say which classes / masteries are going to be getting the most attention in terms of buffing or reworking stuff ?
I mean that’s just something that happens when we’re working on patches. That’s not like Forgotten Gods is going to come out and there’s going to be a huge overhaul. As we make improvements to the existing classes whether that’s tuning, I don’t really think we’re going to be reworking any skills. I don’t know what you’re expecting, but any tuning over time we release in patches and that applies to the base game, to Ashes of Malmouth and will apply to Forgotten Gods when it comes out.

NoEgoGaming :Are you guys going to cater to the stacking of mats similar to d3 system , that people where complaining about ?
NoEgoGaming :like when you pick mats , they stack to a “different tab” where you can pick them up from there
Oh, you’re talking about a dedicated materials tab. We actually considered that and the problem was that we have too many components so it’s kinda late as we’d have to make some kind of new stash UI because it would need a new scroll bar to fit all those spaces so the answer to that right now is we’re not going to do something like that. I think when we make a Grim Dawn 2, if we make a Grim Dawn 2, one of the things we’d do is make a components case.

droblit :@CrateEntertainment how long do you plan to work on GD? is there going to GD 2?
Well, Forgotten Gods will probably be like the last big content release we do. Whether we do something afterwards like something smaller like the Crucible depends on the team, whether we do any patches depends on how the sales are going. So long as the game is active, the sales are steady then we’ll keep supporting the game and keep you guys interested. As for Grim Dawn 2 that’s too far into the future to confirm or deny.

The_Cysquatch :Will we be getting more mythic versions of items that still don’t have them, or does that come down to enough people asking for it?
I think generally it comes down to enough people wanting an item to come back. There’s one set I can think of that is going to get a Mythic version that did not previously have one.

iorik9999 :by the way, what’s the new skill for the Korvaak deception relic?
It’s like Primal Strike … but with fire.

StrUktO :how are you doing on the xbone port?
It’s kinda going through the certification process. We have to check all the boxes before it can be put up on the Xbox marketplace effectively.

AllerionGr : plans for a switch port?
Not very likely primarily due to performance concerns. Switch just doesn’t have as much juice as the other consoles and the infrastructure portal of Switch itself is very different. Xbox is actually the easiest to port to of the 3.

Spikenik9 :what’re you gonna work on zantai? oathkeeper?
Right now I’m actually working on all the new items in the game. The stats are actually finished on all the items and now we have to go through the joyful process of getting them into the game. Have to make all the skill modifiers, all those skill procs, but yeah they’re almost done. I mean the stats, the art, still a lot of artwork to do."

Also showed off one of the tier 2 movement runes.

And Zantai finished off this ENORMOUS spoiler stream with a look at the Korvaak constellation.

Korvaak constellation requirements:
10 Eldritch
18 Primordial

Whew! :smiley:

GM #144 showed us a nasty looking Eldritch Wraith and some very cool looking Eldritch Armour. Also has a link to the youtube version of the last stream.

Stream of 17th August:
First congratulations to Grava and his wife on the birth of a daughter earlier this year. Luckily he didn’t have to rush off to change her diaper, but he did dash out later to put the roof up on his jeep. At least I think that’s what he meant when he actually said:

“I have to go outside real quick. I have to put the roof down on my jeep. I’ll be right back. It’s going to rain like right now.” 1.03.36 in.

Zantai managed to drop by via his phone even though he was attending a wedding during the stream. And still managed to say quite a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greek_Feta_Cheese :@zantai_gd will are there crucible changes planned for the xpac?
Zantai_GD :No particular changes, will probably add FG mobs to existing waves

Zantai_GD :I see Shattered Realm as a way to push your builds to their limits more so as the absolutely most efficient way to farm loot, but time will tell
Zantai_GD :It has unique rewards though, and you can earn a few skill points

Zantai_GD :Nemesis bosses can spawn at higher shards, several can appear on a chunk

VeretragnaVictorious :Zantai, can 4 nemeses be spawned at the same time like in Crucible?
Zantai_GD :They tend to spawn more spread out

DenisMashutikov :@Zantai_GD can same nemesis spawn several times per session in shatter realm?
Zantai_GD :Yup

AzTk1992 :are the portals for next level spawning always in the same location on the particular map?
Zantai_GD :Portals are semi random

ChthonicSonic :@Zantai_GD Are there Shattering Realm exclusive monsters/bosses?
Zantai_GD :No

Billaowski :@CrateEntertainment I believe someone mentioned you were going to touch on existing masteries/items in the future. Are you allowed to tell us anything about that
Zantai_GD :We call those patches, billaowski

Caerbae :Zantai_GD can you authorize grava to spoil set reroll material obtaining for us
Zantai_GD :Nothing to spoil, you saw them in the GM reveal

DenisMashutikov :@Zantai_GD will shatter realm have checkpoints, or we need start 1st Shard every time we take reward?
Zantai_GD :There are checkpoints

gilavar :Zantai, are there any plans to buff or change AAR skill?
Zantai_GD :AAR has been buffed for next update

Tividor :are you writing Monday’s dev blog zantai or is it gonna be another amateur hour smh
Zantai_GD :Monday posts are pre-written, I wrote the last one too
Zantai_GD :There was just some copy paste error involved…
Zantai_GD :Not fair to say allminoxy is amateur hour

PydraKor :can u say sth about the retaliation changes? love your game =)
Zantai_GD :Stop by Monday for news on retaliation

A typical Zantai spoiler. You’re going to love this. The new a … a…

Grava finished off by saying:

“I’m not going to be doing regular or bi-weekly yet. Pretty soon, we’re getting further along in the expac and we’re going to start doing at least once a week like we did do and maybe towards the end bi-weekly again. Keep you guys informed on what’s going on and updated with everything on the expac before it comes out.”

GM #145 on the 20th August finally revealed the 9th mastery - the Oathkeeper

and after a lot of fun with the guess the class combo names thread Evil_Baka finally guessed them all correctly.

And GM #146 showed off Virtue’s Light - an Oathkeeper Legendary set to try and get your grubby little paws on. :wink:

And skills seen so far:

Stream of 14th September started off with some more new music from Skewsound.

Aegis of Menhir skill
So at the base level of the skill you’re actually only going to hit one target. But once you get that first modifier - extra. I don’t think we could make a shield mastery without a skill like this one, it’s too much fun. There’s a reason a certain character in a previous stream was called Captain America. Sure, just a coincidence.

The second modifier though, not only adds retaliation to the skill, but also gives it a chance to reset its cooldown. Sort of like Ulzuin’s Chosen. And the transmuter for those of you interested in going on the Dreeg side of things, you can make this the Aegis of Thorns increasing the retaliation damage bonus and converting the fire damage to acid. And of course it changes the visual.

Tickerai : oathkeeper + nightblade with shield?
Don’t see why not. I mean, there’s a certain modifier on a certain that turns the Oathkeeper’s Vire Might cold so, why not?

princexavier123: so transmuters change skill effect colors now?
Not all transmuters do. It’s kind of a case by case basis as we have time to do it and how easy it is to do. This one was pretty doable, it’s based on one of the previous skill’s tech so we could just swap out the projectile with no problem.

AngryMoustache: how many targets can the shield hit max?
If you maxed it out you can get up to 5 targets. But there are item modifiers that can push that further. In fact I think the set, yes, the Oathkeeper’s class set actually adds 2 more targets to that. So, how about that - 7 targets.

AngryMoustache: does first target always take more damage than the ricochets?
No the damage is full across all targets.

rainbow_pencils: why its green?
Because I did a transmuter

FicWader: @CrateEntertainment I may have come late, are there shield wps procs? like Defense in TQ?
There are. We haven’t actually gotten to them yet, so you’re not late.

wasabimousse: @CrateEntertainment any new minion in expac?
Tell us what you mean by minion. If you mean by summons, summons pets there’s at least 2 - might be 3. Well, we’ll get to the Oathkeeper summons in a bit, although they’re not pet scaling.

So that’s just Aegis of Menhir. We’ve got a whole skill tree here to look at, although I’m not sure I’m going to show you all of it. Do you guys deserve to see all this coolness in one go?

kakikakeks: Will we see some new skill modifiers for skills of old masteries?
Of course, because there’s going to be new gear. That gear will not only support the new Oathkeeper mastery, it will also support the existing classes and you’re going to see all sorts of new modifiers, new sets around existing abilities. There should be some interesting cool stuff.

gilavar: so it got 2 ultimate skills?

Yes, it has two exclusive skills.

leozar94: Did the beta testing for fg already begin ?
So. Most of the expansion at this point is actually still in internal testing and the closed testing group has for the last few weeks had access to the Shattered Realm game mode which they’ve been playing through for a while. We’ve made some additions which has got us a lot closer to release date like it’s almost, almost feature complete now. So they’ve been playing kinda through it like the alpha stages up and up, I’d say now it’s in beta and soon it will be feature complete. They’ve seen it from it’s bare bones state all the way up to it getting cooler and cooler and there’s still more to come if there’s any playtesters in here. So right now the Shattered Realm game mode is up to I think 21 unique floors and we’re still adding more, there’ll be more boss floors so it’s getting there. And it’s getting awesome.

eGaNeOn3590:I s Oathkeeper the only new Mastery?
Yes. Effectively each mastery we add is an exponential increase in the amount of work it requires to implement. Not only are we having to account for every previous mastery that came out and it’s synergy with it, but we have to make more items, then we have to make old items work with the new mastery and eventually it’s going to get out of control. In fact it’s getting kinda ridiculous already.

rebel7254 : no picking up shattered souls plz, add them to counter automatically
So I have something to tell you about that. We actually changed that mechanic since we showed it to you guys. So what happens now in the Shattered Realm - and this is something we’ll actually talk about in an upcoming Development Update when we give you guys kind of a rundown of everything that’s coming to the feature complete Shattered Realm - currently every monster you kill actually increments the bar and occasionally monsters will drop shattered souls and those souls not only fill the bar more, they also give you a power up. So regular mobs have a chance to drop these souls, hero mobs always drop them and nemesis bosses drop like a super powered one. So it’s no longer about collecting souls to fill up the bar. The bar will fill up inevitably, but the souls are kind of a boost to do it faster and help you kill things faster and die less.

JAB64: @CrateEntertainment do you fear the possibility that people will always avoid nemesis bosses?
I think that should be a strategic choice, nemesis bosses will give you a pretty potent power up. And they’re actually going to be nerfed from their baseline stats. Kind of like in the Crucible they don’t have as much health and they won’t do as much damage.

So the next things I’m going to show you are the two weapon pools skills for the Oathkeeper. The first one’s called Smite. It actually works with any weapon combination but when you hit with a shield it hit with both the shield and weapon.

FicWader: @CrateEntertainment new rooms for Crucible? based on new tilesets?
I’m not sure. We’ll think about it. We might add one post release, we’re definitely not adding one at release. The current variety though is pretty good and I’m not sure how different we could make other layouts in an interesting way.

AngryMoustache: do these work with ranged?

anathema2741: new rogue-like someday for FG? or is 4 enough?
First off, 4 is probably enough and the endless dungeon, the Shattered Realm, is actually pretty good alternative for that. Not to mention that we’re adding the challenge layers which I’ve talked about in an earlier Update and that actually makes existing rogue-like dungeons much more interesting.

kyleblake92: Does the Oathkeeper going to have any healing skills>
Sort of.

darkblade305: I have one, prefer the old Main Menu Screen. ¿Can I in future choose between Menu Screen? And ¿Same for Load Screen?. We need more Load screens. PLS
I hear you guys on the main menu swap. I’m not sure how likely that is to happen because it’s kind of a lot of feature for something we need the programmers to spend time on other things. I can’t really promise you that. We’ll think about it because it does seem to come up a lot. Loading screens though are randomised. It’s going to cycle between Occultist, Ashes of Malmouth aether lady and Forgotten Gods dude.

PeredurJoL: is there a release date for the xbox version of the game?
The Xbox version is coming along. I will tell you that it will almost certainly come out after Forgotten Gods. The reason for that is that it would make sense, most likely, what we’ll do is actually make the Xbox version a bundle of all expansions and the base game. That way there’s not going to be any fragmenting of the community on the console versions.

Don’t riot yet. The second one is called Shattering Smash. This one is a shield only technique. It’s pretty fun because it’s an AoE. You hit the ground with your shield and send a shock wave forward. This works similarly to Upheaval where it hurts the initial target and then sends that cone that hurts the target and everyone behind it.

alex99999213: Are we gonna get patch before expac?
Probably. I’m not sure how we’ll do the release schedule on that, but patch is going to be a balance patch. It is going to come probably before, or shortly before, the Forgotten Gods expansion is released and that’s going to apply to all versions of the game: base game, Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods.

Overbuilt_Gaming: Any update on the 3 difficulties in campaign? You mentioned a few dev streams ago you were going to suggest a way to the team to improve on it.
No headway on that yet, because there are other priorities that we are focussing on, mainly the Shattered Realm features. As I said I do have an idea for how we could streamline it a little bit, but that has to be reviewed by the programmer and see how doable it’s going to be. How many issues it’s going to create because our concerns are regarding skipping difficulties in regards to attribute and skills rewards from quests. And we can’t simply throw those away because certain characters have already done it and can’t give you more because those characters would then have more. And actually editing quests is also kind of a mess. If we change quests too much it creates an issue where quests can end up wiped from your quest log and then we have to come up with a way to restore them and it can be a mess. Which is why it’s complicated challenge.

Ram_111: aether ray getting buffed in balance patch?
Yes, we have taken a look at Aether Ray. It has been reviewed not only for the base skill to help you make the levelling smoother, but is also getting an upgrade to many of its skill modifiers on gear.

RoyJesen: any pack planned with all dlc included ?
I think down the line that’s pretty likely, like a GotY edition or something. It’s kinda weird how people call it the Game of the Year Edition like did you actually get nominated for that? Oh well, seems to be the standard.

Mizzajl: @CrateEntertainment any new “default attack replacer” with oathkeeper?
I do see that question come up a lot. Does the Oathkeeper have an auto attack replacer? And the answer to your question is yes. Righteous Fervour - functions mechanically similar to Savagery, but has that little bit of Retribution to go with it. But that’s not good enough for Crate Entertainment. We’re not going to just give you an attack replacer, we’re going to give you an attack replacer that let’s you join Dreeg. So if you take Dreeg’s Reproach you’re going to turn that physical damage to acid and that fire damage to vitality. You’re getting to attack replacers for the price of one.

GSkillful: will there be an 64 bits version of the game?
kakikakeks :@CrateEntertainment is there more information about the x64 bit version for internal testing which showed up on the launcher?
That’s kind of a funny thing. So we implemented that for internal testing and the playtesters are actually playing on the x64 version of the game now and for some reason Steam wouldn’t let us set it for data only. It had to be available to all of you so we had to say like internal test only. So whenever one of you tries to launch it nothing happens because you literally don’t have the key to do so, but yes at this point the x64 version is in a pretty good state. I think it’s very likely that it’ll be added to the PC version with the next patch. It’s all up to Rhis to decide whether all the bugs are ironed out and last I checked it was pretty good, pretty stable.

gilavar: acid seems off the theme with OK
Depends on how you look at it I guess. I suggest you read our preview of the Oathkeeper mastery because that is actually exactly what we were going for when we came up with this mastery. We kinda though like acid could use more skill options, but a shield mastery is kind of a logical next step. So how do we combine those two things. And then of course there’s the Paladin theme we really like, and then it hit us. Paladins in the traditional sense are holy warriors, but Paladins as seen in the past kind of depends on which god you’re worshipping so that’s how we came up with the Oathkeeper design. Like Oathkeepers are bound to the gods, but it really depends on which god you’re worshipping. If you worship Empyrion then you might be a righteous holy warrior sending fire down upon your enemies. But if you bind yourself to the Witch Gods that’s a different story and that’s how we get all this acid theme where you bind yourself to Dreeg, the Great Guardian.

CockRockin: @CrateEntertainment do some devotion procs get the percentage retaliation damage treatment?
Yes, Targo’s Hammer, Autumn Boar. Yes, you’ll see retaliation damage being added to several devotion procs.

snowmanplayer123: will there be an impact with Kymon’s Chosen and the Order if you choose the oathkeeper? like there is with the Necromancer for example , where the Chosen just ignore your offer.
We might do some extra dialogue for Kymon’s Chosen with Oathkeepers as they’re kind of on the religious side of things, but Oathkeepers - given their variance in who they worship - don’t really have the same kind of stigma with the Necromancers as an Inquisitor would. And likewise Kymon’s Chosen wouldn’t see them as bad for the same reason.

Is Consecration like Might of the Boar?
Yes, it is. As long as you have Righteous Fervour you will have Consecration.

BadWolfLive: @CrateEntertainment the game has rogue-like dungeons, crucible, and soon shattered realm, as 3 forms of end game. do you guys design them so that each mode is best at farming a certain thing(and if so, could you elaborate?) or do you guys not think about that?
No, we do think about that. We want to make sure that each one is viable for some reason or another. Rogue-like dungeons have the guaranteed drops, they’re not as difficult to run as high levels of the Crucible, they have those monster infrequents - guaranteed drops of those - and coming in Forgotten Gods are unique item sets across the 4 rogue-like dungeons. You will not be able to get that set anywhere else unless you farm rogue-like dungeon final bosses.

Likewise, Crucible I think is kind of cemented as the proving ground and it has lucrative drops if your character’s geared. I don’t think that’ll go away and Shattered Realm - it scales in difficulty much more than Crucible ever will, but in return it had that unique item set. It has the most powerful rune augments and again rune augments you should read about in our previous update, that’s how you get your new movement skills in Forgotten Gods.

morpheus____ :@CrateEntertainment can you tell us more about the release date?
Yeah, that question’s been coming up over and over and what I’m going to tell you guys is that we’re actually going to be pushing the expansion back to quarter one 2019. Probably not the answer people wanted to hear to that question. There are a couple of reasons for that: We want more time to keep our Crate Entertainment quality bar high. The expansion has gotten really big as is our standard, as you can imagine. So once again a big expansion with way too much stuff, and just as we went through things in internal testing we weren’t really fully happy with them as they were and given that we have that option to extend the deadline - we’re not bound to publisher due dates here - so we thought why stick to what we think is okay, when we know we can do better. So we’re actually revising some of the areas we built, we’ve had some animations that needed revising so yes, sorry, going to come out quarter one 2019, not 2018. Official. It’s not coming this year.

tuftyfella: when its ready is always the best answer, so no problem
When it’s ready is always the best answer and I agree and that is precisely what our goal is here. We want to give you guys the best experience for your money. We want to give you the best we can do and that’s why we want to give ourselves more time. Again, we’re not beholden to publisher deadlines. We have that option and we’re going to use it.

Okay, I’ll show you whirlwind. But it’s not known as whirlwind, it’s called the Eye of Reckoning. The programmer has gone behind the scenes and implemented the whirlwind ability. The seventh movement type skill in the game. And it’s exclusive to the Oathkeeper mastery and one relic. Eye of Reckoning requires a melee weapon as you can guess. It works with every weapon set: dual wield, two-handed. Whoa, whoa, whoa, you guys are getting too excited. You have no idea how cool this gets. You think this is it? This is all the Eye of Reckoning is? Well, let me show you what the Eye of Reckoning is. Now it’s modifier Soulfire adds a little bit of a twist to the standard whirlwind formula. Yeah, that’s the Eye of Reckoning guys. I told you the Oathkeeper had some really cool stuff. How do you make spin to win better? By adding more spins. Eye of Reckoning guys. You got your whirlwind - and then some.

FicWader: @CrateEntertainment you said the level cap will be “similar” instead of “same” … does that mean my decked out characters will need to get new max level versions of sets to stay strong in cruci / shattered realm??
Um, how do I answer that question? How many spoilers do I give you guys today. Since I’ve given you guys quite the spoiler already here, the level cap is not changing, it’s staying at 100. We felt that having to recollect all that gear you’ve already had on all your favourite characters just so it could be 10% stronger kind of a sucky feeling this late into the game. So what we’re giving you instead is tons more new gear to hunt for, we’re giving you new movement skills to hunt for and we’re giving you a new game mode to push those characters to the limit. And you’ll be able to earn skill points and attribute points through quests and through the Shattered Realm. So no level cap increase in Forgotten Gods.

lastdinosaurt: will you lvl up in shattered realm or you have to do it otherwise?
The Shattered Realm does grant you xp, I think time will tell if we decide it’s the most effective way to do it or not. From the playtesting phase we’ve actually rewritten the xp formula for the Shattered Realm 3 times now. I think I’m happy with it now, we’ll have to do more testing. The idea is you get a reasonable amount of xp, but not like an excessive amount like it’s the only way to play if you want to level alt.

bleezip: What’s been your favourite thing working on Grim Dawn as a whole? Sorry if that’s been asked before.
If I had to say just one thing I would say the devotion system. That was one of the biggest challenges that I’ve had to face from a design perspective. And turned out, I would say, pretty satisfying. I am very proud of how the devotion system turned out.

So the Guardian of Empyrion is a player scaling pet and it looks like this. But why have one? But that’s not enough. You can’t just have a pet that slashes things, that’s so typical. We also have the Celestial Presence on this pet. And yes, that is an actual cleave. So this pet gets an aura that hurts your enemies, reducing their resistances and any damage that aura steals is converted to health for you, the player. AND some of you might have noticed there’s a transmuter on this pet. Yes, you can make it the Scion of Dreeg.

Caerbae: I sure hope that also delivers reflect damage to the player via a glitch
I mean, it’s not a glitch. The pet is an extension of you so any damage it does is effectively your damage so that’s why reflects works that way on pets that scale with you.

Iceberg_: will there be a way to make those permanent ?
Not permanent, but there will are skill modifiers that help you make them last longer and you get more of them too out of one. Item modifiers increase duration. How many of them can be summoned? How short can you get the cooldown.

At release Forgotten Gods is adding 12 new sets.

crackedlocks: Will there be MI gloves with modifiers? Surely…
We are not actually adding glove monster infrequents. There will however be some new crafting recipes for you to find for legs and for gloves.

Flavourius: can we see one of the 2 exclusive buffs now? enough questions for now @CrateEntertainment
Top it is, Divine Mandate. This exclusive deals physical and fire damage.

PeredurJoL: where in gd world does the expansion starts?
It starts in any of the major hubs: Malmouth, Homestead, Devil’s Crossing, witch coven, because you will actually use a portal to take yourself to where the Korvan Basin is located, the land of the lost Korvan people.

rebel7254: bring spirit guide back to devil’s crossing please, and put inventor in all hubs.
Doesn’t really make sense thematically to bring the Spirit Guide back to Devil’s Crossing. However, in Forgotten Gods quest hub you’ll have access to every single NPC all in one place.

snowmanplayer123: Will we get access to the area east of Devil’s Crossing? the area with the broken bridge
I think you’re talking about south of Devil’s Crossing and the answer is actually no. There are several reasons for that, the biggest one is camera. For me going south on camera kinda sucks. And in terms of story it didn’t quite make sense. When we were actually working on Ashes of Malmouth originally, when we were still scoping out exactly where it can take place in the world, how it’s going to flow the story actually had you go south first to meet the witches and then go way, way north to Malmouth. But actually it kinda sucked to play that way, it felt kinda disconnected so it felt much smoother to progress north and then up, up further north and that’s how we ended up with Ashes of Malmouth.

IMayBackstab: @CrateEntertainment any plans to assimilate some of these inventory/stash mods for a 5 or 10 dollar fee? Your players would be happy to spend that while also not splintering the player base as much with mods
I mean the people who have created these utilities for you guys have done them from their own free will for free and us basically taking that and charging money for it seems very unfair to them. And from our development perspective we have design decisions for why the bags are limited as they are. It is not just arbitrarily limited to screw you guys over, there are genuine reasons why that isn’t the case. But for those of you who want more stash space, that is why we allow modding and that is why you can use those utilities so you can have as much space as you want and because they work outside of the game they don’t splinter the player base. You can’t only play with people who use GDStash or GDIA, like you can play with everybody.

Thewordbearer: will there be a chaos based auto-attack replacer? cos chaos need some love
Right, I’m in a good mood so I’ll show you something. Look at all that gear. All that loot. Your question was do you get a chaos attack replacer? Now, caveat right now, this gear is work in progress, the art is obviously not finished. If anybody judges this gear for how it looks Rah’Zin’s Armour.

rebel7254: yay, specific loot will be harder than ever to find
So I have two things to say to you regarding that. First off, as we did in Ashes of Malmouth when we added more loot, we are increasing the drop rates to compensate for the increased loot variety. And one of the features being introduced in the Forgotten Gods for the inventor NPC is called the set transmuter. A transmutation. So you will be able to take a set piece and turn it into either another random set piece or a random set piece from the same set. Effectively you’re reducing your risk of getting a duplicate significantly. You get a duplicate, that’s great you can turn it into another set piece or entirely new sets.

Flavourius: @CrateEntertainment What happened to Korvaak’s mythical relic skill?
It’s been replaced, it’s no longer a charged skill. That’s been relegated to a new rune augment. And I’m going to show you so you can see for yourself.

Sauroc: are you also removing chaos strike from riftstones?
Yes. So just like with um, the Korvaak Deception relic, the riftstone is also going to lose it’s mobility skill, it’s going to get a chaos aura instead.

mauric1us: i want to see what Ascension does. Will it make your char bigger ?
You must be referring to how Possession used to work during beta. There’s a reason why it doesn’t exist any more because it was buggy as hell and kinda sucky. It made your character so big you couldn’t fit through doorways. It had issues where the visuals wouldn’t stay if you transitioned through the door like a transition to a dungeon. Or you’d get stuck permanently, but your character had already shrunk. It had so many problems it just wasn’t working out.

rainbow_pencils: Wii characters cap (50, right) increased? So many items and builds…
You’re referring to the Steam Cloud character cap? Um, unfortunately we can’t increase that. That is actually a file limit that is set by Steam for cloud save. Quite simply if we let you make any more characters than 50 you are going to go over the character limit and your save files are going to get corrupted. Which is a bad thing. So unfortunately we can’t increase that cap for Steam Cloud. If you want unlimited characters I recommend switching to local saves and then you can have as many as you want.

apouche_: how do you split your workload? do you work exclusively on GD? you probably have other projects going on as well. How many Crate employees currently working on GD?
I work exclusively on Grim Dawn. I have at times stepped out to assist with our other project, but those are like a little temporary thing to help out on a specific design goal. Right now my focus is entirely on Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods, post release of Forgotten Gods. In terms of other projects we do have a project that Medierra is spearheading, he’ll let you know about that when he’s ready. It is pretty cool, visually looks awesome and the mechanics are almost getting to that release state. I’ll let him talk to you about what it is exactly and whether I work on that more later we’ll see, but we do have some other projects in mind that we’ll probably start ramping up in the future. And we’ll talk about those when they exist, because right now they don’t.

How many people are working on Grim Dawn? Let’s see, artists, programmers, 7 people are involved in Grim Dawn.

l3vwa: Please add official Russian localization
Localisations are actually handled by the community. I believe there is a Russian one and if you want to improve it you can talk to those guys and help them out.

FreezardB: any info on how retribution added to attacks will work?
It’s very straightforward. You take your retribution damage and take a percentage of it after being modified by your percent retaliation bonuses.

Plasmastrike67: Word on the streets of Cairn is that Aether Ray is being touched upon. Care to give us a taste of what is in store?
It’s getting a buff to it’s modifier, it’s getting a buff to it’s base skill, it’s getting a buff to how fast it activates, it’s getting a buff to how fast it rotates and getting a buff to item skills modifiers. I think it’s getting a buff, I think that’s kinda the summary here.

bigpapabear888: will existing masteries keep movement skills (nightblade/soldier)?
Yes, existing masteries will keep their movement skills. In fact the Oathkeeper gets one of the new ones. The rush mechanic - and that’s going to be the last skill I show you today. Vire’s Might. Volcanic Stride. But why just charge something when you can charge something and leave it on fire along the way. Tectonic Shift reduces the cooldown.

SkyllaSkylla: i hope that whirlwind will be somehow available as a movement skill for other masteries
It will actually be on a relic.

Dorkanaut: does your shield block chance change when the shield is thrown?

Sa10_nephalem: are you going to add retaliation damage to skill in other masteries as well?

SlamDeath: Will Oathkeeper and Soldier be the tankiest tank of all the tanky tanks in tankland?
I think that trophy might be disputed between Warder and Oathkeeper/Soldier or Warlord. Not sure yet which one’s going to win.

kaibamon: ever considered adding a pet/companion/minion alongside your character?
Um, there’s these little crystals you can get in Ashes of Malmouth and the Wisp you can get from the collector’s edition.

anathema2741: what about retaliation damage added to attack to component skills, like shield slam and brutal shield slam?
Yes, to one of them.

MrT3k: What about the transmuter of the mobility skill
Volcanic Might. That adds a knockdown effect and makes it more fiery. Because you always need more fire.

Vorx002: what will be the theme of next GM
The Oathkeeper, so you guys had a bit of a spoiler for what’s coming on Monday.

bigpapabear888: one last time asking: Will there be a transmuter for the whirlwind skill for 2-h weapons that gives increase damage/reduced mana/whatever?
That is actually on my if needed add later list and it’s going to be determined later. I’m not convinced it’s necessary. If it is then it’s something we can potentially add during testing.

Tactics777: When will Oathbreaker class be available on grimtools?
When we are happy with it to the point that it is releasable and it’s not changing much any more, because you know everything you’ve seen today could change, then we might tell Dammit to let it out there on grimtools for you guys to mess with. Just like we did with Ashes of Malmouth release we told Dammit he could open up grimtools ahead of time, we’ll probably do that same thing again. Give him the go ahead so you guy can play around with all the items, all the new skills before Forgotten Gods actually releases.

alex99999213: Are there gonna be support for chaos casters?
New itemisations, yes.

The stream in on youtube:

GM #147 also covered the Oathkeeper mastery skills.

GM #148 showed off some of the new Legendary items coming our way in the expansion.

Not too new many spoilers for GD in this stream of the 5th October, but there were spoilers. More on those later.

shiningdarklight :can the oathkkeepr wield 2 hand?
Zantai_GD :all sorts of reasons why you would and could with oathkeeper cause it’s awesome

thechargingrhino64 :Like how much of FG would you say has been completed so far percentage wise?
Zantai_GD :less than enough to ship this year

Mister_Myst :where do you get the runic augments and how early can you apply them? got here a little late
Zantai_GD :the basic runes you can get after completing the Forgotten Gods intro. More powerful runes are drops, and legendary runes are only from the Shattered Realm

DenisMashutikov : @Zantai_GD Is probability to hit equation from combatformulas.dbr correct? Calculations doesn’t equal with ingame values with high difference AO and DA (over 100 pth)
Zantai_GD :the formula is correct cause it’s literally the same one typed into the game

Vorx002 :is there gonna be movie intro ? like aom ?
Zantai_GD :we are not planning an intro for FG

Seltsamuel :Can we still break the speed of sound by spinning and winning?
Zantai_GD :no

anathema2741 :Are rune drops soulbound, or can you put them in the shared stash to trade between your characters?
Zantai_GD :runes drop as blueprints so you can craft them across all characters

leroyrobenson31 :What was the base design concept for oathbringer? Where’d you get inspiration from?
Zantai_GD :base design concept? we knew we wanted to make a shield mastery and make it some kind of divine warrior, but not in the traditional sense. We also wanted to fill gaps with acid damage abilities in particular, but an evil dreeg knight probably wasn’t going to sit well with most people, so we created the duality of holy warrior and transmuters to make it worship dreeg

leroyrobenson31 : @Zantai_GD makes sense. How are you handling the line between offensive/defensive, making sure it’s not immortal but that the class is capable clearing well enough?
Zantai_GD :we spin the balance wheel till it’s good

drazac :will patch be release close to the release of Forgotten Gods, or will it be release in this year
Zantai_GD : will probably fall next year, but we’ll see

DaNearable :will there be another 2 new classes like in the last expansion?
Zantai_GD :we’re doing 1 class this time around

DenisMashutikov : @Zantai_GD Will we see new components?
Zantai_GD :we are not adding any more components. Game has too many as it is

leroyrobenson31 : @Zantai_GD is GD the only title you guys are working on at the moment?
Zantai_GD :no, we are working on another project

snowmanplayer123 :will we be able to play the Shattered Realm with more people in the same session?
Zantai_GD :yes you can do the shattered realm in MP

rebel7254 :Zantai, but you’re adding new rare mats right? for the transmute option and other things perhaps?
Zantai_GD :yes, new crafting mats are coming

elematictv :New Pets coming too? plus a instant aggro button for all pets ^^?
Zantai_GD :new item pets are coming. No instant aggro setting

WacPheonix :Have you considered placing a counter for Health/Mana potions somewhere, so they don’t take up quickbar space? Since you can use them with dedicated buttons.
Zantai_GD :we did consider having potion counters, but editing this UI is notoriously messy

jalex3 :can you get the new mats with the salvage option
Zantai_GD :yes you can get the new mats rarely from salvaging

Flintler :will there be a greater rif— err… shattered realm leaderboard?
Zantai_GD :no plans for a leaderboard as we don’t have an online service

Swingingthesalt :will the pet framework be modified in fg or will it remain the same?
Zantai_GD :we are not making any UI changes. Not sure what changes pet framework would even need

dave45788 : @CrateEntertainment since there are coming 12 new sets and 200 legendaries in FG, any slight chances to drop rates or they gonna stay ??
Zantai_GD :we are increasing drop rates proportionally to number of new items

FreezardB :so are runes recoverable? say I get a godly rune from a shattered realm run and I put it on a medal, can I use that on another medal later?
Zantai_GD :you cannot recover runes. You can recraft them

shiningdarklight :can u reduce the cooldown of shield throw?
Zantai_GD :yes you can reduce its cooldown, the 2nd mod also has a chance to reset it

kobrao : @Zantai_GD does the spin skill works with assassin blades skill ?
Zantai_GD :you can bind whatever you want to Eye of Reckoning

dave45788 : @CrateEntertainment we get a penalty or less loot when dying in shattered realm ??
Zantai_GD :if you die, the clock takes a hit. If clock runs out, you miss bonus loot

kobrao : oh and hows the internal testing of the 64 bit version going ^^ does it bring some fps improvements @Zantai_GD
Zantai_GD :I don’t expect the 64bit version will improve performance for most people

Vorx002 : how to claim the bonus loot ?
Zantai_GD :finish before the clock runs out

drazac : Originally, you have planed to release the expansion in Q4 2018, which means, release date sometime between September and end of December. From this point onward, that is almost 90 days. When you said you are pushing back the release to 2019, why is the release Q1 of 2019, which can be anytime from January to the end of March, which is another 90 days… why such a huge gap? Could you just specify date, say, February of 2019>
Zantai_GD :we felt that aspects of the expansion needed to be revised/improved and we are in a position financially (and free of publishers) to make such a call rather than shipping something we are not satisfied with
drazac :can you tell what aspects of the game needed to be revised?
Zantai_GD :certain regions in the expansion, animation stuff
Medierra :basically I went to playtest it and I flipped out and said everything needed to be redone. It’s coming together but it hasn’t reached baller status yet

FreezardB : so this scales infinitely right? I’m sure that’s been mentioned a million times but my memory is failing me
Zantai_GD :the dungeon scales effectively forever, eventually stuff will just get too crazy strong

kobrao : @Zantai_GD is this mode hardcore friendly (I missed reading some misadventures)
Zantai_GD :yes, it is hardcore friendly. Every shard you defeat you can opt out to grab loot. So if you felt that the shard you just did was too crazy…well maybe grab loot instead of going to next one

Dephness : what’s a shard?
Zantai_GD :a shard is a portion of the dungeon

rebel7254 : so Chunk 4 is just a boss. all shards have 3 floors and a 4th with boss?
Zantai_GD :yes, 3 chunks then a boss level

DemonikCurse : @Zantai_GD wasn’t it 4 chunks then boss? or changed it?
Zantai_GD :it was 4, it is now 3

Cence99 : why did you guys code your own engine instead of using an existing one (Unity)?
Zantai_GD : because the tq engine was already an arpg? Whereas the unity engine is not?
Cence99 : but you created the engine specifically for TQ & later GD?
Zantai_GD : yes, the engine was created for tq

Simpumba : Do you guys pay a company to make your ambience, or do you have some audio people who do it?
ShadowDweller_TV :What about sound effects? Some abilities could use a refreshment, imo.
Zantai_GD :we outsource our music to skewsound

Crank9000 : @Zantai_GD Anything in the new xpack that warrants waiting for it before starting a new game?
Zantai_GD :um, that’s up to you

rebel7254 : Does Veteran have any impact on Shattered Realm?
Zantai_GD :veteran would make it harder

ShadowDweller_TV :@CrateEntertainment So the current auras remain the same on-off sounds wise? Just confirming for myself.
Zantai_GD :we’re not adding more aura sounds

rebel7254 : by spawning more heroes like it does in campaign, right? enemies don’t actually hit harder or anything
Zantai_GD :enemies are stronger on veteran

CepheidSauron : How much more can this engine be pushed?
Zantai_GD :any engine can be pushed as far as you’re willing to dedicate programmers. Just look at unreal
Medierra :At this point, the limit is the existing game / content, not the engine. So we could potentially keep the engine and totally update it if we went on to make a totally new game with it.

kobrao : @Zantai_GD are we gonna get a new augment for like 12% - 15% chaos res ?
Zantai_GD :there is a chaos resist augment coming, yes

ShadowDweller_TV :Is the aiming on Arcane Currents’ waves working correctly? I’ve seen them attacking the ground before the targets.
Zantai_GD :that means the target was too far from the wave. The alternative is they just don’t cast at it
Medierra: We were limited in how much we could update the render when we re-wrote it because it would break existing art

drazac :will item conversion change the colors of spells, Green Doom bolt (Chaos to Acid/Poison)?
Zantai_GD :no, conversion changing spell colors is done on a case-by-case basis, so it would take a really long time

ChthonicSonic : @CrateEntertainment How many maps for The Shattered Realm so far?
Zantai_GD :27 maps so far + boss levels

zzzi :are there new waves for crucible in FG? imagine lokarr or john bourbon as crucible wave lul
Zantai_GD :we are not adding new crucible waves, 170 is plenty. We might add FG mobs to the existing waves

droblit : @CrateEntertainment how do we get skill points in SR?
Zantai_GD :you can earn some skill points in the Shattered Realm on ultimate difficulty by progressing far enough

Ramidi_PC :is the new expansion going to have more shrines?
Zantai_GD :yes, there will be more shrines

GeneralChaosZ : @CrateEntertainment Will Nemesis mobs have a chance of appearing in the Shadow Realm?
Zantai_GD :yes, nemesis bosses can spawn here. Nemesis bosses are nerfed here, yes. Less health/damage

faust_wither :but we can just run from them right?
Zantai_GD:I mean, you can try

Seltsamuel :How many nemesis can spawn per area?
Zantai_GD :depends on the shard. 0 at first

snowmanplayer123 : @CrateEntertainment will the Gore & Bloody Pox spreading issue be fixed in FG?
Zantai_GD :what you describe is not going to change

Calamitysin :any retaliation buffs coming?
Zantai_GD :buffs? Retaliation is going to benefit from the new retaliation added to attack mechanic

anathema2741 :I wonder how many different damage types are represented among the different medal augment types. I’d really like an Aether leap slam
Medierra :FG adds 12 new damage types! It’s a smaller expansion, so we couldn’t budget as many new damage types as we wanted
Grava: Medierra’s trolling everyone.

Caerbae :the new ret to damage thing, which scaling will it use, or will it double dip?
Zantai_GD :it uses retaliation scaling, a portion of it is just added to the hit

Then we had the GD spoiler of the stream. Recognise her?

And him?

FiskeJR :Are there any plans for “closed online servers” like in D2?
Zantai_GD :no, that is something that would have needed to happen when the game was new

Zantai_GD :we’ve had some playtesters get beyond shard 75, though the really high shards were a little undertuned. I expect that dedicated players with top gear will probably peak in the 60-80 range

CepheidSauron :What’s the maximum stage you can get with this game type?
Zantai_GD :there is no theoretical max,but eventually things will just be too strong

FlamingX21 :do you need to be pro at maths to be as pro devs like you guys?
Zantai_GD :um, well being comfortable with math is certainly a plus depending on what your job is

xsychojoe : @CrateEntertainment How does the new expansion fit into the timeline? Does it come after Ashes of Malmouth?
Zantai_GD :in terms of canon, it would happen after AoM, but you can access it after Warden Krieg. It follows a different story thread

Quelex :Is AoM required for it?
Zantai GD: Yes

rygoukh :i have a question, will you further support grim dawn after the Expac? I mean, this game has a huge world and i would love to see more content in the future…Please keep at it, its an amazing game.
Zantai_GD :whether we do another expansion is going to be a financial decision as each expansion generally sells less than the previous. But we will still support the game with balance and possibly content patches

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @Zantai_GD In Malmouth dlc the drop rate for undenblooms are on the low side and the price for crafting armor with blooms are quite high. Will that be addressed in FG?
Zantai_GD :the drop rate of ugdenblooms was adjusted a long time ago and is in a good place. Run the Ancient Grove if you want a lot of them

zeehero94 :can you fight mazaan as a superboss?
Zantai_GD :no mazaan is not a boss

Grava then showed off the new whirlwind skill Eye of Reckoning and it’s synergy Soulfire.

Green1rain :how many new bosses are in Forgotten Gods?
Zantai_GD :new bosses? a lot

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @Zantai_GD Are there any new vendors?
Zantai_GD :new vendors? um, yes?

So that was it. A few new bits and pieces and now we know a little more. But if you were reading all the above, you’ll have noticed that Medierra popped in for part of the stream. And he did have spoilers - just not for GD. They were for the new project! Here’s what he revealed.

kobrao :hows new project going @Medierra
Medierra :I think we’re getting close to being able to show more / announce the new game but we don’t have a website / marketing art or anything else set up… so much peripheral stuff you have to do beyond just making the game

drazac :so is the new game a city builder, or is it a strategy with city building elements
Crank9000 :Has there been any info what genre the new game is? There was talk about some kind of RTS around year ago or so
Medierra :its a town-builder with an optional combat element

genericvillain :Is it confirmed that their new project has anything to do with grim dawn?
Medierra :new project is not related to Grim Dawn

CepheidSauron :Any new projects you guys are working this year, except for the expansion?
Medierra :“new” project, which is about 2 years old now, is a town-builder done in Unity though… then we’ll be starting something else soon

Cross fingers he gets all that peripheral stuff sorted out soon!

GM #149 showed us more about the 3 tier 3 constellations in FG.

And GM #150 has more info on the Shattered Realm and what you can expect if you’re brave enough to venture in there.

Stream of the 2nd November didn’t really reveal much, a few small spoilers in the chat text was about it. Though quite a few of us were very interested in an idea that came up during the chat. More on that at the end.

CepheidSauron : Is there a possibility for more lore on nemesis and perhaps loading screens featuring in game nemesis?
Chjees : With the lore it would be lovely if we got to know more of the possession process.

Greek_Feta_Cheese : have you guys ever toyed with the idea of a constellation that buffs or repurposes potions? @CrateEntertainment @Zantai_GD @MedeaFleecestealer
Zantai_GD : no, we have not toyed with that idea
MedeaFleecestealer : Greek_Feta_Cheese why the heck are you asking me? I’m not a Crate employee.

wylhelmien : why only one new class on the Xpac?
Zantai_GD : because each new class is exponentially more complicated than the last. it’s not just 1 new class, it’s really 8

snowmanplayer123 : also wouldn’t it be cool if Tenebris’s Scythe would have a higher chance to drop from Tenebris himself?
Zantai_GD : it would be cool and that’s how it has always worked

Greek_Feta_Cheese : @Zantai_GD can the damage of the movement skill abilities be converted ?
Zantai_GD : yes

kyleblake48 : @CrateEntertainment does throwing your shield impact your ability to block?
Zantai_GD : no, throwing the magical shield does not gimp you

vestrik : @CrateEntertainment @Zantai_GD when you will add ponies in game?
Zantai_GD : we are a strict anti-pony studio

ChthonicSonic : I understand the no-pony-policy, but where are the frickin dromedary?
Zantai_GD : where indeed

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD What’s the max range on the movement skills?
Zantai_GD : varies
Psyklone55 : varies between skills, or varies because they’re random-ish?
Zantai_GD : varies between skills

Chjees : Do you get reputation in this game mode?
Zantai_GD : no

Mullbub : is the whirlwind skill pure physical dmg?
adoomgod : @Mullbub pretty sure I can answer that since it was show-cased in a previous stream but no, not pure physical.

punkyzz_57 : Q : This mode is gonna be like the crucible or in the main campagn ?
Zantai_GD : it’s accessed through the main campaign

Goatkunslab :While using Whirlwind, are you still able to block attacks?
adoomgod : yes you can block while whirlwind
Zantai_GD : yes, you can block while doing Eye of Reckoning

KastaTD : @CrateEntertainment is it possible to cast instant skills (like War Cry or Blood of Dreeg) during Whirlwind?
Zantai_GD : you can’t cast other skills while channeling

EXTREMEGAMER29 : When do you expect to give us a release date roughly?
Zantai_GD : we’ll give you a release date when we decide it’s ready to release

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD Which of the new celestial skills (Azrakaa, Korvaak, Yugol) can be bound to (pseudo) pets?
Zantai_GD : azrakaa and korvaak

punkyzz_57 : How much Shard you got on this mode ?
Zantai_GD : as many as you can handle

Sinnfullduck : What do the shattered souls do for you?
Zantai_GD : fill the progress bar and empower you briefly

Mullbub : @Zantai_GD can you use these levels to lvl up your character? or why should you enter the realm?
Zantai_GD : you gain XP after beating a boss and when you cash out, just like crucible

creatorofworlds : @Zantai_GD Any enhancements to the modding tools we may see when FG releases?
Zantai_GD : what enhancements are you looking for
DenisMashutikov : Zantai, you still not answer about modding tool
Zantai_GD : I asked, what enhancements are you looking for with modding tools
DenisMashutikov : Zantai, i ask: simple copy assets for .msh for example
creatorofworlds : @Zantai_GD For the GD editor having the ability to break the asset and search panel out and have them on a second monitor while having a full screen world view on the first monitor would be fantastic!
Zantai_GD : the mod tools are the same tools we used to work

EXTREMEGAMER29 : Will we get a discount on FG if we have Malmouth @CrateEntertainment
Zantai_GD : why would there be a discount on a new expansion
EXTREMEGAMER29 : Some companies do that, so just wondering @Zantai_GD
Zantai_GD : I’m not sure which companies these are
snowmanplayer123 : talking about discounts , will FG be on a discount when it releases?
Zantai_GD : how about we double the price but discount it 50%
EXTREMEGAMER29 :Will there be a pre-order bonus?
Zantai_GD : we are not planning a pre-order bonus

DarkMilitant :do you already have any plans for when the release of the town builder, so your new project, shall be? I am already curious
Zantai_GD : yes, we have plans

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @Zantai_GD @CrateEntertainment Where did the inspiration come from to do the shattering?
Zantai_GD : players wanted some form of endgame dungeon so…here it is

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @Zantai_GD After release will you be updating The Shattering from time to time with new floors?
Zantai_G : possibly

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @Zantai_GD Does the shattering scale with your level?
Zantai_GD : of course

And the stream finished off with some more new music from Skewsound. So that was the stream this time around. But that idea I mentioned? Blizzcon being on at the same time as the dev stream sparked this.

najvus : Cratecon
FlamingX21 : Boston?
snowmanplayer123 : Cratecon next year
MedeaFleecestealer : YES
Sinnfullduck : I’d be at CrateCon
Mullbub : why does it have to be in US?
SlackerKing : Cratecon with Tri-Beer
kodos44 : I’ve been to Pax East so…YES!!!
najvus : i would travel around the world for Cratecon ofc!
snowmanplayer123 : I’d have to fly a continent to get there but i’d definitely come
MarxoneX : you have to promise something to people and they will come - for example Free Hat
Sinnfullduck : CrateCon in Vegas
Arnge : A big BBQ in Zantai’s back yard
snowmanplayer123 : rent a club for the night and call it CrateCon
ChthonicSonic : CrateCon is a secret level in the SR
TwstedTV : CrateCon - NYC 2019
MedeaFleecestealer : Tri-beers all round.
Crank9000 : Tri-grape juices for under aged
wylhelmien : will be hard to set a Cratecon since you guys release info and game when they ready to get out and not on set date with deadline! your compagnie would have to review their philosophie
najvus : i live about 8-9 hours by flight from the east coast ! still will be able to get to CrateCon
TwstedTV : 8 hours ? Boston is like 3 hours on AmTrak No way its 8 hours…LOL
Zantai_GD : lol yeah good luck getting medierra to travel somewhere else
anathema2741 : you can talk about grim dawn all day… and maybe a new project? wink wink at the hypothetical cratecon i mean
kyleblake48 : did you see the awesome cosplay of Uroboruuk set on the forums? we’d have more of that at CrateCON!

Just an idea so far, but let’s hope Crate decides to run with it some time in the not too distant future.

GM #151 showed another new monster type will be facing in the new expansion

GM #151 showed us some more new monsters we’ll be fighting.

GM #152 had yet more new items for us to find.

The stream of 7th December started off with some more new music from Skewsound.

So today I would like to talk to you guys about a few things that are coming up in Grim Dawn. One of them is the upcoming patch. Coming up very soon, we’ll talk about that later. The second is actually a highly requested feature that we finally got working recently and I’m going to show you a bit of those things today. Needless to say both the expansion and upcoming patch are going to be some exciting things for you guys.

ShotokanEditor : 64bit?
x64 bit is not coming with this patch. It’s almost ready, we still need to do some testing. I expect it’ll go up when the expansion goes up next year.

SkullFire58 : Is the feature in the patch or the expansion?
Yes. I’ve got two things to show you today, one of them is coming in the expansion. The other is coming in the next patch.

Seltsamuel : Will you show “testing boi”?
Testing boi was a retaliation character that I asked the playtesters to send me so I could have a look at those new …

For those that don’t know the next expansion is adding two new attributes to items and skills. The first is increased healing which affects potions, which affects your healing skills, which affects life steal, and the second one is retaliation damage added to attack. So imagine for example that you’ll throw a grenado and a portion of your retaliation damage will be added to the explosion. So while we were testing that stat I asked the playtesters to send me some of their characters so we could get a good for what kind of numbers we should be expecting from various build they could come up with.

Okay I’m going to jump in with this character who’s called Token Boy for some reason. So what am I doing with a level 2 character in a stream. You guys have seen this stuff before. What could possibly be exciting about a level 2 character?

JustTheVeryBest : What’s your favorite skill on Oathkeeper Big Z?
Aegis probably, Aegis of Menhir is probably my favourite.

DenisMashutikov : Will retaliation add to ranged shots too?
Well it depends on what build you come up with. There are actually retaliation modifiers on gear that apply to ranged stuff. Like there’s a rifle that definitely has retaliation added to attack.

So the reason I’m opening up this guy today, notice he’s on normal difficulty, nothing substantial, he’s level 2, got a mastery to select, there’s Oathkeeper, got 3 skill points, I’ve already spent his attribute points, but oh look. In my inventory are two new items we’re going to be introducing with the Forgotten Gods expansion. What are these items you might ask? They are Merits, similar to the Crucible, you now get to use these items in the main campaign. What they do is allow you to unlock higher difficulties on your new characters. So I’ve got a Champion’s Merit that unlocks Elite and I’ve got the Saviour’s Merit that unlocks Ultimate. And that means you immediately get access to new difficulties, you immediately get all of the attribute and skill point rewards that any quest on lower difficulties would have given you which means you don’t have to go back to Normal, you don’t have to go back to Elite, if you want to start on Ultimate you will immediately get those points. You will immediately get all of the inventory bags which you would have unlocked and you immediately get all of the riftgates on the lower difficulties. Boom! 4 more attribute points, 7 skill points. Just like that. Now if I go to the main menu and click this little thing here, oh look I’m level 2 going into Ultimate difficulty!

Thewordbearer : will we need to go to lower difficulties to get devo shrines?
And that is the other thing that comes with these tokens. In Forgotten Gods we are not only enabling every single shrine that is in the world on every difficulty in the game, we’re going to be adding new shrines to the world in places you haven’t before had shrines. And that means, if you go straight to Ultimate difficulty you will be able to get all 55 devotion points in one single playthrough. On top of that, with the upcoming patch we will be buffing the bonuses from Warrants, from Mandates and Writs so you can get your reputations up faster on your alts than ever before.

anathema2741 : how is the level scaling on ultimate at level 2?
Well, let’s take a look. Now I will warn you that anyone who’s going to play like this? It’s going to be hard. I would describe this as almost playing on players 8 in Diablo 2 back in the old days, but you’ll notice these enemies are actually scaled to my level. We’ve gone ahead and through Elite and Ultimate difficulties and updated these guys so they scale from one all the way up to max level. And yes, they hurt. They give a lot more XP, but they hurt. You’re going to get all the attribute and skill points like I said and you’re going to need them because this stuff is way harder than what you’re used to. I will point out, if you look at my resistances, they are in fact altered by the difficulty scaling.

Now where do you get these tokens you might ask next. And the answer to that is in the Forgotten Gods new quest hub. As soon as you unlock the new quest content in the upcoming expansion you’ll be to go right over to a vendor and buy as many of these as you want for every single one of your characters that you’re going to roll.

CrateEntertainment : We need to have the official HC Ultimate Crate survival challenge
We do need to have the official Hardcore Ultimate Crate survival challenge, preferably with alcohol because it’s going to take a lot of it.

szpila152 : there will be new nemesis ?

AZnEriC_ : when is the dlc coming out?
We are on track quarter 1 2019. However, that does not mean you have to wait for the upcoming patch. It’ll come before that and we’ll get into that later.

anathema2741 : hopefully poison themed
He’s got some green damage I would say.

mauric1us : quest also give increased co?
Well, quests on Elite and Ultimate already gave more XP than Normal so if you complete a quest on this difficulty you’re going to get a lot of levels right off the bat.

Plasmastrike67 : What other changes are coming to aar? Besides faster initial cast, turn speed increase?
More damage for one. We’re buffing both the base skill, we’re buffing it’s modifier and we’re going through all of the item skill modifiers and it’s received a lot of buffs. It feels a lot better now.

CrateEntertainment : Play some awesome music!
I can do that. So you might have seen some of our recent posts from Skewsound regarding some teasers for an upcoming patch. So in the upcoming patch we’ve finally gone back and we’ve realised that poor Loghorrean has been denied his track all this time and we decided to amend that. So coming up in the next patch, v1.0.7.0, Loghorrean is finally getting his boss music.

snowmanplayer123 : is PRM receiving any changes?
Yes, we’ve actually taken a look at PRM and it’s received some Quality of Life improvements.

nakainrimmel : Blade Trap buff?
Blade Trap is not receiving any major changes.

myhr2 : ho, one question, if you unlock the higher difficulties and then come back and do the quests in lower difficulties, how does it work? loot rewards instead of points?
The rewards are simply disabled. So where you would have received skill points, you do not. It’s as simple as that.

kenm130 : How is the xbox port progressing? Any updates?
I don’t have any major news for you in that regard. It is progressing, Rhis is working hard on that. It’s basically going through all the certification steps. Actually I think most recently it’s had some testing requirements which need to be done followed by more certification stuff. So it’s coming, it’s rolling.

wildarms2 : do we need to finish the game before we can unlock Ultimate or can we just start a new toon on Ultimate ?
You need at least one character on Ultimate difficulty to be able to buy the tokens, but after that any new characters you start can start in Ultimate right away.

Smaraud : wouldn’t it mean if u play 4 man lvl 1 on ult diff allmsot imposible to kill mobs as more players increase toughness ? of mobs
If you play 4 man level 1 on Ultimate difficulty it’s going to be tough, but not that tough.

myhr2 : and how does it work for Reputations? Say I go straight into Ultimate and befriend Anasteria, what happens if I go back to Normal?
The same thing that would happen if you do it on any other character. You achieve respect whatever choices you made on different difficulties and if you choose to stay on the same side you keep doing things the same way. If you choose to switch sides, it’s going to affect all the other difficulties as well and that’s how it’s always worked.

SkullFire58 : How about the Switch version?
I’m not sure that’s likely any time soon. Right now we’re focussing on the Xbox port. Whether we do any other ones in the future is really up to Medierra to decide where he wants to focus our resources. We don’t exactly have an infinite number of programmers and they’re very busy.

Alarius : so now basically we can do normal/veteran then jump straight into ultimate? @CrateEntertainment
You could even skip Normal/Veteran if you want. That’s your choice.

DenisMashutikov : Zantai, what about update Modding tools? I ever made topic with wish list on forum
You’re using the same tools we do and in general we are the lowest priority when it comes to putting new features into the game because we can endure it and you guys are getting the good stuff for actual gameplay. However, with the next patch we have actually updated the engine and it does now support PDS Max 2019 which means you do not need PDS Max 2012 any more if you want to make any models or animations.

Dragon_RW : Hi, will this engine still use a single core to do all processing?
That is a misconception. I am well aware that the engine is heavily based on one core, it does not however run on a single core, it never has. We’ve actually made improvements to that over the years and it utilises additional cores more than it does many years ago. Could that be improved? With infinite resources anything can be improved, but there are diminishing returns.

Smaraud : if i start lvl 1 on ult will we be able to see legendary loot right from start or still goes on lvl 50 only ?
The loot is still the same level. The legendaries are not going to drop before you’re level 50 just as before. It’s all working exactly as it is now, we’re not adding lower level versions of items.

apouche_ : have you established a price on newly expac?
Not final. I will tell you it’s going to be pretty comparable to Ashes of Malmouth. I think Ashes of Malmouth was pretty reasonably priced for what you guys got in it and Forgotten Gods is as big, if not bigger, in terms of content. It has a huge story chapter, it has the Shattered Realm, a new class, mobility skills, tons of new features like these tokens.

Speltidning : How about adding a keyword search function for constellations that highlights the search term?
I don’t know, that sounds pretty complicated. I guess we’ll see what we can do about that. Oh look, there is it. Coming up in the upcoming patch, patch 1.0.7 - which means the one coming sooner than the expansion - we are going to be adding a search function for the Devotion screen. Let’s take a look. Offensive. Every star that has offensive ability or offensive I guess will light up.

princexavier123 : I WILL PAY 20 USD JUST FOR THIS
Well good news for you, this is actually coming in the next patch which means you don’t need the expansion for it. We felt that this is a feature that has not only been highly requested by the community, but it’s actually going to be very useful for new players to get into the Devotion screen and feel less overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of it. If you can start searching for specific constellations, searching for specific stats, I feel that reduces the difficulty curve of trying to get into the thing.

dave45788 : @CrateEntertainment can you explain a bit why it was so complicated with that tokens ??
So, first off the game’s inherent balance is built around you progressing from Normal to Elite to Ultimate. So there were some concerns there that things might be too skewed in terms of difficulty, but ultimately we decided that if you’re going to be doing this you’re probably pretty experienced in the game already, you’ve already been on at least Elite difficulty so if you accept the risks, there you go.

The second thing though, and the bigger concern, was the fact that we have those attribute and skill point rewards on Normal and Elite. For most players at the very least they felt compelled to do those quests on Normal and on Elite difficult for every character. Which means, even if you rushed through the campaign all the way to Loghorrean you still had to do those along the way. And if we added something to allow you to skip difficulties if felt like you should actually be able to skip them, not have to go back to Normal and Elite just to do those quests so that added to the problem to be solved. However, we couldn’t just give you skill points, we had to account for the fact that some players might have already done those quests and that’s kinda what came into making this work. We had a variety of ideas on how to solve it and ultimately we came away with this one. It seemed the simplest and since it was feasible, it’s actually in the game. So now what these tokens do, as I mentioned before, will give you those attribute/skill point rewards and those quests simply don’t any more for those characters.

ShotokanEditor : I wanna find out what happened with the dauther of the mayor of Valbury
Stop by the Forgotten Gods area and maybe you’ll hear something about her.

apouche_ : where’s uroboruuk? this keeps messing up at nightsl
Stay tuned to Forgotten Gods and you may get some answers to that.

Matthew___A : all the answers are in FG but where is FG?
Next year, quarter 1 2019. Coming along well, turning out awesome. Some of the areas we’ve redone recently are looking epic and I look forward to having you guys jump in there as soon as we can.

Matthew___A : Korvak is an eldritch sun? Does that have something to do with the temple in FG?
Does it? Find out.

Plasmastrike67 : What will become of that spooky aetherial man we have the choice of rescuing in Theodin’s area?
Might be a while before we find out.

Zilthoid : @CrateEntertainment any plan to add a search/filter function to the crafting menu?
That unfortunately is a little more complicated than the Devotion screen was and we felt that this was a higher priority. I kept promising to look at getting that as a new feature maybe, but I think this is a much bigger deal. This is huge.

FlamingX21 : current skill points are 244, how many will be in Forgotten Gods in total?
I believe 3 or 4 more skill points given out through quests and the Shattered Realm.

DenisMashutikov : Zantai, will item transmutation save blacksmith bonus, or it will total reroll?
It will totally reroll, it basically makes a whole new item.

MillerThyme51 : can you increase the max level cap of monsters or increase the upper limit that can be faced for the level a player is at?
I’m not sure what the benefit of that would be. It would certainly make it harder, but we can adjust the difficulty in other ways for example with the challenge layers that we’re adding in Forgotten Gods.

apouche_ : you said you would increase legendary drop rate is that still true? and buy how much?
It is true, we are the legendary drop rate proportionally to the new legendaries we are adding. We felt that adding new legendary items shouldn’t penalise you from getting the things you want and the drop rates are accordingly improved. In addition to that we are adding the set transmutation feature or item transmutation and you’ll be able to complete all those sets terribly quicker than before. If you ever got a duplicate it’s not a total loss now.

mordecai_mike : Any chance we can get bonescavenger death grips to proc off of pet killing blows, or a chance on attack to proc the pets. I think it would be a good change for pet builds.
I’m sure certain pet builds would be very happy with that, but that is not the purpose of that item. That is to reward a more hybrid playstyle where you the summoner are actually contributing to the damage.

Kvikling : Will there be new relics? Specifically for vitality damage
You bet there will be new relics.

Herr_Wu : will it be possible to transmute the same item multiple times?

Caerbae : what is an ugdenbog flamethrower
Well, we’re still working on these items, but in addition to new monster infrequents from the new enemies you’ll be fighting in Forgotten Gods we’re actually going to be introducing some new monster infrequents to existing enemies. So Ugdenbog Flamethrower for example will drop as you’d expect in the Ugdenbog. And it is a new monster infrequent specific to Forgotten Gods.

Kvikling : Can you show item that alters the auto-attack skill of oathkeeper if there is one?

gokhusan : why can we assign all skills to right click but not left click?
Because left click is by default used to move you around so if you had a skill applied that casts on the ground, you wouldn’t actually be able to move around at all which is why we have it set up this way.

Innoruuk1988 : how many new modifiers in FG ?^^
Oh man, a lot. Let’s see. About 300.

apouche_ : will you make improvements to the soiled trousers? I still want to make its skill my main attack skill
We have actually looked at the Soiled Trousers at the request of Reddit and we have made some improvements to that skill.

anathema2741 : are we going to get a legendary pet ritualist set like the conjurer and the cabalist get?
I believe there is one, yes.

ResidentCeno : will you be making another feature comparison image for FG like you did with AoM? That came in handy.
It does comes in handy and we’ll probably have to do something like that because I do feel it was a good reference quickly and people like it. Look at all this stuff. It’s worth getting.

Xixii1 : Don’t You think that release date in next year ( witch was first planed at the end of this year ) is a big missed opportunity after enormous Diablo Immortal fiasco. and what plans are you having to advertise your game . because i thing this game is gr8 but lack proper advertisement.
I don’t think it’s a missed opportunity because we’re not going to release something before it’s ready. If we released Forgotten Gods now we would have to rush it and I have absolutely no intention of doing that. Nor do we have a reason to. And honestly what we need people that don’t like Diablo Immortal to do is pick up the base game because they haven’t yet and then when they pick up the base game they’ll eventually be interested in the expansion which, as we know, funnily enough is coming pretty soon. And in terms of advertising I think that, unless you throw a lot of money at it, it doesn’t work quite as well as you think. These days advertising is actually a pretty complicated beast. In olden times you’d contact all the big video game sites, pay them for articles, pay them for some advertising and you get the hype you want. These days you’ve got Twitch, you’ve got YouTube, you’ve got all sorts of servers streaming, you’ve got game websites, everyone has their own blog, Reddit, all that stuff is where players hang out. They’re no longer focussed on one thing they’re seeing and it’s not so simple as just throwing money at it and seeing what happens. It’s not like it used to be.

aspru5207 : any planned updates for the Lost Shepherd set? or hellhound skill?
You mean the Shepherd of Lost Souls. I think it did get a buff. Hellhound skills there are still a few skill for the Hellhound that were bugged so that’s a buff among other things.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD FG will feature Retaliation Damage added to attack. How about non-damagetypes of retaliation (like % Reduced Attack Speed Retaliation, Stun/Confuse Retaliation, Reduced Offensive Ability Retaliation)?
No, they will not get added to the attack, only damage.

boromonokli : But, isn’t adding retaliation damage to active skills just going to make retaliation the same as other playstyles?
Not quite. The big focus of retaliation damage is still on taking hits and surviving those hits. What I’d like to do though is make retaliation playstyles a little more active and not just feel like you stand there and wait for things to die on you. You should feel you can actually contribute to that a little bit. Not to mention that unless you have a mod retaliation damage isn’t working with ranged attacks which means you need something else to kill those ranged mobs. For example the Council in Port Valbury fight is almost impossible for retaliation builds. With these changes you can actually do some damage to those guys without taking a direct hit.

boromonokli : umm, can the forum handle the changelog with the character limit?
It actually couldn’t. I had to increase it by another 4,000 characters.

szpila152 : How long will it take for the expansion to pass without side-missions?
I think if you just do the story content it’ll be a little shorter than Ashes, but then there’s the Shattered Realm on top of that and all these changes we’ve made to old content like rogue-like dungeons having mutators, having their own unique item sets, I think you’ll get at least as many hours out of Forgotten Gods as from Ashes, if not more. With the way the Shattered Realm works there’s so many hours of gameplay there and we’re still adding more levels to it.

ShotokanEditor : And again : Is it true that this is the final Content for the game? Does the story finally folds up? What’s next for grim dawn ?
It is true this is most likely our last big content push for Grim Dawn. I don’t think it’s very likely there’ll be a third expansion. I’m not going to never say never or I will say never say never. It’s not guaranteed it’ll be the last, I think it’s very likely based on sales but ultimately it is a financial decision. In terms of content updates I think it’s very likely that we’ll have some post release patches , we might add more items, we might add more levels to the Shattered Realm, we actually have some ideas for some story bits we could include, but in terms of Grim Dawn’s story I think it will wrap up a lot of story arc that you guys have experienced over the years, but it’s not going to answer all your questions. This isn’t going to be, you know, humanity’s safe and everything’s good. That story goes on longer. If we ever do Grim Dawn 2 for example.

droblit : @CrateEntertainment does the next patch means GD becomes 64-bit game or the transfer to 64-bit is reserved for the expansion?
The 64 bit client was not quite ready for the patch, we’ll be saving it for a future update. Most likely we’ll do another patch right as the expansion comes out and that will probably have the 64 bit version included.

MillerThyme51 : Will there be more lore notes added in the game?
Yeah. We’ve written a ton of lore notes. I think about 40,000 words of new lore notes that we’ve written for Forgotten Gods.

deathspank139 : Will there be more defiler item support? Its quite poor now…
I agree with you which is why there are more defiler item support coming up.

snowmanplayer123 : is CrateCon still an idea for the future?
I’m sure it’s an idea in somebody’s head. I don’t’ think we’re really considering it.

Kvikling : Will drain essence with gravechill get any balance changes or item support?
Yep, there is more item support for gravechill in the next expansion.

Cyburn : Is it better than the Lokarr Quest ?
It’s certainly different. I wish you guys good luck.

snowmanplayer12 : will Gargabol’s Corruption be getting a small buff?
Don’t remember off the top of my head if we looked at that item recently. Gonna say probably. I think we did. At the very least it’s getting some Oathkeeper support in Forgotten Gods.

letmewinc : any arena pvp plans for future?
You guys want a pvp arena I think you should mod it in. I don’t think it makes sense for us to officially support pvp because that really splits the focus on how the game is found. Pvp and pve are different beasts, they need to be handled differently.

kinointernational : can you show one new pet ? pls !
This little buddy of mine Eldritch Raptor.

ShotokanEditor : It was asked before and i was wondering if there was any progress or even anything about this. Are the fx ever gonna change colors depending the mutators? From fire (orange fx color) to poison (green fx color)?
As this has come up a lot before and been answered many times, this is actually a very complicated thing to do. The way we do it right now is literally manually so every time we do this for a skill we actually have to do it by hand, sometimes it requires tech changes so to do it for every single skill, every mutator and modifier would take a lot of work. Or we would need a tech solution that dynamically alters the RGB values according to damage type which would be a ton of work so no, we’re not planning something like that.

shermergorn : new patch will be on 22-25 December?
That seems like an arbitrary date. It’ll be sooner than that actually. Because patch - and you guys are hearing it here on the stream for the first time - is actually coming next week. Patch is ready. Just a few more final tests and bug fixes, it’s going out to you guys next week. Our largest changelog yet. Which means this Devotion search which I’ve been talking about is coming to you next week.

boromonokli : I don’t get it… so more pets are on items only…
How else would you picture that considering we’re not adding another summoning mastery. I mean it’s that or you don’t get any more pets. We do have this for the Oathkeeper however, a player scaling pet.

Seltsamuel : How long does the guy last? Wasn´t the skill on a timer?
It was, now it’s not. He’s permanent. Just like that, he’s going to hang out with me forever. We’ve actually done the same thing for Blade Spirits for Nightblade. They’re permanent pets.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD GrimTools update with FG content as a Christmas present. Feasible or too soon?
Too soon. Item art’s not done. We need to get all the item art in before we can have Dammit can put up the grimtools for you. I suspect we’ll do it early like last time. We’ll have him update the database ahead of the expansion and you guys can peruse it at your leisure of all that’s coming.

frankstar : @CrateEntertainment when will we get a native Linux version. im waiting way to long for it
We cannot justify our resources for a Linux version, I’m sorry to say that. Linux is unfortunately just not enough of a market share to warrant expending programmer time on it. For the same reason we don’t have a Mac version and Macs might actually have a higher percentage of the market.

CepheidSauron : Rumor has it that you won’t be around for GD2
If GD2 turns out like Half Life 3 then sure I won’t be.

gargamel191 : Why cant GOG players play with Steam players?
Because it’s a different platform and servers. We need to host our own servers then they could connect together, which we don’t have.

kinointernational : have you ever expected such a big success of Grim Dawn
When we started out our goal for success started at 200,000 copies. We told ourselves we shift that many copies we’ll be okay, we can keep working on what we’re doing, maybe make the game a little bit bigger, maybe make an expansion or two and we’ll see how it goes. And then the project started taking longer than we thought because we wanted to make it bigger, do more Acts, more classes, increase the level cap and then said okay, maybe half a million copies would be a good range to aim for. Since then Grim Dawn’s sold close to 1.5 million so it has exceeded our expectations in a good way. The expansion has also exceeded our expectations which is why we’re doing a second expansion. The second expansion would have to exceed our expectations quite a bit because there is a diminishing return for each expansion you release.

Syphin3 : but…what if the city builder game fails
That would be very unfortunate. But we are in a financial position where, if it fails, we’re not going to go under. We’re actually looking into ramping up other projects in the future to kind of have a cascading progression of project releases. So we’re always working on something, even though something is ramping up. So even if the town builder doesn’t do too well, which hopefully it does not, then we’ll still be okay.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : Will there be any changes to crafting in FG?
No major changes there.

Dikkiedik92 : I am really curious about the city builder (RTS?) when you guys will give a big update or hint about it ? @CrateEntertainment @Zantai @Grava
That’s really up to Medierra. We need to get a website up first before we can really hype it up too much. Hopefully early next year, we’ll see.

All right, it’s three thirty now, I think I spoiled enough things for you guys today. You know the expansion is coming next year, you know the patch is coming next week. I hope you love the search system. I hope you love those tokens when we add them in Forgotten Gods. Thank you for hanging out with me in the stream. Answered a lot of questions mostly, not a lot of gameplay, but hopefully what you guys were looking for today. So I guess I’ll leave you with some more Grim Dawn Music. Take care guys and see you another time. And remember, there’s going to be a Grim Misadventure on Monday. It’s going to be the last one we do this year, but I promise you it’ll be an interesting one. Take care guys, see you next time.

Video is on Crate’s youtube channel:

Not seriously considering Cratecon, huh. Well, I guess we’ll just have to keep requesting it, same as we do with any other feature we’d like Crate to implement, and hopefully one day it will become a reality.

GM #153 tells us more about the Witch Gods.

And that wraps up the GMs for this year. They will return on 7th January 2019.

Okay, not a lot of info text wise in this stream of the 4th January 2019, but lots of screenshots.

Zantai_GD : the attribute change gives a typical endgame caster about 12-16% health

okami29 : Any news about XBOX release ? Will it allow modding ?
Zantai_GD : I’m not sure modding is likely for console, but who knows…xbox version is coming after FG

Delf295 : @Zantai_GD would it be possible to add a filter to component crafting (head, amulet etc.) ? It’s currently a mess trying to find what you need
Zantai_GD : it’s not likely that we’ll add a filter for crafting UI at this time

Delf295 : @Zantai_GD one more question, what about being able to open character window when investing points into abilities? so i can see how they change my stats without confirming (and thus wasting iron bits)
Zantai_GD : there isn’t enough screen space to open character sheet and skill sheet at the same time. not at the resolutions we support anyway

Disnamical : @Zantai_GD Is there any realistic chance for a gear and parts filter at some point maybe?? Would be a really great quality of life change!
Zantai_GD : gear and parts filter?
Disnamical : Zantai_GD Word filter: like you type Elemental and all elemental items highlight in your stash.
Zantai_GD : that’s not likely

stevejohnsteele : am I the only one here who wants to see the new areas???
Zantai_GD : we’re not gonna jump into FG areas, guys
RektbyProtoss : @Zantai_GD When are they ready though?
Zantai_GD : 90% of them are ready at this point

chloroformcongo : so, in the future it will be possible to play through Normal but skip Elite, CrateEntertainment ? Do I get that right?
Zantai_GD : correct or you can skip normal as well

Brolaire : @Zantai_GD So if you start in Ultimate you lose out on the attributes and kill points of normal and elite correct?
Zantai_GD : if you start on ultimate, then you gain the attribute and skill points from normal/elite

screamsofsuicide : Is Forgotten gods postponed further? It’s Q1 2019 and there is yet not even a release date which feels a little concerting due to q1 only last 3months
Zantai_GD : FG is not postponed, we just have no reason to give you the release date we are aiming for, lol I suspect it will be ready on or before 03/31

Flintler : didn’t the notes say you started with devotion points or something to make up for what you miss in the other playthroughs?
Zantai_GD : no, there’s going to be 55 shrines in ultimate. elite has less, normal even less

gargamel191 : Will there be a beta for forgotten gods?
Zantai_GD : FG is already in beta
gargamel191 : Will GD have an open beta?
Zantai_GD : no

Caerbae : Zantai_GD would you happen to have a slightly nerdy explanation to what the loading bug in steps of torment 3 was?
Zantai_GD : it was honestly not a very exciting bug. the 4th floor of SoT was just within range of that corner of the 3rd floor, causing it to load all at once and bog down the system for a split second

ShotokanEditor : What does Byscilla have to do with AoM tho? I mean why she was in THAT loading screen with her back on Malmouth
Zantai_GD : witch god followers are everywhere

morpheus____ : @Zantai_GD is it possible to lvl a char to 100 in AOM without choosing the 2. class and then just choose it in forgotten gods with the new class?
Zantai_GD : it is

lykre : Will each movement rune have fixed stats like Epics and Legendaries? And if fixed, will there be all damages types on each one? Or would one use ele, another uses vit, etc?
Zantai_GD : each rune is unique

TruGrzybas : @Zantai_GD f you attach devotion skill to guardian will hi trigger it only by attacking or with aura ticks as well ?
Zantai_GD : all damage the guardians do can trigger

gilavar : can those movement skills trigger devotions?
Zantai_GD : yes

Demolishwhor : @Zantai_GD riftstone component losing its chaos strike ability?
Zantai_GD : yes, we are moving all movement skills onto these runes

gilavar : so what is the difference between the tiers of the SAME movement skill Plz?
Zantai_GD : rumor is you can tell what kind of rune it is based on its symbol
gilavar : Is Rune higher tier than Emblem?
Zantai_GD : the emblem/glyph are from a quest and not acquired by other means. er nvm. emblem < glyph < rune

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment What will be the ugdenbloom version in FG?
Zantai_GD : korvanbloom, Obviously

Mortichar : Is there any way to make these cooldowns shorter?
Zantai_GD : no. the runes from the Shattered Realm tend to have shorter cooldowns
gilavar : @Zantai_GD so the higher tier of the movement augment the less CD?
Zantai_GD : not as a rule, but many do feature shorter cooldowns

ChthonicSonic :@Zantai_GD Isn’t it possible to dismiss the Guardian?
Zantai_GD : it is not. he can put a point in it to banish it though

Vezrilx : alright serious question about the previous patches, how should star pact on the allagasts set be used…?
Zantai_GD : we’re updating allagast set next patch on account of the star pact change

Grava did say he might stream next week or maybe the week after so keep an eye on the Dev Stream thread for more info.

All the Oathkeeper skills were revealed. The following show base skill then syngeries, then individual skills.

Also several of the new movement runes were shown.

And finally a new area for the expansion that Grava’s been working on.

GM #154 was a look back over the past year

and the thread finished off with this.

“We are working on a pretty major surprise for this patch, but we’re not quite ready to talk about that yet. Needless to say, v1.1.0.0 is going to be awesome. ;)”

What will it be? Can you guess? I’ve no idea. Crate adding even more hype to the hype. At this rate we’ll all be hyper ventilating. :smiley:

Dev stream of 18th January started off with more atmospheric music from Skewsound

TruGrzybas : @Zantai_GD technical question. With the new tech that allows you to convert RR like oathkeepers guardian aura transmuter, are you going to revisit old items and apply that tech ? Like for example Radagans set ?
Zantai_GD : the tech you describe isn’t something we would widely use

boromonokli : and how do you intend to keep underused class combinations worthwhile?
Zantai_GD : which class combos are underused
boromonokli : you know them very well
Zantai_GD : tell me. cause I am keenly aware of gear you’re not
boromonokli : defiler and saboteur.

I’ll be giving you your first look into the Forgotten Gods content that is coming your way later this year.

We’re actually about to push another test build to the playtesting group that’s going to introduce almost all the content that’s in the game with the exception of the final dungeon which we’re still working on, cause you know the final boss is going to take some time. And some of you here I imagine might have applied to be part of our playtesting group and you might be wondering when you’ll be getting that. So I’ll tell you that the list has been decided. We have our lucky few selected that’ll be joining the Praetorians pretty soon here and we’ll be sending out your invitations pretty soon. As soon as that build I just mentioned goes out we’ll be adding more playtesters to the testing group and you guys will be the first in the world to see most of the Forgotten Gods content.

Syphin3 : Do you have a number of folks Zan?
I think it was over a hundred which is more than I expected honestly. And of those hundred we selected a lucky twelve.

Realguitar : Soon as… in a few months? weeks? Man we need details
If you’re talking about the next build I really hope it’s going to go up tonight which means I might send those invites out tonight, we’ll see.

oktavia_witch : will there be a rogue-like dungeon or two in FG?
We are not actually adding new rogue-like dungeons because the Shattered Realm is effectively going to be the new rogue-like dungeon.

kobrao : what about super bosses @Zantai_GD ?
There are two. The playtesters have already tried one of them and they will encounter the next one soon enough. It’s not available yet,still working on the details.

boromonokli : are we just going into shattered realm or see some campaign?
So today I’m actually going to show you some of the campaign. I’m not going to do any quests and I’m not going to go very far, but I will show you some of the first areas you’ll be seeing so spoiler alert. If you don’t want anything at all spoiled about what’s coming up in the expansion in terms of content now would be the time to stop watching because we’re going to go out there soon.

wario_wizard_real : Is the super boss actually super unlike ravager and mog? They’re too easy
Well congratulations, you’re one of the few people in the world who have killed those bosses. You’re just that awesome.

Simpahn : How does it feel to start with nightmare and hell? Ultimate?
Well, I think you guys are going to love it. Starting Ultimate at level 1 is a very interesting experience.

kobrao : what about lore ?
I think this expansion is absolutely packed with lore. We’ve written a ton of lore, there’s one right there. Another one. A bunch of lore even in this area alone. I think something like 47 lore notes are in this expansion, that’s more than Ashes of Malmouth had and Ashes of Malmouth in terms of story content, just a little bit bigger. I think last I did the math Forgotten Gods in terms of the world size, not counting the dungeon stuff, Shattered Realm, is about 76% of what Ashes of Malmouth turned out to be.

hoppy_86 : @Zantai_GD are the ways to get devotion points different because you can start in Ultimate at level 1???
They’re not different, you’ll still be going to shrines. However, we’re adding more shrines to the world so you can play on Ultimate difficulty and still get every devotion point you need with one playthrough.

MACOH_TW : Hey mr Zantai, will you be buffing the chaos Abomination proc in the FG?:
I don’t think so.

kyleblake48 : what happens if we start on elite, will there be more shrines too? @Zantai_GD
Yes, there’ll be more shrines too on Elite difficulty.

oOniDasAlagoas : any game performance changes? better optimization etc
We are adding the 64 bit client. I don’t expect that to have a substantial effect on most people. I wouldn’t say that there’s much we can squeeze out of this engine without making without making some pretty substantial changes so I’m afraid if you’re looking for a big boost in performance at this point the best upgrade you can have is potentially with you.

umerfk : Are there any plans for console release? Specifically switch?
We are working on an Xbox port. I can’t promise you a Switch port any time soon, right now we’re focussed on the Xbox build. If there is a Switch port down the line we’ll be sure to tell you guys. I can’t promise you any other port at this time.

Xervous : is it really a retal build if it’s just another flat damage source
I see your angle, however the main goal of that was to keep that feeling of having retaliation damage being your main source of damage, but also to give you a little bit more motivation to actually use some other abilities. So you can still play the standard retaliation build that’s been doable up to now and struggles against ranged characters and now you can also add those abilities that have retaliation scaling to attack those ranged enemies and to do a little bit more DPS.

Heapheaus : @Zantai_GD I wanna see the big thing on the far left that looks like a monster
You’re talking about Yugol.

Kidze : any buff to vanilla devotions?
There’s going to be a patch and coincides with the release of the expansion, v1.1. It will have balance changes, I think there are some vanilla adjustments off the top of my head.

kobrao : what’s that guy constellation near frog
Near the toad. Oh you mean Ulzaad. Ulzaad is a physical constellation

Djelmarriachi : are there any plans to re-release a physical edition for GD. I regret it so much i didn’t get it back in the days. I would love the possibility to get some collector’s edition…
I guess that could be made possible some day if the demand is popular enough. Unfortunately, we’re not allied with a publisher or someone handles physical copies we have to take care of a lot of that ourselves. The interest would have to be pretty high, not to mention the cost, would have to be offset. I can’t promise you that will happen. It might happen.

Koriathh : I think that it would be a great implement if you could do a bit more of dubbing in the game!
It’s going to be the same in the expansion as it was before, the main characters will all have voice overs, some lesser characters will have intro lines. To voice every single NCP line, I’m not sure it’s entirely worth it.

coyotek : will this new “healing effects increase” stat be added to existing constellation nodes/gear rolls?
Yes, it is being retrospectively added to some items as we did in the past. It has retrospectively been added to some constellations as well.

oktavia_witch : is there an auto-attack skill in the oathkeeper mastery?
You could say that. It’s called Righteous Fervour.

kyleblake48 : does increased healing impact hp regen or is it only flat healing from skills and potions? @Zantai_GD
Increased healing impacts actual healing affects like healing potions, healing skills, flat heal.

DooDoo850 : @CrateEntertainment how is the lvl scaling in the new areas on normal? is it possible to clear all content and then go to the new stuff and still earn exp?
Yes. The areas in Forgotten Gods scale from level 20 up to the level cap of that difficulty so you can effectively go on any character you’ve been playing and check out the new content pretty much as soon as that character’s cleared the Warden.

DenisMashutikov : Does Increase healing affect to energy? energy leech in particular
Energy isn’t health, I would say no.

mad1lee : All right, serious question, how does racial damage stacking work in Grim Dawn?
It’s multiplicative with other bonuses. If you have percent damage that gets applied first then racial damage gets applied after that.

Syphin3 : Zan: While i know Oath is very heavily favoring shield but do you know how viable 2 handers are?
I wouldn’t say Oathkeeper is heavily favouring shields. Most of his abilities - or her abilities - are viable with any weapon category. So I would say it’s perfectly fine to build a non-shield Oathkeeper.

kobrao : does getting modifiers for the spin skill changes its color or nope? like fire red ice blue etc…
It does not currently, I don’t know if we’ll get that in.

Delf295 : Is there a story quest that leads you to shattered realm?
It is blocked by some quest content, but you can access it very quickly.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD What’s the purple-yellow square to the left of your health bar?
This? This button, that button right there. You guys want to know what that button does? That button, I’m just being absolutely clear, this button you want me to click and show you what it does. All right I am pressing “the” button, it is being pressed right now.

As you guys notice there’s a little bit of a surprise in the lower left of the UI here. We are overhauling the loot filters in Grim Dawn in patch 1.1. So this is a bit of a spoiler we’re going to show you on Monday’s Developer Update cause not everyone is going to be watching the stream, but there you go. The loot filter has been overhauled completely. You now have way more power in what you want to see or not.

We’re going to go into detail on this in Monday’s dev update, but let me give you a quick rundown on exactly what this means. We’ve got 4 categories of filters that you can use, the first one is pretty self explanatory. It’s the same feature you had before except for a few key additions. You can for example uncheck rares, but leave Monster Infrequents checked and then the only rares you will see on the screen will be of the Monster Infrequent category. So if you’re out there hunting for loot and you want only Monster Infrequents that’s your way to do it. Similarly for Epics and Legendaries if you just want sets, this is it right there. And finally, if you want to have these active in various ways, you might even want to uncheck this for some reason, but you want to filter out some of the things over here and still collect every single Epic and Legendary that drops this is is what this check box is for.

This is included in the base game. We are not putting this behind Forgotten Gods. With patch 1.1 every version of the game is going to have this feature: base line. Whether you own Ashes, just own Grim Dawn, you will have access to awesome new filters.

Next up category: types of items. If you really don’t want to see any more guns in the game get rid of those guns. First category supersedes this one so if you have commons unchecked you’re not going to see any one-hand melee common. Similarly these two columns supersede these two and this is where it gets interesting. because you can select what damage types you’re looking for, you can select for your masteries or other masteries and various other critical stats. Now the way these work is as long as an item fulfils one of these checks it’s going to show up on the ground. If it doesn’t include at least one of these things it’s not even going to be showing.

We’re going to talk about this more on Monday so you guys got an early look, but yet loot filter is coming in patch 1.1 for all versions of the game.

AdiosOcelote : are these setting character-bound? I mean, will it stay the same for all characters or only one?
These are character specific settings.

umerfk : 1.1 will be released before the expansion?
It’ll be released with the expansion.

MaelstromX10 : can the pet be killed ?
The Guardians of Empyrion are actually invincible. They also don’t generate aggro so you can’t use them as tanks.

VeretragnaVictorious : Can I ask about upcoming nerfs of recently buffed game-breaking sets? I’m highly interested in Deathmarked
Well Deathmarked is a little too powerful after the recent changes so we are going to tone it back down a little bit, but don’t worry it’s still going to be quite viable after our adjustments.

Sinnfullduck : @CrateEntertainment Fix Allagst??
So we did mess up the Allagst set a bit with our change to Star Pact. We are fixing that. You won’t have to worry about that issue.

mad1lee : What about Nex and Ortus and Mageslayer set?
Nex and Ortus is very strong right now. We are making some changes to it to keep it strong, but maybe a little weaker for non-Saboteur options. How about that.

Motorhead1975_ : the whirlwind skill works with ranged weapons?
The EoR skill does not work with ranged weapons.

nomanual : @CrateEntertainment anyway you will introduce ways for us to put bits in our shared stash?
Not at this time. That is something we’d have to squeeze into that UI and there’s not a lot of room there.

nomanual : I’m sure you can find a way to implement it in UI
Yes, but is it worth doing the math the UI would involve to do that. UI things are generally not trivial.

I_4m_B4TM4N : no energy cost no CD…
Whirling does suck energy, this character does have a lot of energy regeneration so it doesn’t really take up a lot.

nomanual : or like caerbae says just make an item that costs like 500k or something that we can put in out stash @CrateEntertainment
Problem is the vendors buy back at a 2% rate, that’s not quite that easy. There is something I could do potentially though, make an NPC where if you give them a particular item they’ll give you money for it. I’ll think about it.

oOniDasAlagoas : I need uroboruuk! Will we find him in forgotten gods?
I don’t know, will you? You’ll have to find out.

hmaffi : idk if you already talked about it or not, but, what are there new factions? and if yes, which?
I suggest you actually stop by the forum, there is a Development Update that we posted right at the end of 2018 that goes into depth on some of the new factions you’ll be meeting in the expansion.

atamanir : What about eldritch horrors??
What about them? These Eldritch Horrors?

coyotek : already suggesting a QOL feature, add new rare crafting material to the dismantle table and treasure trove tables, don’t want to have a repeat of first weeks of AoM :I
Yes, those are already in the loot table.

Motorhead1975_ : the skill template from Eye of Reckoning modifier works only with orbital projectiles or any projectiles?
It would actually work with any projectiles I think, I don’t remember.

MACOH_TW : Any chance of getting the Eye of Reckoning endgame sets mr Zantai?
There are some sets. I’m not going to show them to you if that’s what you mean.

mad1lee : Zantai, so what about Wildblood set, any changes coming to it?
I don’t think there are any major changes coming to it.

wardlord3 : Zantai will we be getting a Mythic Praetorian Set?
We’re not adding a Mythic Praetorian Set, no.

anathema2741 : Does Eldritch Horrors faction refer only to new FG enemies or does that also include old eldritch enemies?
It is specific to the horrors you encounter in the Korvan lands.

boromonokli : what are we getting on riftstones?
An aura.

Burnsey111 : Hey! @CrateEntertainment Since there’s a campaign plot point about a choice between working with the Order of Death and the Kymon’s Chosen at Homestead, will there ever be a “Kymon’s Initiate” class. If so, will you be forbidden from becoming a “Kymon’s Initiate”+Necro double class? Or will that Double class not have that question put to them? Sorry about the softball question. ? :heart: The Game! ?
First off the Oathkeeper is the last mastery we’re adding unless somehow miraculously we’re going make a third expansion. But in terms of what a Kymon’s chosen would be they don’t specifically have a Kymon’s Initiate as a class. They would actually be Inquisitors, they would be priests, they would be soldiers, demolitionists, even arcanists. What they really just despise are Necromancers.

kobrao : who the hell sides with kymon these days
I don’t know. I think Kymon’s gets a pretty interesting inside view on certain things.

This is as far as I’m going to take you in this area, but I’ll show you one more area because I’m feeling nice.

For those of you saying this looks like Titan Quest allow me to change your mind. I will leave the new area spoiler right here. Scenic views from the Forgotten Gods expansion.

Syphin3 : Oh where’s that 2hd spear… I MEAN AXE at lol
It’s a halberd and I’ll show you.

Caerbae : are we getting a new crucible map later on btw?
Probably not. We’ll think about it after release if we do another content update, but we’re not adding one with the expansion, no.

kyleblake48 : how many shattered realm areas are there, i think last i hear your were around 50? @Zantai_GD
That number is still about 50, we’ve shifted focus since then to finishing the campaign content, but we might add a few more before release.

:With the addition of more and more loot are we running the risk of having too small of a chance to actually get certain pieces of loot?
That is a valid concern, which is why when we did Ashes of Malmouth we actually increased the drop rate of rare items and unique items and similarly with Forgotten Gods are are increasing the loot pool we are increasing the drop rates again.

boredsillynz : Can we develop our lev 100 characters further in the expansion or are they simply museum pieces now?
A few things. You’re going to have access to mobility runes, have access to new gear, going to have access to a few more skill points and attribute points through quests and of course there’s the Shattered Realm which is going to test your characters to their absolute limits.

eyesuqatgames : have you released the names for the new class combos?
We have. Again that’s a thing to stop by the forum for. We have a Development Update announcing the Oathkeeper that goes through that.

andykck : Tell us how how we can transmute legendary items. I have so many sets missing 1 piece!
That’s going to be happening at the inventor. There’s a short quest in the Forgotten Gods content unlocks that mechanic for all the inventors in the game. I suggest once again you stop by the forum where we talked about that feature, but effectively you’re going to have some materials you’re going to need to throw in there along with the item to transmute and poof, there’s the result.

atamanir : is there any last boss in shattered realm??
The Shattered Realm does end so there’s no final boss. But there are some bosses that are exclusive to the Shattered Realm, how about that.

BL00DUST : is there a way you could make HC turn SC when they die instead of just being unplayable ? @CrateEntertainment
I’m personally of the opinion that if you’re interested in playing HC then you should go all the way with it. If however you want to resurrect your HC character I believe there are some utilities out there that will turn them SC for you.

footballgate : Can you show special item from Shattered realm?
I can. You guys have seen it already. If you’ve ever stopped by Reddit you might have seen this little bit of a set. This set is exclusive to the Shattered Realm.

HyPnOo93 : will there be any major balance changes to skills other than AAR?
I wouldn’t say there’s anything major, but we are going to do some skill balancing in patch 1.1.

RektbyProtoss : @Zantai_GD I think you got a low roll right there
There is actually a lot of interesting little secrets that we’ve thrown into Forgotten Gods that I really look forward to you guys discovering. We had some fun with that.

Motorhead1975_ : will have any item-modifier granting move speed to eye of reckoning?
Eye of Reckoning scales with your run speed so it wouldn’t have its own speed modifiers.

wardlord3 : Zantai are there any Secret we have missed that are out there still?
I think you guys found all the big ones. I don’t know about all the little secrets that we have all over the place.

ResidentCeno : Give them a letter of the super-boss’s name
Okay, it starts with a C.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD When FG is released, will you have told everything that you wanted to tell about GD lore-wise? (the rest for GD2 of course)
Yeah, I suppose I would say that the big things that I wanted to bring up ingame kinda get resolved in Forgotten Gods. Of course a lot of questions get left unanswered and some new questions get asked including some we created with Ashes of Malmouth, but that would be questions that have to get answered if we do a sequel.

wardlord3 : ZANTAI! seriously would you sell Grim Dawn tshirts in the future i mean why not???
The biggest hurdle honestly is logistics with someone having the time to handle it. And the return on merchandising isn’t actually very high, so it wouldn’t justify hiring another person just to handle that sort of stuff, at least not yet.

frogsarepeopletoo : will FG add new waves to crucible?
No, but it will add Forgotten Gods enemies to the Crucible, starting on wave, I think, 100.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD Will higher level boss chunks in the SR contain multiple bosses?
Absolutely. There’ll be a lot of bosses towards the end.

MACOH_TW : Any chance of adding community designed sets after the FG release?
I don’t think that’s likely. We have some ideas of where we’d add more sets down the line if we were going to add more items, but community designed stuff can be tricky not to mention how do we decide who gets in or not.

oomnine : are you planning on adding the %retaliation damage added to attack to old content?
Yes, some of the old skills will be getting that new mechanic.

RektbyProtoss : @Zantai_GD last stream you said areas are about 90% done iirc, how done are they now?
Let’s see, pretty much the only area left is the final dungeon. I don’t know what percentage I’d say that is, but yes a few levels of that dungeon, two major bosses, there’s some balancing to be done, some bug fixes, then we’re done. The expansion’s almost done. Of course the last 10% is 90% of the work…

And Zantai finished the stream with yet more music from the expansion.

You’ll find other screenshots of stuff shown in the stream on pages 24-26 of this thread.

I also suggest you watch the stream for even more items.

Edit: clarification from Zantai on EoR scaling: EoR scales with AS, its movement scales with run speed.

GM #155 revealed a new QoL feature - an updated and much more flexible loot filter.

The stream of the 1st February started and ended with more music from Skewsound.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : What level does the shattering start at?
Whatever level your character is.

The furthest level the playtesters got I think is like 104, but it took him hours. It was brutal and it’s going to be even harder in the next build once we take care of the cheese tactics he used. It involves enemies healing when you die. In the current version of the game it’s only the last enemy in the game that hits you actually regains health, but we’ve updated that so it’s like all x number of enemies in the last 6 seconds that hit you will heal which means you’ll no longer be able to cheese boss levels in the Shattered Realm.

mcrobertx22 : how does loot work here
It’s very similar to the Crucible in that you don’t get any loot drops while you’re clearing stuff. And then when you get to the end of a boss shard or the boss level in the shard you can then choose whether you want to keep going or if you want to grab your loot. And the loot you get will be based on how far you got.

You can re-enter the Shattered Realm where you stopped. You will, however, have a penalty to the clock when you die.

If you make the shard time you get more chests.

ontical : are there any MI’s that are shattered realm only?
No,there are no Monster Infrequents that are Shattered Realm only. There is, however, an item set that is exclusive to the Shattered Realm. So if you’re really good at playing this game on Ultimate difficulty and you want to get a fancy set you too can look like a badass statue from the Korvan lands.

kyleblake48 : How much HP do you get per point of of cunning and spirit? we know physique gives 2.5 HP per point.
The main goal though, just to give casters who have to go heavy spirit to fulfil their gear requirements will not be so behind in health. And having a more even distribution of attributes on characters in general is secondary to that goal. I tested a variety of characters on Ultimate difficulty with this change and they’ve gained as much as 18% health which is substantial when you consider those characters were doing okay before this health buff.

emkyooess : How about Crucible changes with FG? New mobs? Extending beyond 170? (Pausing before the monsters come with waves so we can read the mutators before the fight?)
So we are adding the Forgotten Gods mobs, we are not adding more waves. I felt 170 was a pretty good stopping point as it is, adding to that really would not do the Crucible mode much good I think. And if you want even harder content than the Crucible offers then the Shattered Realm is honestly going to be your place to go. And like shard 100 plus even regular fodder mobs can wreck you. The addition of the Forgotten Gods mobs to the Crucible is actually coming with the release of the expansion, you guys won’t have to wait for a patch this time around.

apouche_ : how’s the play testing going?
I’d say it’s going very well. Pretty minimal on bug issues, we haven’t had any major like really terrifying bugs pop up.

So how long do we have that Orelon bloodlust thing for?
It’s up for 3,000 seconds or 5 minutes. If you die, however, you will lose it. And you can’t reactivate shrines twice.

How often do shrines show up?
They don’t show up very often on the lower shards so we actually got really lucky that it spawned. The higher you go the more likely they are to show up and actually sometimes you might even get up to 3 on the same level.

EvilBaka : How many different shrine buffs are there?
There are 5 different shrines.

anathema2741 : Do the shrines all cost a Blood of Chthon? or do they have different costs
They have different costs. Rare crafting materials that you’ll need and it does take them from your stash, you don’t have to have them on you.

emkyooess : What’s in the line for achievements? A new one for levelling 1-100 only playing Ultimate?
We’re not going to do an achievement like that. That would be pretty awesome for someone to do.

rap8ti : Does GD use Unity engine ?
No, GD uses a proprietary engine that we built on top of the TQ engine.

Compared to Ashes of Malmouth it is almost as big in terms of the amount of areas you’ll be hunting monsters down in and on top of that we have the Shattered Realm. It is massive. There’s a reason why it took as long as it did to develop.

And the Shattered Realm is how many levels now?
I think it’s up to 52 or maybe even 56, but I’m actually having Hyboreal work on a few more this month. That number is going to be higher by release.

akalabeth8820 : any change in the craft system in the future? like put a roll in an item and we can decide witch one? using crafting materials or killing an specific boss
What you’re talking about is a complete redesign of the system and not exactly something we’re aiming for because you’re talking about predictive crafting where you get exactly the result you want and the crafting system is meant to be a bit of a gambling system for the game.

I will definitely approach crafting differently if we do Grim Dawn 2 for sure. I think it will still serve to be a bit of a gambling system, but maybe make it easier to craft some of those multi-layered recipes like relics.

ontical : do MI drop in the shattered realm the same way they do at the end of crucible?
You can get Monster Infrequents in the Shattered Realm in the same way, they’re in the treasure room, they’re random, you can’t really predict what you’re going to get.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment Will there be really rare legendaries in FG like the worldeater?
Like really really rare ones, probably not. I did mention the Shattered Realm set which is exclusive to the Shattered Realm and you’ll only get it on Ultimate difficulty and pretty high up in the shards. I think the last piece is on shard 60 or something. You really gotta earn that.

ChthonicSonic : @CrateEntertainment @Zantai_GD There seems to be room for more and bigger mutators to the left of the Shard/Chunk bar. What’s the worst we can expect?
You can expect up to seven mutators in the Shattered Realm.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment How did you come up with the idea for FG?
Part of it actually was in my proposal for Ashes of Malmouth, but then we realised how insanely big of an expansion that would be so we kinda cut out that bit of story that we had in mind from Ashes and said if we do another expansion that would be a good direction to go because it is a story that centres around a lot of the unanswered questions we had. Like a lot of the stuff you might have been wondering about the Witch Gods, those mysterious shrines that have been all over the world and who is it that the Kymon’s Chosen are working with. And of course where did Uroboruuk go? All of these thing are kind of coalescing in this one culmination of events in this place. And I think for lore junkies of Grim Dawn in particular you’re going to have a hell of a time with this expansion. It’s definitely tying up a lot of loose ends. I think it’s going to create new questions, but hopefully it’s going to tie up some ends for you.

ArdjayTw :is it possible to make it so that curses like blood pox and ill omen be put on left mouse button plz @CrateEntertainment ?
That is not possible with this engine because the left click must be available for moving around and those skills target enemies.

mordecai_mike : Can we at least get pets to proc on death procs.
No, we cannot get pets to proc on death procs.

anathema2741 : eldritch essence?
Eldritch Essence, yes it’s a new crafting material.

Caerbae : is eldritch essence what we need to transmute set items or wot?
It is one of the materials for that, yes.

You have a trailer to finish, I have a final boss to balance.
How’s it coming by the way?
Oh, it’s going to be an awesome fight. We kind of pushed the envelope a little bit with Theodin and I feel like we’re pushing the limits of this engine again with the final boss here. Allminoxy’s helping me out with the special effects, once that’s all done it’s going to be badass. And most of the v/o is in which was recorded last week. It’s going to be awesome.

Quite a lot of the new monsters in FG decided to appear in the stream so if you want to see what you’re going to be up against I suggest you have a look.

GM #156 gave us an item comparison between the base game, AoM and FG plus a look at the map area for the new expansion.

15th February’s stream gave us this info.

jogardar : is the trailer ready?
Not quite. Maybe next week. Still some edits to be done.

ShadowDweller_TV : How is the retaliation-to-damage conversion gonna work at all? Is it only for Oathkeepers or there’s a way to get it for everyone else?
There’s no conversion, just a percentage of your retaliation damage is added to a particular attack and most classes are getting some form of that. And there are a bunch of devotion procs that are getting that mechanic.

JustBeet : Is the expansion ready though?
Almost. I can tell you that as of yesterday the playtesters are now trying the final boss and the secret quest line. I would say are in a pretty good place, however there are still some item art that needs to be wrapped up before we can release it to you. I will tell you though that after Monday’s Grim Misadventure I’m going to give the creator of Grimtools permission to release the Oathkeeper mastery on there so you guys can look at all the numbers, mix and match and try and come up with some builds. And then at a later time once all the item art is finished, that’s when we’ll give you the full item database ahead of the release so you guys can see all the splendours that await you in the Forgotten Gods expansion.

LittleHorus86 : Will there be new summons (pets) other than the the pets of the new mastery?
Yeah, there’ll be some new pets from gear.

nghtwind : Could you update the Chain lightning fx with something like Storm Box have?
No we cannot. They’re not the same type of skill. Stormbox is effectively a channeled skill while chain lightning is just an instant proc.

RektbyProtoss : speaking of storm box, could you give aether storm box another visual?
We could give the base skill a visual change, but we couldn’t give the tether a visual change so that’s where the complication comes in.

F3ta_Cheese : @zantai_gd @crateentertainment can an enemy be affected by multiple storm box effects?
It is a debuff and as you know debuffs cannot stack if they’re the same debuff so no. You cannot have multiple storm box debuffs on the same target. You can however have multiple tethers on the same target. So like if you have multiple tethers between several enemies running and you run all 3 through one enemy that enemy will take triple damage effectively.

ragnar119 : @CrateEntertainment how much copies do you need to sell so we get third big expansion?
Being realistic I don’t think a third expansion’s very likely. I think to add another mastery at this point would turn the itemisation into such a big mess. And I feel we can’t really do another expansion without a new mastery.

kyleblake48 : Once Forgotten Gods is out would you you still stream GD?
I mean we could hop on stream occasionally and give you guys a little bit of time to hang out with us and ask some questions. I’m not sure we’d do them as often, it wouldn’t really make sense.

Syphin3 : I’m gonna be serious, why don’t you guys hire another artist or 2? Not only for Grim Dawn but for future projects, grow the team out a bit.
I imagine you’re familiar with the prospect of having too many cooks in the kitchen? For example if we did what you say and hired more artists and Forgotten Gods is finished and suddenly we’ve got extra artists that have nothing to do, what do we do then? Do we make up work for them that we weren’t planning to do or do we fire them like a lot of studios do when they upscale too much.

rgScupper : will there be katana in fg?
No, there’s not going to be a katana in a desert themed expansion.

ragnar119 : @CrateEntertainment you start working on grim dawn 2 with those artists
Not to mention that the artists are never the first people to start a project, the programmers are. We can’t make art for a project that doesn’t exist yet. For example if the artists start first, they make the assets, whatever else, and then the programmers get in. Turns out the assets the artists did are going to be problematic for this reason or that reason or it takes the programmers so many years to get the engine up and running that by the time they do the artists’ art is outdated essentially because higher fidelity is possible with modern tech. So no, artists are never the first ones.

LittleHorus86 : You guys will keep supporting the game after the release of the FG expansion. Right ? :’(
I will tell you guys that there’s definitely going to be post release content. It’s not going on the size of an expansion I would say, but we’re going to do patches. It’s going to do some balancing, but we’re definitely going to do some post release stuff like new items, some more Shattered Realm levels. We actually have a little bit of story content that we’d like to do like a side story.

F3ta_Cheese : @crateentertainment @zantai_gd what about dungeons? any chance we are gonna get more of them post release?
Well there’s story content involved with a dungeon so you might get a new dungeon. However like I said we’re likely going to add more Shattered Realm levels post release.

deathspank139 : Are there any new items that change mechanics of certain skills like spellscourge shield does for devastation? or with similar ‘‘hidden’’ stat like that?
I think so. I think you’ll find some interesting twists on modifiers.

apouche_ : there’s a hidden area in blood Grove with a shrine of the forgotten God, it’s the same shrine guarded by a Slith in a cave in wightmire, do we learn more about this god in FG?
Do you?

tuftyfella : there any items with modifiers for item skills like conflagration?
No, item skills do not get modifiers.

Nitrocide17 : So, in the Shattered Realm, can any Shard spawn with any sort of trap or is there a set chance for specific traps?
It’s mostly random and not all shards will spawn traps. We just happen to get two in a row that did.

emkyooess : Any buffs to horn of gondar in
I don’t think that skill needs a buff.

2501_ : ZENTAI WILL retaliation being added to standard weapon attacks?
There are certain skill modifiers that will allow you to modify auto attack replacements.

Bigdaddyyumyums : Is there a set that revolves around oathkeeper player scaled pet
Yes, of course there is.

kyleblake48 : Is there a set that revolves around an acid poison oathkeeper
Yes, there is. I think we’ve shown it already.

Nitrocide17 : So, how do we initially reach the expansion? So far we only know that we travel there by rift. IS there a side story that takes you there initially or is the rift just open after Krieg?
There will be an NPC that will visit you, who’ll seek your attention in towns and if you speak to him you’ll get a means to teleport. There is no other way to get there.

igdaddyyumyums : how about that aetherial we have the option to save from his prison in act AoM. Will we see him again?
He kind of went to a place you can’t follow.

emkyooess : Do any of the existing factions play a role in FG?
Not any of the existing factions, no. This is a whole new place you’ll be visiting.

rikpoe : many skill in this game have an absurd/unsustainable mana cost. Can you explain that? The new eye of reckoning have me worried, coz i really wonna play it @CrateEntertainment
If you have a skill with an unsustainable mana cost that means you did not balance your character properly. You need more energy and energy regen.

JimmyBuilds : you said that modders can add levels to shattered realm? they can remove that level too
Yes, I suppose they could. It’s just a matter of editing a couple of dbr files. Why would they want to do that though? You don’t like mines?

banshee8434 : Hi Z and Grava, one Question: i heard the optional dungeons are getting mutators will these be toggable?
No, they are not toggable. They are now part of the game and they will offer you additional rewards as compensation.

Darkstalix : New rogue dungeon later on?
The Shattered Realm is effectively the new rogue-like dungeon and it’s infinite. Infinite rogue-like dungeon. But you do need waystones if you want to skip. Once you get to Shattered Realm level 5 you’ll get a waystone level 5 and on and on. Every 5 Shards you get a new waystone effectively. Or it’s every 15 Shards you get a new waystone, but every 5 any existing waystones will upgrade. So for example the waystone I used gets us to Shard 5, if we get to Shard 10 that waystone will then take us to Shard 10 on this character.

anathema2741 : Are waystones permanent or consumable?
They are used up.

dave45788 : @CrateEntertainment how many lvls do we have to go through in shattered realm to unlock all the high tier mobility skill runes ?
The higher you go the more likely the drop chances. So there isn’t any fixed Shattered Realm level you need to get to, it’s more about the probability. You could potentially get some of the mobility runes on the lower Shards, but it’s unlikely. When you get to the higher ones, the drop rates are much higher.

Nitrocide17 : After you reach a certain level in the SR, will the waystones always take you back to the same level when you craft it, or are there numerous levels of waystones that you can craft?
So there are multiple waystones. Every waystone has a range of 15 Shards it can take you to and then you would get the next waystone.

taciolevi : Hey folks, will the limit of devotions increase to 60? For, among the new conquests, is the “Korvan Devotion” …
It is not being increased to 60. It’s staying at 55.

coyotek : @CrateEntertainment a question and a suggestion, did you guys added any unused map content to SR? if so maybe adding some early access zones that were cut from the main game would a nice touch, like the Old Grove for example
That would be a nice touch if those levels were useable, but they’re really not. They’re in a very baseline state, not polished at all. So we’d effectively be making new levels. Which for the Shattered Realm we did make some fully custom levels, but not those in particular.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD Is there no end to the Waystones then?
Waystones stop at 75. After that you’re on your own.

Darkstalix : Any chance for later on to add Hell Difficulty for Ultimate like being the equivalent of Normal+Veteran? Introducing more health and more OA+DA on monsters?
If you want to do that go right ahead with a mod, but I think in terms of the game Ultimate is exactly where it needs to be.

Bigdaddyyumyums : shattered realm is your hell difficulty
Yes, Shattered Realm really is your Hell difficulty. This the hardest content in the game if you go high enough in the Shards. It gets more difficult than the Crucible by far. If you can keep pushing you can go higher. I think realistically everyone will find a soft limit where their characters can’t survive any more, but in terms of how far it goes in the arrays I made it goes up to 200. But everyone will just die instantly. I didn’t think it was going to get to 200, but prove me wrong though. Prove me wrong and I’ll add more values to that array, but I’m sceptical.

JimmyBuilds : will you add new mutators this patch/expac?
We’re not adding new mutators, the list currently exists is pretty all encompassing in what they do. I’m not really sure there’s room to add anything interesting.

eternalhsp : @CrateEntertainment Will we get a better item set or build support for warlock?
Well, Warlock sets are getting some updates so that counts I guess.

Syphin3 : its kinda scary how you have a date but you’re so unsure of your development time that you can’t release it even if you’re within 2-3 weeks of releasing a title…
I don’t know what you’re referring to exactly, we know exactly when it’s going to release and we know exactly when we’ll tell you the date. We’re under no obligation to tell it to you early. I feel no motivation for example to put more pressure on Allminoxy who’s already working his ass off. If he’s gonna need an extra day, I’m going to give him an extra day.

apouche_ : what it’s the part of GD that you worked on and are the most proudly of?
This question comes up a lot. I always give the devotion system as the thing I’m most proud of and I suppose that is still true, although that final boss that we just finished, hot damn. That is a fight I’m incredibly proud of and Allminoxy made it look beautiful. I wish I could take credit for those visual effects, but I cannot.

veryblackraven : Have you considered adding new classes later via DLC?
That would absolutely not happen. Classes are a monumental task to implement and each one gets more difficult than the last. So we not add something like that unless in a full expansion. Not to mention itemisation at this point is so full after adding 9 classes that it would just get ridiculous. I think it’s best for the game as a whole to stop at 9.

MLG_Pifu : @CrateEntertainment could the oathkeeper be played with a 2hander, or are the skills locked to using shields?
Absolutely make a 2-hander build with Oathkeeper. Oathkeeper does have a lot of shield support, but it is not a shield exclusive mastery. You can do Vire’s Might with a 2-hander, you can do Eye of Reckoning with a 2-hander.

GM #157 showed off a couple more of the new sets coming our way.

So Zantai gave us an impromptu dev stream on the 27th February. As usual THE question was what was asked most so let’s get that out of the way first.

Rickjamesyies : the juiciest question available to date: when is the release date?
Well, it’s in March.

Hypocritcat : Has there been any performance optimization with this expansion? I know you’re limited by the games engine to an extent.
Game engine is a thing that is malleable. It can be changed however we like. It’s a matter of resources we’re prepared to dedicate to it. To answer your question though I think there’s actually a possibility that we’re going to get more optimization from the Xbox port coming our way. I’m not sure it’s going to make the release of the expansion or might be post release, but I do expect it’ll probably squeeze out a few more frames out of this thing for you guys.

Hypocritcat : I assume that with added constellations we’re going to see more points being available, or are we limited to what is currently there?
We’re not increasing the Devotion cap limit, it’s staying at 55 because I feel that it is actually in a very good place as it is and to give you more skill points we’d actually start to see more overlap in different builds. Whereas now it’s just so tantalizingly close to maximising another constellation. A few more points could make all the difference in that.

malawigw : is Judgement “pull monsters towards you” gonna work on bosses?
Most bosses are immune to knockdown so no, they will not be pulled in.

oshballz : what caused that hammer spinning around?
That’s a constellation known as Targo’s Hammer.

Zenny_X_Gaming : how’s the overall progress of FG coming along?
At this point we are wrapping up item art. I expect that will be done pretty soon, next couple of days I think. And then we’re going to be preparing to lock the build down for release and that’s why it’s coming in March.

MrSkill6969 : late march or early march!!???
That’s still up to some debate. We do want to get it some more time to test to make sure there are no issues for you guys to put up with when it’s released, you know smooth polish and all that. Also a matter of speaking to Valve, speaking to GOG Humble about release dates and how it’ll all work out kinda with them, whether they want to do any promotions, whether they want to promote it in any way which some stores do want to, I think GOG want to do something on that for sure, but that is the kind of discussion we’re now having.

TruGrzybas : any news / ETA on items and devotions update for grimtools ?
I’m going to say soon. I think the next build we’re going to push to playtesting will have everything so that is when Dammit, the creator of grimtools, will have access to that data and shortly after that we’ll probably give him permission to upload it to you.

ChrisGamingtv : @CrateEntertainment what is next? after this expansion ? new game or another exp ?
That remains to be seen. I’m not going to say with certainly what the next step will be. It will most likely be a different game. There will be some post release content updates. We’re almost certainly going to add more to our Shattered Realm mode for you guys, some new items.

AngryMoustache : are you invincible while charging?
No, you are not invincible. Odds are you’re going to dodge a lot of things coming at you when you do that because you are moving very quickly, but you can be hit by AoE’s and stuff.

JayNyne : did krieg get buffed?
I think I actually did bump up his health just recently because as we release more content and make some balancing changes a lot of the older bosses have actually fallen behind in terms of their health value and I felt that for example Krieg and other such like could use a bit of a boost ao yeah, I actually increased his health just recently.

BajiNaji : Is there creative burnout after developing the same game for so long?
I mean there is certainly something to be said about doing new to refresh your creativity a bit. I think I could see us coming back to Grim Dawn some day, either for a project that’s not necessarily an ARPG; it could still be set in the same world and maybe a Grim Dawn 2 some day, we’ll see.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD What will you devs be doing in the 2 weeks after release?
Well, we’re going to be looking out to see how the expansion’s doing for one, going to see if there’s any issues we can fix in short order.

Oh look, here’s a new guy. Maybe I should talk to him.

weriot4cobearz : @CrateEntertainment also, very excited to see the expansion boss of FG…heard you guys were very “proud” of this one.
I am personally very proud of how that boss turned out. I think it’s one of the most fun boss fights in the game that we’ve ever come up with.

Angelsergiuboy : and chance the next game will be a new Action RPG on a new engine? or you are done with Action RPGs for a while?
Well, we’re not going to make a game that competes with ourselves so not very likely we’re going to have another ARPG come out right after Grim Dawn. If we do another ARPG it would almost certainly be a Grim Dawn 2 and that’s going to take time.

emkyooess : Will come same time as expansion, or a few days before?
Might be a few days before or same day, we’ll see how that works out.

Vods : @CreateEntertainment : Does Forgotten Gods change anything on the savegame structure that will require a Grim Dawn - Item Assistant update? And if so, will the creator of Item Assistant get the changes before release?
Yes, the save format is changing and yes, the creator of GDIA … actually no, that guy I don’t think is in there, but the Grim Internals guys is now in playtesting so he does have the stuff and the time. But I imagine GDIA will get updated pretty quickly for you guys, but that’s entirely up to the mod creator.

p44vo : any eye of reckoning chaos damage MIs?
There isn’t a Monster Infrequent, I believe there is a Legendary of it.

emkyooess : Is it me, or does Oathkeeper feel like a Commando, but all in one? Why so much narrow concentration on fire?
Not really sure what you mean, there’s a ton of physical damage on Oathkeeper. There’s transmuters that turn him into acid and vitality, so really we’re talking about supporting three different archetypes here. We’ve got physical, we’ve got fire, we’ve got acid/vitality. So I would say the Oathkeeper is very versatile in terms of damage choice. Fire did feel sort of like a logic direction to go with the holy archetype cause we literally don’t have holy damage in the game, but as I said you can transmute that damage and a lot of the skills aren’t actually fire.

JayNyne : any support for 2h melee pierce?
I believe so.

TruGrzybas : @CrateEntertainment are there any skill modifiers for judgement that would allow 100% uptime on aura dmg ? like reduced cd or increased duration ?
Definitely some cooldown stuff yeah.

ChthonicSonic : Are there already concrete ideas about games to be developed after the town builder?
Yeah, we definitely have some ideas of what we’re going to do next. Some things we’re excited to do.

AlexGabrielov : why was Crucible made to have these obstacles that make mobs be stuck/lose agro and make you lose a streak? why not just a flat area ?
Well, a flat area would not be that exciting to fight in, but if you have particular areas you think they are getting stuck on please report it as a bug and we can look into it.

Cologne_Steve : @CrateEntertainment Any news about the Xbox version? I hope the release is shortly after the release of FG
I don’t know if it will be shortly after, but it will be after the expansion because most likely we’re going to include everything and it all needs to be certified.

emkyooess : How soon are transmutes unlocked? How expensive are they?
Oh you’re talking about the set transmutation. There’s a quest in Forgotten Gods that unlocks that feature, I’d say it’s about halfway through the expansion. And as soon as you do that it unlocks everywhere. Actually I think it unlocks in the Crucible immediately because we don’t really have a way to check which tokens you have for the main campaign. So if you’re really desperate to do it right away you can just go to the Crucible.

Gunturan : Hey Zantai, why is the stream today instead of Friday, just out of curiosity?
It’s a bit impromptu I admit. I was just playtesting Oathkeeper today and it occurred to me I might as well just stream it for you guys so here I am. I think we might do an official stream this Friday in addition to this one. So you guys get two streams for the price of one, look at that.

morpheus____ : @CrateEntertainment is there any chaos love with Oathkeeper?
Primarily through gear, yes.

manitou_monster : Did you guys consider adding cosmetic items like the wings in Diablo 3?
I don’t think we’d ever add a new slot like wings. We do have the Loyalist pack which is a cosmetic helm if you’re into that. We might do another pack down the line because people like them a lot and I think having some more gear that matches those helms would be pretty sweet. Although I don’t know what the decision on that would be.

SkullFire58 : How many weeks ahead of release do you think you’ll announce the release date?
Not sure what Medierra wants to do on that. He needs to talk to the various store fronts and figure that out.

RoamerGFX : GD is awesome. And the only thing i don’t like - is the lack of displacement skills with fairly low CD (so the game could be more dynamic) @CrateEntertainment
Well, you’ll be happy to know that the expansion that’s coming has all sorts of movement abilities that don’t require targets so I guess that fulfils your one complaint.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment Will the 64 bit version fix the 4 player extreme lag in crucible?
I don’t expect the x65 bit version of the game to make a substantial impact on people’s performance. It’s really about how the company uses memory, it doesn’t really change how the calculations are processed.

RoamerGFX : @malawigw with 10 sec CD and only 1 displacement skill for each character? Its not a dynamic
First off, yes it’ll be one per character unless another one through your masteries - for example Oathkeeper has one baseline. I could have another one through my medals. And they’re not 10 second cooldowns, I don’t know where you’re getting that from. They’re more like 2 to 5 second cooldowns and I will tell you that it’s plenty.

GrimTwitchery : Zantai - I don’t mean to poke but about how much development goes into a game like GD? or say the expansions either hour or money wise. I’ve always been curious about just how much goes into a game, say a mill, more? 10k man hours?
I could not tell you off the top of my head. It’s been about a year, a little over a year actually of a team of 6, 7 people working full time for over a year. And not a single one of us works just a 40 hour week. All of us here work at least 45 if not more and recently Allminoxy’s been pulling more than that.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment How likely is Grim Dawn 2 in the future and have you thought about it?
Well of course we’ve thought about it. I’m not really sure how likely it is and certainly not any time soon. There’s gonna be at least a few other projects that have to happen before we really work on a Grim Dawn 2 and then the programmers have to get in there first, work out all the kinks, figure out whether we do a new engine or update this one.

Darkstalix : I always wanted to ask tho: if ever GD2 comes the mod-ability will be over right?
I honestly can’t answer that question. It really depends on what engine we’re doing, what it’s ability to be modded is. Are we doing online only or doing an offline and online mode rather like Diablo 2 did. I honestly can’t tell you right now.

Asskicker_5150 : it needs a new engine I hate the freeze and go.
If your game is stuttering that much, it might be something to look into on your end honestly, but a new engine doesn’t necessarily change that. And this engine can be updated to effectively be a new engine. this is TQ engine 2.0, that’s what you’re looking at when you play Grim Dawn.

gilavar : Any changes to MP difficulty in FG?
We did adjust multiplayer tuning a little bit for 1.1, I don’t think it’s going to be as much as some people want it to be because some people want some really high difficulty, but honestly there’s a mod that actually exists right that adjusts it.

ZZZi : any more xp leveling enhancements? besides lokarr set and malmouth xp potion
I guess you’ll just have to find out.

TwstedTV : @CrateEntertainment What coding language is GD coded in ??
GD is coded in C++.

Angelsergiuboy: are the milestones in the endless dungeon? or you always start at wave/lvl 1 there?
Every 5 Shard you will get a waystone that you can skip to in the future and you can craft those across all your characters.

Darkstalix : What about those 2 shadows in the Happy birthday thread?
What about them?

nomanual : how far did ppl reach in SR?
Playtesters have gotten to somewhere over a hundred, but that was actually before it was made harder. So it’s hard to say where they’d get now.

frogsarepeopletoo : at what shard is ravager gonna spawn?
Superbosses do not spawn in the Shattered Realm - for your sake.

Angelsergiuboy : any chance for a special boss that we haven’t seen at like wave 1000 or smt or like an easter egg or anything to make us feel good that we got that far?
I don’t think we’ll be doing a special boss that you only see at a certain wave. Honestly the amount of people that would see it at wave 1,000 or shard 1,000 would be typically nobody.

AdiosOcelote : if GD is coded in C++, why is LUA recommended or whatever in the modding tutorial?
Well because when you’re doing mods you’re not actually writing code. LUA is sort of hooked into the C++ so you have certain functions that exist that LUA can call which then run through the engine. But you’re not literally rewriting the engine when you’re doing LUA scripting. That’s kinda the difference between coding and scripting.

CapTripps : Can we see a non expansion that is/was changed to add mutators.
Sure. Welcome to Hallowed Hill which is now considered one of the challenge areas.

Xiphan : With regard to the infinity of the shattered realm does item rewards also scale appropriately so that you could effectively get to level 1,000?
Well, no one’s going to get to a thousand for one, but they do scale up as you progress. But you are going to get higher quality rewards than average if you get to Shard 80 than if you got to Shard 20.

lucidlucipher092 : Will we ever get mounts ?
We’re not adding mounts to an action RPG.

Rickjamesyies : i really want Oathkeeper to be able to convert all physical damage to fire, but i doubt it is possible LuL
Um, why not? Even looking at Vire’s Might here, the transmuter makes it all fire.

mordecai_mike : When you convert thorns to main hand damage does it do a set % amount of damage or can the conversion damage then crit?
It’s just like adding % weapon damage to your attacks.

emkyooess : Can we get all the mutators listed on a page in the Game Guide so we can study them and learn them?
That’s something that’s been on my list for a long time, but then I also have to get the artists to make me icons because the ones we use in the game aren’t exactly the same as the ones that we post on the Game Guide.

Locaron : how does the spin to win skill scale with attack speed? Does 100% attack speed make the spin tick all 0.1s? @crateentertainment
Yes, that’s what it’ll do.

Stream of the 1st March had a lot of repetition of stuff so I’ve picked out the new/relevant bits regarding the expansion.

What I will tell you about the release date is that we’re set on a release date, the only thing that’s left in terms of that is to finalise it with Steam. Once we are 100% lock down on Steam, when there’s no debate whatsoever that anything’s going to get pushed back for any reason, that’s when we’ll tell you the release date. But as of today, or even last night, we submitted our request for a release date with Steam and it just needs to go through the ropes with them.

ConstantinTrifonov : are there item support for warlock summoner in FG?
There are some items I guess that could qualify for Warlock support for pets.

SnowKJL : do you guys intent to keep working with Steam in future projects or going for own platform?
Considering Steam represents something like 95% of our revenue I think it would be ambitious and a little naive to start our own platform.

IvIumboJumbo11 : Tokens locked behind rep for new faction?

evil_storm : @CrateEntertainment will you add your game to Epic Store?
Not sure it’s really worth it at this point. Our audience is primarily on Steam.

gaboonvyper : I’d heard you were doing more to make the controller fulfil all the functions (as you wouldn’t have a keyboard/mouse to fill in the gaps). Maybe things to help with inventory management or ability management for the limited buttons. I may be wrong.
Yeah, that’s probably likely so that’s happening for the Xbox, I suppose that will be brought to the PC version.

emkyooess : Do the witch god factions fight with each other?
In this endeavour they are united. A common front.

frogsarepeopletoo : can you be revered with all 3 factions on one character?
Yes, you can. You will not get all of their quests, but you can be revered with all three.

MACOH_TW : Will we get some joke items in hidden areas like there were in TK?
In any case I was actually going to mention in this stream this expansion has way more silly, fun, secret stuff for you to discover than all the rest of the game combined.

Oh that’s right. I guess you guys are getting this ahead of Monday’s post, but we’ve actually added 10 more levels to the Shattered Realm which means we’re up to 64 now. 64 maps for the Shattered Realm that we’re going to be releasing with. It doesn’t include the boss levels. Some of them are completely custom made for the Shattered Realm.

Well, even besides just doing an expansion, there’s going to be post release patches. We are going to do at least one pretty substantial content update that we’re thinking of, we’re going to possibly give you more Shattered Realm levels. Yep, probably some more gear like we’ve added Legendary items in the past though patches and will probably do the same thing this time so just because the expansion’s coming out it doesn’t mean you don’t have more to look forward to. There’s definitely going to be free content stuff on the way. We don’t know if there are going to be any more big DLCs because those do take up a lot more resources.

Just in terms of the story to be perfectly honest I feel like to do the story justice at this point we need to do something much bigger than an expansion. And there’s all this stuff, those of you who are paying attention to the dialogue will know Ulgrim and the Emperor, there’s something going on there, the Emperor’s son, those are all big stories that would really need a lot of dedication to do them justice. And how far you get from the capital would just seem insufficient.

EnigmaticUnknown : Are there any rule breaking/changing items like Spellscourge Bulwark being added?
There’s one I’m thinking of, think it might be a post release item though. But there is something that I 'm thinking of that fits that bill.

meowdimurro : Will there be more information on the hierarchy of gods / ascended in the game? for example, such a Ulgrim, Oleron, Empirion. Which of all these entities is the strongest. I mean some kind of “pyramid of power”.
Medierra : Ulgrim and Oleron are human ascended, they’re sort of like demi-gods, Empyrion is an elder god and far above them

jogardar : hey crate and stream, just tuned in - has the big question of ‘when’ been answered? or are we still endeavouring toward patience?
Medierra : release will likely be the last week of March if things go according to plan

morpheus____ : @CrateEntertainment are the mobility skills affected by cooldown reduction?
They are not. The ones from the runes are not.

That’s the other thing in the Shattered Realm guys, if you die the bosses go back to full. So there’s no cheesing bosses with several deaths in a row, you start over effectively. Unless you kill one of them.

mauric1us : @Medierra now you know why we need dual shields
Medierra : you’re right, I think it’s time to get dual shield in

So I used a waystone which means I actually get less loot if I finish on the same Shard I started. If you use a waystone you have to beat at least 2 Shards to get the full loot.

elrokos : @CrateEntertainment hey i want to ask why there is no chaos or aether dot in the game. every other damage type has a dot type
This is a decision that was made a long, long time ago and honestly I can’t remember the exact details of it.

raziel777779 : @CrateEntertainment hello, will be any optimization for pet builds in next patch? (hard to hit 60fps even with gtx 1070ti in 1080p)
I can’t say we’re doing anything specific. There is going to be some general optimization in the near future which Rhis is working on.
Medierra : lower FPS is part of the balancing for pet builds
Medierra : will add new graphics quality setting that reduces max pets allowed (big M trolling again)

Ram_Zed : What about channelling movement skill template (EoR), also usable by non-player characters?
Non-player characters can’t actually literally channel abilities, but we have in the past done enemy skill sets to imitate that behaviour where they’ll channel that ability for several seconds and just keep casting stuff at you.

leozar94 : does the mastery beside oathkeeper have baseline skill with the new retaliation interaction or they will need item to have it ?
Almost every mastery has some degree of that and we’re adding retroactively. For example, Soldier’s Counterstrike - a very logical place to put that - is getting that mechanic. Grenado’s one of them.

Cassandra112 : are the movement skills designed to be entirely movement only… or potentially primary attack skills, or proc deliverers as well?
I’d say a bit of both. Some of them are entirely movement only. So for example, there is a teleport set and all it does is it teleports you. It doesn’t do any damage or debuff enemies in any way, but it has the longest range and shortest cooldown of all the teleports. If you’re really interested in just movement and none of the other additions that they do you can use that one for example.

emkyooess : How nicely does the Oathkeeper/Nightblade two-weapon poison build play?
I’d say it plays pretty nicely. The Venomblade set is going to support that combo.

gaboonvyper : I hate to be the Xbone question guy, but I do have one more. Did you guys make any Directx upgrades to the GD engine when getting it setup on XBone? Or any other specific updates or modifications involved in the port?
Well, when we got the game working with DX11 that was to get it working on the Xbox so yes, we’ve already done that.

jogardar : @CrateEntertainment what would be the most simple class to choose with oathbreaker, for new players? and what skills would be good to choose for that kind of player
For a new player, you’re just starting out, don’t really know what you’re doing in the game yet, I would recommend you start with either Oathkeeper and Soldier or Oathkeeper and Demolitionist and as your kind of basic build you might want to do something. Well, it depends if you want to do heavier on Oathkeeper or heavier on the older masteries, but assuming you want to do heavier on the Oathkeeper if I were you I’d maybe say for a levelling build, depends again if you want to rush through things or you just want to have a lot of fun with what you’re doing, Aegis of Menhir/Vire’s Might combo. If you wanted to focus on rushing through you could focus entirely on Vire’s Might. Eye of Reckoning is higher up, that might be a bit tougher starting out because of having to rush to that first to unlock it.

emkyooess : Please tell me the patch notes fixes the old auras-kill-your-team-mates bug, so components can get real auras again?
We have literally never once repro’d that at our end. It is the most elusive bug of Grim Dawn I regret to say.
emkyooess : What can we do to help you isolate that bug? Is there a chat command we can do to do a full memory dump or something?
It’s not going to be anything like that. If someone wants to help us isolate the bug we need a repro. That’s the key. We need a step by step how to make it happen. People tried to provide us with that in the past and not a single method of theirs worked. It must be some crazy combination of hardware and repro steps that we’re just not getting. It is frustrating because this has been an issue for us for years and I personally have spent hours trying to repro it.

kyleblake48 : how is the balancing of already existing items going to work with the oathkeeper? are items getting reworker, or is increases to oathkeeper skills getting slapped on?
A bit of both. I would say mostly added on. The thing about the items is a lot of items already support 3 masteries, adding a 4th just adds more variety, it doesn’t do anything stronger.

限界 (deepdelvefantasy) : How much will the Expansion be?
Medierra are you here? Can I tell them?
Medierra : no

prasdl : Any idea when we’ll be able to buy the expansion?
You’ll be able to buy the expansion when the expansion’s out.

weriot4cobearz : Now can you show the final boss?
I would be so pissed if someone leaked you the final boss before the game is out. That boss needs to be experienced the way we made it in that level. You do not want the final boss spoiled, you want to get there in the context of the story and you will leave satisfied. Cause that is one of our best fights, we’ve ever made.

GeneralChaosZ : @CrateEntertainment Can multiple Nemesis spawn on you in Shadow Realm at the same time?

FriendWontTellYou : @CrateEntertainment are you going to fix that one annoying thing, like when someone joins your game it lags for like a 20 seconds?
How long that pause occurs for is really dependent on your system and your connection. It’s not something we can magically make faster, at least not without some extensive changes because the reason you might not experience this in an online only game is because you’re connected to another server. The server’s handling all those details whereas in the case of Grim Dawn where it’s person to person you are the host and the player so when your computer is handling that connection then there’s a bit of a lag.

mekkimurran : does the WW skill scale with attack or castspeep?
It’s attack speed. In fact we added that to the skill tooltip to make it absolutely clear.

Innoruuk88 : can we change the lightning damage of eye of reck to burning damage?
No we cannot.
Innoruuk88 : i mean the 2nd skill soulfire. can we change this lightning damage with modifiers?
Modifiers can’t be modified by modifiers, that’s too meta. But you can convert it with conversion.

Gunturan : Hey guys, have you or anyone else experienced the inability to create a new character the 1st time? As in, I have to repeat the process twice in order for it to “take”.
I have seen reports of that, I wonder if it’s something to do with your Windows struggling to create the folder initially. So it tries to create a character and the folder doesn’t exist so it makes the folder for character saves and then you make another character and oh the character folder exists and the character gets created. I’m wondering if it’s something weird like that.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD Will finishing the FG content straight after dealing with Krieg, before continuing with the rest of the campaign, change dialogue, events and NPCs in Vanilla and AoM content?
Where it makes sense it will.

Greywrath : @CrateEntertainment will there be any choices in FG that will forever foreclose you from something like Direni or missable items
I guess the answer to that is yes. There are some areas in the world that you can only access depending on which faction you chose. However, if you join in multiplayer and different players have access to different factions’ content then you can all access together. For example if you have access to an Eldritch area that’s specific to Bysmiel and a player who chose Solael joins you, he could go in there with you and vice versa, you could go into the areas the Solael player has access to.

RoamerGFX : Will there be any option to sort the Characters in the list by yourself actually?
Probably not going to happen for this game.

gtonibaku : do mutators scales higher than ultimate difficulty inside the shattered realm?
Not sure what you mean. Mutators scale by difficulty and your level.

emkyooess : How much do the difficulty skip tokens cost?
I think it was about 100,000 iron bits off the top of my head, something along that range.

jogardar : @CrateEntertainment will you change existing items to add oathkeeper attributes? or do we get to farm oathkeeper items fresh from scratch?
Both. There’ll be new items and old items getting Oathkeeper bonuses.

Motorhead1975_ : Next Monday’s GM will be the last one before the FG release?
Yes, it will. After the next Grim Misadventure we’re going to slow down the frequency of updates as we focus on the expansion and its post release.

Greywrath : @CrateEntertainment will you be able to see the bonuses/items from each God faction before choosing them?
Yes, the vendors will be there for you to click on and interact with. However, you can earn reputation with all 3 so you’re not locked out of the other vendors. So you could say choose Bysmiel and still buy Dreeg gear.

Mikwuyma : will there be a vitality based righteous fervor legendary or set?
There are Legendaries, there isn’t a set.

dir1y : anyway we can get exp from quests turned into iron bits after max level?
No, we’re not going to do something like that.

ericxfb : would you say the choice between physique/cunning/spirit is now balanced post changes?
I don’t know that I’d call it balanced in a perfect sense, I think it’s much better. I definitely don’t feel as bad for end game characters putting some points into cunning or spirit as it used to feel, but the biggest reason for that change we’re making 1 for 1 - for those that don’t know the change we’re making spirit and cunning are going to give 1 health point for each in that attribute so they’re a little bit closer to physique. So the main goal for that change though was for characters that had to increase their cunning or spirit to meet gear requirements were not so far behind physique builds for health.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment When did you know you wanted to do a second expansion for GD?
Pretty much right around when we were finishing working on Ashes of Malmouth we were like think it’ll be worth doing a second one. So we started contexting it right about that time and once we had the sales numbers, said okay definitely think it’s worth doing.

emkyooess : About what percent of GD copies sold did AOM get?
I think 22%, 24% which is great for an expansion.

Syphin3 : is there a item or set that allows us to spam (-100% cooldown) for Aegis Of Menhir so we have a shield throw build?
You can get Aegis of Menhir skill pretty short, but you cannot make it no cooldown. That is not the kind of playstyle it is.

Grava: I like how Medea keeps giving us the best spoiler that’s been in this entire stream.
Well, people keep asking this question, got it on paste.
Grava: I’ll say it aloud. Medierra says the release will likely be the last week of March if things go according to plan. There you go, I mean that’s huge, what more could you ask for.
Did he actually say that?
Grava: I mean Medea’s saying he said that. Medea’s lying, that’s the problem, right?
Yeah, Medea, why are you lying?

Me? Lie? I’m in tears, wounded, cut to the quick. :cry: I may troll a bit since I’ve had you two (and big M) to learn from, but for something this important? If anyone was lying it was the big guy himself, but it doesn’t read that way to me. And yeah, I had it on paste - only way to keep up with THE question being asked so many times. So I’ll repeat it once more

37.18 into the recording
Medierra : release will likely be the last week of March if things go according to plan

GM #158 gave us confirmation that, all being well, FG will be released during the last week of March. Also another couple of artwork show offs.

And Zantai has released a v1.1.0.0 preview

Big news from this 8th March stream of course was the release date: 27th March 2019. Price: $15.99 on Steam.

leonkillsashley : @CrateEntertainment Will FG receive a simultaneous release on GOG and Steam?
The answer to that is yes, they’re coming out at more or less the same time. We’ll try and coordinate that so they’ll be out in the same hour.

hodipeti : Retaliation Dmg added to Attack benefit from Life Steal if the skill has %Weapon damage? For example with Righteous Fervor’s modifier, Retribution.
The way life steal works with % weapon damage is it only benefits the % weapon damage part of your skill so the answer to that is no, retaliation will not benefit from life steal via weapon damage. If for some reason you had life steal retaliation, which doesn’t exist, then that would work.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD Retaliation Damage won’t be reflected when hit by melee attacks. Is Retaliation Damage added to Attack also not reflected?
Well, then you’re actually doing an attack so it would be reflected.

gaboonvyper : As a GOG user, I was so excited to see that I can now play with Steam users. What was the engineering solution to that?
Honestly I don’t know the specifics, it was almost as much a surprise to me as it is to you when I was talking to Rhis about it. It’s like “oh, that’s a thing? That’s interesting.” And I tested it with him, it does work so that’s pretty cool. It pretty much came about as a side effect of working on the Xbox port so thank the Xbox port once again for giving you guys an unexpected perk for the PC version.

GeneralChaosZ : @CrateEntertainment Is there going to be an item we can purchase that can transfer iron bits between characters in FG?
There isn’t anything like that at the moment, particularly because vendors actually have a market decay rate if you will that reduces how much money you get versus the item’s value so it wouldn’t work to just have an item, it would have to be entity themed direction which I keep forgetting to look into. I guess I’ll do that after this stream because I keep saying I’ll look into it.

spendaem : FG will be released on 27th March

alex3 : I seem to recall some performance improvements might be coming?
I did mention that there’s some likelihood of performance improvement that Rhis is working on, again some benefits of the Xbox port. But I’m not sure if it’s going to make patch 1.1 or going to have to wait until after.

noskeeper : How is the loot in Shattered Realm? Is it still just going to be worse for gear farming than crucible, sort of how campaign is now?
I think it’s going to be up to you guys to figure out how you feel about that. I think it’s going to be close to Crucible in terms of purple, but it is going to be pretty damned hard. So, you know, gotta weigh that against it.

mechinal : is the shattered realm legendarys a one time only drop or can we farm them"?
You talking about the set? It will drop as many times as you clear the areas that you need to earn it. But it is untradable. So don’t expect to give it to people who don’t go in there themselves. Earn it!

MarxoneX : how is Iron Farming and vendor item prices in FG? any changes to farm iron faster?
Well, if you might have looked at our preview of the patch notes that are coming in 1.1 since the loot filter is coming we are actually going to reduce the sell value of items and we’re going to increase the iron drops out in the world. And I will tell you it basically makes me not really care about any items I’ve filtered out because I still make a good amount of money without having to worry about it.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD How’s play testing going?
Playtesting is going good. We’re confident enough in it that we’ve set a release date internally. It’s solid, it’s pretty much bug free. The last bugs that were of concern have now been fixed that are going to go into playtesting soon so it is good.

Jyih : So, when will you externalize that internal release date? Give you maybe give us a date when you’ll tell us the date?
36.30 Medierra : 27th

drazac : I understand that you don’t balance game around Crucible. but when it was introduced and people started judging the builds based on how fast the clear time is, one thing become quite obvious. The ones who have the ability to life leech (life steal) will have the most success while the builds that focus on magic spells that don’t have weapon damage component to it, can barely cope up with higher crucible levels, due to inability to leech from the attack. At that stage, why didn’t you include weapon damage.
There are plenty of builds that don’t do weapon damage that do well in the Crucible so I don’t think that’s entirely true. I think there are certain builds based on weapon damage that are currently too effective in the Crucible which is why patch 1.1 is making some adjustments to them.

MACOH_TW : @Zantai_GD can you change the proc on Ghol’s gloves to smth else than “on crit”. Most pet build simply don’t have enough OA to be able to proc 30% on crit
I will not change it.

ChthonicSonic : Is there a special place in Korv(aaki)an Inferno for Inquisitors who have sided with the Order?
You will find that certain NPCs will not be too happy with you. Very, very unhappy.

cibbo : did the date was announce? @CrateEntertainment
Grava: yes the date was announced.

ReplayQ : why rip nex-ortus players guys?
We didn’t rip nex-ortus players. I’ve said this before, every time there’s a patch and you get to see the changes in advance, just try the changes first and then complain about that build. And if you’re correct and I’m wrong, that something is dead, then we will make changes so they’re not dead, but I will not accept the fact that someone looked at the patch and said dead build.

indhop : how does retal damage added to eye of reckoning work? full value to every tick?
I would be every tick. I mean that’s how it works for any channelled skill.

morpheus____ : @CrateEntertainment is dot retaliation damage also added by retaliation damage added to attack?
Yes, any sort of retaliation damage you have would be added to that mechanic.

Mikwuyma : oh btw is there a vitality-based righteous fervor set/legendaries being planned?
I don’t think there’ll be a set, I’m sure there’s some gear support though.

VanisherXP : does FG include new “funny” equipment like cauldron of excitement or gazer man?
I’m going to let you figure that out for yourself.

Forgotten Gods has a lot of little secrets for you to discover. I would say as many or more than base game and Ashes combined. And there is a secret in the game that the playtesters haven’t even found yet. It’s so secret they don’t know how to find it, so I wish you good luck internet. There’s still one secret they haven’t discovered. They don’t know where it is, they don’t know how to get it

morpheus____ : its so secret it doesn’t even exist
No, it’s not quite that bad. It definitely exists, I tested it, it works. It’s just very obscure. I wish you guys good luck. It’s the most obscure secret in the game.

FlamingX21 : I will call CEO of create and ask where is the secret
Here’s the thing, Medierra doesn’t know where it is or how to get it.

FreezardB : is this gonna be like binding of Isaac where people data-mined the obscure secret and ed mcmillen went off on the community and took stuff out because of it?
No, I am not going to edit something out of the game because you guys data-mined it. I feel if you data-mine it, you’re just ruining it for yourself. You’re going to ruin your own fun.

EverybodyLovesMagicWandah : Zantai the paladin mastery is more sword and board or pistol’s oriented? (if pistol’s is the focus) maybe we can get some 2h synergy or sword and board synergy?
The Paladin combo is whatever you want it to be.

phtephens : do you lose xp on death in SR?
Well, it’s just like dying anywhere else.

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment In regards to crafting, there are many crafting mats that are used more than others. for example, blooms and brain matter are used a lot more in crafting items. Will that be fixed in the future?
The distribution of such things is actually pretty even, it depends on what you’re exactly looking to make. In terms of blooms they are very commonly used just because they’re used for all the new components we added for Ashes of Malmouth and that is not going to change because that was done intentionally.

ChthonicSonic : @Zantai_GD Does the SR have cosmic levels as shown in a GM a while ago and in the gameplay trailer?
Um, if you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about then yes it does.

Sinnfullduck : @CrateEntertainment Does the new % Healing Received effect health regen and ADCTH or just skills that heal you such as word of renewal?
Potions, life steal, Word of Renewal or any sort of healing skills. I don’t think health regeneration.

Flutx : where is the release date lebowski?
Yeah Medierra, when is the announcement? When are we telling them? When is the announcement of the announcement?
Medierra : I already said it in chat
Medierra : no one noticed
You already said it in chat? What? No one noticed?
Medierra : now its a secret
Medierra : will have to data-mine the chat for it
keith0622 : I saw the release date that Medierra posted it was March 27th

bigpapabear888 : will we ever have player resistance values mitigate the effects of certain ground hazards (chaos, aether, etc.)?
I mean you already do. Any sort of damage absorption does mitigate it.

Sinnfullduck : @CrateEntertainment is shattered realm going to be a difficult way to level?
It’s going to be a more challenging way to level because you’re going to be fighting more powerful monsters than you would in the campaign setting. But it does give a lot of XP.

Freemason_Templar : @CrateEntertainment when the game is released will y’all be releasing a bundled version with all content? i want to buy the game for friends but want to wait to see if there will be a bundle coming
Medierra : will probably do a “gold” version or whatever in the future with everything included

Xiphan : I know what you need to do to access FG. I mean when you use one of those merits you get all the attribute and skill points as if you had played through normal and elite, I was just wondering if they also include rewards from the FG content so you don’t need to go back and replay FG on lower difficulty with a character that is already on ultimate.
There aren’t any rewards on Normal and Elite in Forgotten Gods that you would miss out on if you just started Ultimate. It’s just like Ashes of Malmouth, you don’t need to feel compelled to go back on Normal and Elite and play through the content. If you’re on Ultimate difficulty with a character then just start Ultimate difficulty, go right in, you’re not going to miss any rewards that are critical to your build.

Nitrocide17 : Is there already a shattered realm map that takes advantage of the Malmouth Sewers environment?
Yes, there is.

weriot4cobearz : @CrateEntertainment patch before or on release date?
I will tell you it’s almost for sure going to be before.

DenisMashutikov : I JUST FOUND IT! Release date at the last week of March. So we have Epic boots: The Final March. Boots is c007_torso.dbr file. Two Zero Seven => March 27 Confirmed!
That’s such a good conspiracy theory I almost want to tell him if he’s right or wrong Medierra. That’s kind of hilariously good. I think he earned it.

Darkstalix : Xbox players will be able to play with steam-gog?
I’m guessing there won’t be because the versions are not quite the same.

Razzle81 : Will there be a way to level up faster then with s potion for testing builds? Cause I’ve got like 1000hrs on ten characters and I want to test my other legendaries
There will probably be a means to acquire some additional items for increasing XP gain. Maybe, possibly.

Your final questions before we sign off for today. After that beautiful conspiracy theory if he hasn’t said anything I don’t know what you guys are going to do.
1.30.34 Medierra : I already said the release date and someone reposted it
What? I keep not seeing this repost claiming this happened. You’re lying, lying to me.
Medierra : date is in the stream at least 3 times lol
Date is in the stream 3 times, I don’t believe you. If you claim the date is in the stream 3 times I will just say it right now, on stream. And then you can’t get mad at me when I say it. Cause you’re now claiming it’s been said and no one noticed. I’m going to do it, I’m going to fucking tell them the price and the release date. I’m going to do it.
keith0622 : Medierra said it was the 27th of March
Medierra said it was the 27th of March? Oh my god he did, he said it. There you go, it’s in the chat. I’m fucking saying it. It’s coming March 27th on Steam and GOG and on Humble. March 27th for $15.99, get your Forgotten Gods on, take your vacations now.

So yeah, Medierra did say the date - and nobody noticed. :o

Given how embarrassed we must all feel about that I know what we need - a fluffernutter with pineapple in it. That’ll make us all feel better. :wink: :smiley:

And yeah, the above doesn’t come over half as well as it does in the stream so do watch and have a laugh.

And Zantai confirmed it on the forum.

Don’t think there’s much new in the 15th March stream, but I’ll go over it tomorrow to make sure.

No, didn’t hear anything that hadn’t been said already. You should be proud of him Zantai. :stuck_out_tongue:

However Grava did manage a little spoiler to whet appetites. Where can this be found I wonder?

GM #159 gave us news of some upgrades to 4 older sets, new fxs for some skills and AAR will have pierce capability in patch and there’s a new rogue-like dungeon on the way in a future patch.

The stream on the 19th April showed off changes to some of the sets from GM #159 plus some skill changes. It also had some interesting background to how some of the characters went from insignificant NPCs to major players in GD’s story.

Hillhome : how is Dawnshard not a set?
Primarily so we could put in some separate bonuses that didn’t necessarily align perfectly between them so we could support different classes. But visually we wanted them to have a matching appearance because have a full Dawnshard look seemed like a good idea to me.

Patch out towards the end of this month, if not then early May for sure.

Sinful_me : xbox one release date?
Can’t give you a date. I can tell you it’s probably coming later this year, still needs to go for certification, still some tech work to be done. Basically we had to wait for the Forgotten Gods expansion to be finished and then we could proceed further with that.

freakgallery : @CrateEntertainment I know it’s too too early but , did we get 3rd expansion ??
I definitely can’t promise you anything like that at this time. I can tell you that collectively, between all of the DLCs and the base game, Grim Dawn has now surpassed 3 million copies which is incredible for an indie company.

rebel7254 : Merit tokens work for mods in next patch??
Merit tokens will work with mods just as the programmer told you in the thread that you’ve asked.

So there are 4 sets we’re redoing for the next patch for Forgotten Gods which actually apply to Grim Dawn and Ashes of Malmouth so those who haven’t been keeping up with our dev updates we’re reworking the Clairvoyant set, the Ulzuin set, Iskandra set and the Bloodrager set, which coincidently are sitting here right in front of me.

smokeejoe : Don’t change ULZUIN!!!
Well, here’s what I have to say about Ulzuin. I found that the original idea could be made to work if we kept forcing it, but there’s a lot of other options for Fire Strike already and those that were hurt by the changes to Ulzin we’ve actually shifted over to other items so you can still have that skill bonus support, and instead we’ve tried to make Ulzuin a lot more unique and interesting and I’ll show you guys in a bit. I think it’s one of the more fun ones of the 4 that we’ve done here. It definitely brings out the meaning of what it is to support Ulzuin.

rgScupper : Will hand shrine before Eldritch Gate have its secrets?)
The hand shrine before the Eldritch Gate is used to worship Korvaak back in the days when the temple served its purpose. That no longer happens since the temple’s a ruin and the people who worshipped it are dead.

valaki8 : any plans of fine tuning the loot filter? like some kind of AND condition instead of OR?
The philosophy of the loot filter was to keep it straightforward. Not to make it so complex someone would have to look up a guide on how to use the loot filter. So there’s definitely some more powerful options that you guys are asking for; I’m not sure we’re going to go through with adding them because that might start to get way too complicated.

deathspank139 : Hey Zantai, could you check Valdun commando? It kinda feels underwhelming and besides Valdun tactician is way more powerful
I think we made some adjustments to Valdun, not sure they’re Commando specific.

Corvekson : If the question hasn’t been asked/answered already, did FG meet or exceed your expectations in regards to sales, etc?
I will tell you Forgotten Gods is doing very well for sales. It has certainly already paid for itself in terms of development costs so at this point we are making a profit on the expansion which is great. I think last we talked about sale numbers for Forgotten Gods it was over a hundred thousand copies sold which was excellent. I’m not sure it pushes us into oh my we have to make a third expansion, but we’ll see how that goes.
sheem999 : about sell of Fg copies, are you happy with it like did it sell over your expectation or?
I would say it’s pretty much on par with what we were expecting. It’s done very well, first for us so far. As I mentioned earlier it’s currently making a profit for Crate which is excellent. So keep spreading the word to your friends, guys, and get those copies out there.

CrystalNix : will there bi any changes to shattered realm ?
Yes. That is one of the big things we are doing in this next patch. First up is we’re actually rebalancing the loot distribution, kind of pushing it back towards the lower shards so it actually starts out considerably more rewarding then it smoothly progresses back to the same rewards it has now at shard 60 or so. So if you haven’t been getting quite up there you’ll find the Shattered Realm much more rewarding.

In addition we actually shifted the difficulty a bit as well. We’ve lowered the health scaling started at the first shard all the way up to 60 and we reduced monster physical damage all the way through all the Shattered Realm.

In addition we’ve revised the monster spawn for bosses so that you’re not going to see some of the really tough ones early on and you’re not going to see duplicates of really tough bosses ever. For example Grava’Thul with his dispel, you’ll never see two of him. Or I don’t think you’ll ever see two Kaisans or two Korvaaks.

First up we have the Clairvoyance Set. It’s been reworked almost completely, it still supports some of the skills it did before, but it’s much more focussed as a set now. It no longer does the generic bonuses it did before and instead it focusses on vitality and aether damage.

Softlight : Is the piercing AAR only exclusive for the Clairvoyant set?
It is not. As I mentioned it is baseline to Aether Ray.

gachibass_chechnya_kavkaz : Could you share with us what’s gonna be in the next expansion/GD 2 in terms of storyline/lore, at least a bit?
I’m not sure I should really talk about that because I’m not sure when or if it’s going to happen. I mean I can give you some ideas of threads we might pursue. For example there is the whole thing with the Emperor, the capital, with the Sun (son?), Ulgrim seems to be a special guy too. The Witch Gods seem to have gotten their way - what does that mean for the future of Cairn? What will happen to the future of Kymon’s Chosen? That Sigil?

FinnigansBread : Can you tell us where in FG we’ll enter the 5th rogue-like dungeon?
You will enter it from a place you can’t access yet because it doesn’t exist.

FicWader : @CrateEntertainment why did the witch gods run away like they were scared of us when we took care of korvaak? Were they scared we’d usurp eldritch realm from them?
In that case I suggest you kinda think about what happens when Korvaak is defeated. And what that really means.

deathspank139 : Last question from me for today and a humble request - Can Maw of Enaht be entered or will be in the future? and request - add Olerons set in the future, please Thank you in advance
Um, let me give you a little sneaky. If I can find it.

How about that. So, still a work in progress keep in mind, but I’ll let you figure out whether you’ll be entering the Maw of Enaht or not in the future.

Now that Aether Ray pierces, is damaged nerfed?
Yes, on the base skill damage is actually going to be lower. We needed to do that because otherwise you would have a crazy high damage skill that pierces through the whole screen.

Nitrocide17 : Drain essence doesn’t pierce though, because it branches out to nearby targets, correct?

apouche_ : what is the process of updating items and skills? who and how do you decide what needs to be updated and what not
I suppose it’s sort of a reactionary process. Some of the things we want to update visually is just looking back at the older things in the game and do stuff ourselves because we’ve done better at making that stuff or we made things a long time ago that we didn’t have time to update and now we do actually have some time to update them. So Aether Ray looked okay, I think it could have been done better so we updated it. Doom Bolt in sore need of a visual update considering how much we’ve done to lots of other similar spell effects. So we took this opportunity, particularly as we were reworking the Clairvoyance set. Because we were reworking the set the philosophy there has generally been to try certain playstyles, if they pan out make sure they’re viable. If they’re not panning out then might be time to consider a rework. And we’ve done that on several items in the past, it just seemed like those sets in general have always been either struggling or they just weren’t that powerful or interesting to play with so that’s why we finally decided to take a look and update them.

rgScupper : any news about City Builder?
It’s turning out great. We recently got a website up and running for it internally. It still needs some content added to it, but it’s getting to the point where we can hopefully show it off to you guys pretty soon. That’s ultimately up to Medierra though.

SkrunchyCakes : @CrateEntertainment How come the shrine in Steps of Torment (Ultimate) is 10x more difficult than any other content until one gets to Malmouth? Seems to be very off-balanced (and has killed every character I’ve hit it with).
There’s actually a story with that particular shrine. From beta there was actually a bug with that shrine that made it spawn a cluster of these bone monstrosities that would attack you all at the same time and that shrine was insanely difficult, but people actually kind of liked it. So we kinda of left in a more subdued version of that as an homage to beta if you will.

skipperx83 : is the CDR reduction chance gone @clairvoyant set?
It’s gone as a general bonus, but it’s still there for Doom Bolt.

apouche_ : what is the one thing you wish you could do (or redo) if you had all the resources in the world?
I would definitely redo the bounty system.

Corvekson : Any chance of Conflagration getting a little boost in damage as well? Really awesome fire beam spell that I feel gets left behind in regards to 90% of the fire stuff already out there.
Well Conflagration has pierce now so it’s damage is comparable to Aether Ray in that regard.

lurking_btw : would you ever consider adding a pvp mode for grim dawn?
Well, pvp exists. We’re never going to balance the game around it, but you guys are welcome to make a mod to balance pvp.

windymindy : is there any reason to get more than 135% movement speed?
It does actually give you a buffer against movement speed reduction effects so that is an option. Of course slow resist is a better option, but that I guess is why you could push over the 135% as a buffer to slow resist.

Right Ulzuin set. So Ulzuin previously supported Fire Strike which is fine. Fire Strike isn’t the most dynamic playstyle, it’s an auto attack build. It worked, I think it was okay. We tried to push it a little bit more in previous patches to improve it’s support, but at the end of the day it was just okay. I wasn’t very excited about it and I kind of thought about what it means to embody Ulzuin’s rage and the answer to that is fire everywhere. Fire from the heavens, fire from the ground, fire around you in explosions, that’s what it would be to worship Ulzuin in a set like that. So, with that in mind we set out to do this. Now this set is set to support Canister Bomb and it’s kinda pretty fun, not to mention giving you a ton of points to Ulzuin’s Chosen, you know a set called Ulzuin should probably support Ulzuin’s Chosen.

SkrunchyCakes : @CrateEntertainment Are you considering adding Alternative Advancement to the game for people who love playing their L100 character? Reputation and Items are great, but once one has BiS gear and maxed reputation, there really isn’t much of a reason to continue playing the build. Curious if you want people to be able to progress their actual character beyond 100.
Fundamentally no. I personally dislike the endless progression that other games have done. I feel there actually should be an end point where you look at a character and say this is awesome and I made it as awesome as possible. And now I’m going to move on to a different character, a different playstyle and make that as awesome as possible.

Dino_Thunderlung : So these changes to existing items, are they retroactive, or do we have to find the items again to get the updated changes?
These are retroactive. I don’t feel it’s really fair for you to re-hunt items you’ve already acquired just because we decided to redesign them.

Alarius : @CrateEntertainment are u going to expand a bit the boss arenas in sr, as of now to me they seem a bit too small
They vary in size. I think they’re in a pretty good place. The most difficult shards for example have arenas that are potentially as big as the Crucible arenas are.

Corvekson : Will the meteor effect from Herald of the Apocalypse and Ulzuin’s Torch receive this meteor visual change? Or is that being kept to Ulzuin’s set?
This particular visual is in Ulzuin’s set.

bigpapabear888 : I think we’re getting close to the point where GD2 makes more sense than another expansion
That is honestly probably true. In terms of telling a nice big chapter of the story it probably makes more sense to start a sequel.

FicWader : @CrateEntertainment will you consider making the game one bigass act if you add another expansion, like PoE did? Cause atm, if you want to play for “completion”, it gets a bit bloated with 3 diffs now with 2nd expansion
Here’s the thing. In terms of difficulty progression I actually don’t like the setup of having one difficulty because then we have to actually make the game really difficult even for casual players. I wouldn’t want the endgame of the main story to feel like Ultimate difficulty for a casual player, I don’t think that would work at least for our audience. However, with this edition of the expansion you don’t actually have to play them to Ultimate difficulty. And finally, we’ve added difficulty skip tokens in Forgotten Gods so if you want to roll new characters you can just send those tokens over to them from your main characters that have already been in those difficulties and you can just skip right ahead.

apouche_ : how do you evolve the lore ? is there one of you that takes the lead and other give input or is kinda of everyone throwing ideas kinda thing!
Some of it is organic as we develop the game, things kind of float to the top that seem fun and interesting. For example, the best example I can give you that comes up whenever this question is asked is Daila Thornsbury from Homestead, was originally just a little flavour NPC. All I did was I wanted to come up with a side quest just to add a little bit more to the world; she wanted her diary back. And in the diary you get a lore note that talks about this, you know, crazy story underneath the weeping oak and people liked that so much that they wanted to know what the next chapter is. So when we worked on the secret quest for the base game I thought, well why not keep going with that. And then we added her brother Dravis and his pursuit of power and that kept building on until Dravis become a core part of the main story in Forgotten Gods. I think that’s kind of awesome.

Similarly with Order of Death’s Vigil and Kymon’s Chosen, those came about organically as well. They were originally this sort of cult that formed in the Arkovian Foothills and all you did was find their abandoned homes because they moved on to some other place. So that was a story that was started then when we were adding factions to the game during beta we thought why not expand on that. So we added Kymon’s Chosen as zealots, the fervent worshippers of Empyrion (or Korvaak) and then we needed some to kinda counter that, offer people an alternative so that’s how the order of Death’s Vigil came about. And playing off of that we already had this character Uroboruuk that was created for the lore of Old Arkovia so why not read that into it and then he became sort of the founder of the order of Death’s Vigil.

In terms of creating the ongoing lore I’d say Medierra has the final say on things because it envokes the world he created originally. I stumped up a lot of the lore for the expansion, the course of where the story went, talking with him, discussing what works and what doesn’t. There are some ideas that were supposed to be in the first expansion, but we cut them because the expansion was getting too big and it was way too big, even after we cut those things. But then some of things ended up in the second expansion, some things didn’t make it in at all yet because they were too big. So yes, a sort of innovative back and forth process, all the designers had their share of writing lore notes as well.

weertangel : yeah, about those Tokens, isn’t it better to add some devotion points to them? course to get all dev points u pretty much need to replay the skipped difficulty anyway which seems a waste of the token @CrateEntertainment
There’s actually enough shrines on Ultimate difficulty you can get all 55 points. We made sure of that.

Right, the Bloodrager set. This did not require as much reworking as the other sets, but it did need just some tweaks to make it just that little bit better. So first off, the big thing we’re doing here is adding Nightblade support for the set. It might seem like a logic choice to add to a bleed heavy set so that’s what we did. The other big thing the Bloodrager set bonus. It used to be that it would trigger on killing a monster which is cool in the Crucible and works pretty well generally in the campaign, but if you’re fighting one on one against a boss and that boss doesn’t have adds whatsoever then that set bonus does nothing for you. So to improve on that what we ended up doing is creating two Bloodrage effects. First you have the Bloodrage on the set bonus. That now triggers on crit so if you crit an enemy you’re going to get this boost to your damage and you can keep it perpetually going as long as you’re critting enemies. Second, we’ve added the same “on kill” effect that you used to have on the set bonus to the helmet. And what that does for you, if you do a little bit more damage, it also gives you sustain. It gives you health regeneration and it heals you. So every time you kill an enemy every 5 seconds you’re going to get that little bit of health, you’re going to get that health regeneration and once again you can keep that going perpetually and we increased the duration of it to 15 seconds so you can actually keep it going quite a bit longer past a dead enemy. What it does mainly st make this set much more predictable in terms of its damage output. You’re no longer reliant on other adds in a boss fight.

chazinomaha : Have you considered adding Reflect Damage Reduction on this set? Bleed reflect can be brutal
I’m actually surprised no one’s asked. The biggest thing changing with retaliation stuff is there are some items that are over performing, it’s no surprise to anyone I think, and I physical retaliation is a little too easy to stack which again we expected was going to happen when we changed all the pierce retaliation to physical. But mostly we wanted to get it out to you guys, get you playing physical retaliation, see how the retaliation mechanic worked and come up with some builds. As expected, some of them were a little bit too strong so we’re going to reel those in, hopefully without hurting anyone else’s builds too much or at all.

footballgate : Will you show one of the new set?
I can’t because they’re not in the data yet. But I can tell you they’re coming in patch 1.1.3.

FicWader : @CrateEntertainment does our character “ascend” just along his journey as he amasses power, or is there something else to it also from lore perspective?
If you’ve read some of the lore notes, I think the one you’re referring to is Inquisitor Creed’s speculation that the main character may be on their way to ascendancy as well. What comes of that I guess we’ll see.

Darkstalix : Man please rethink making Wind Devils like blade spirit…so boring to keep spamming them
Well, Blade Spirits and Wind Devils fulfil different roles and Wind Devils are a spell.

ldhh902 : @CrateEntertainment is there any fix for people who crash in SR? lootwise
Yes, we have a fix in the works. It required some significant changes on the code end because of what it was caused by, so it wasn’t just something we could just throw in a hotfix. So it’s coming this patch, I hope it resolves this issue for you guys, it’s obviously not affecting everybody so was a little bit more difficult to find than your average crash. But I do hope it fixes this issue for you guys when the patch comes out pretty soon.

chloroformcongo : can you tell us more about how the Boss constellations are generated with the new Patch?
By constellations do you mean combinations? So the way bosses are selected in the Shattered Realm, we have several tiers. We have easy bosses, medium bosses, hard bosses and very hard bosses. Very hard is actually a new category we’ve added specifically for this next patch. Certain bosses in that category will only ever appear once on a floor and they will start appearing much later in the Shattered Realm, but that’s part of the issue as well as some of the hard bosses were spawning pretty low in the shard levels so we decided to move them out of there. So you’re not going to be encountering that occasional spike in difficulty, it’s going to be much smoother.

dasQuintus : Will there be more cold retaliation support in the future?
If you were paying attention to the recent patch notes we consolidated all retaliation effects into effectively 4. You’ve got physical, you’ve got acid, you’ve got fire and you’ve got lightning. If it’s not one of those 4 it’s not going to get more support. We’d like to keep it focussed on those 4 so that when you are making a retaliation build you know there’s gear support for it, you’re not making a really niche attempt.

Chorripan : may have been asked already but do you have any plans to tweak 2 handers a bit to make them more competitive?
I think that’s something that’s going to have to be touched on in a case by case basis. We have updated several two-handers for the next patch to make a bit more competitive.

359Titus : any chances for steam workshop support in the future?
Probably not. We looked into it and it seemed like more work than it’s worth at this point.

woodjh : Would you as a developer at Crate, at this point would you like to make Grim Dawn sequel instead of more expansions?
From a business perspective we’d do whatever made more sense. I’m not sure a sequel would happen any time soon in any case, but in terms of story telling a sequel probably makes more sense than an expansion. If we did an expansion it would probably be more of a side story like expanding the world lore rather than proceeding with the story of the Aetherials and Chthonians. The Witch Gods still kinda fit, they tied into the war of the gods, they tied into some of the threads we started in the base game and Ashes of Malmouth so that was a great story to tell. I think it was a great point to stop on, but in terms of progressing the main story further I think it would make more sense to do a sequel.

Sashischade : Who is Gogo the Chaotic Mellon?
So during beta we had some people who reached out to us, there were two instances of that where someone had passed away and they were a real big fan of the game and one of their friends wished to kind of put an homage into the game to kinda immortalise them and their enjoyment of the game when they were still around. The first was Praetorian Zedlee, it was a pretty touching story of someone who’s father was unfortunately passing away from cancer, I believe it was cancer, and he was hospitalised at one time, but he would ask his family to give him updates on what was going on on the forum, the game was just left running on his computer whenever he couldn’t play just so he could get back to playing where he had stopped. So we just wanted to give back a little to that guy and it was the best we could do. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t going to be done in time for his father to play, but at least we could have that NPC in there forever defending humanity against threats. Gogo the Chaotic Mellon was actually a similar situation, but someone said he wanted his username to be immortalised which is why the gravestone.

(For those who want to know more about Praetorian Zedlee the thread link is here)

angelskar : Isn’t the next decision you have to make which game to develop the hardest to do in your business?
That definitely has a lot of thought going into it in terms of what we should as a company do next. We had already discussed that prospect a long time ago and what that would be so I am actually starting to ramp up on something else that will hopefully some day be a project you’ll be playing. When, we’ll see and what it is, we’ll see. We’ll talk about that when we’re ready.

RektbyProtoss : what will the overguard nerf exactly be ? @CrateEntertainment
Big change Overguard. First stop, reduced cooldown. We’re going to reduce the stun duration scaling starting at 100% and going up in rank and finally the shield recovery is going to be nerfed, but you can get some of it back through Markovian’s Defense. In addition Markovian’s Defense is actually going to reduce the cooldown more, but it’s going to affect retaliation damage. Markovian’s Defense is going to be the tanky option. If you want to be a really tanky character, for example you might want to be tanking for other characters in multiplayer, this is your choice. But if you want to do damage then Markovian’s Defense is not going to be ideal. And that is something players were actually taking advantage of in their retaliation builds. They would take this transmuter, get all the perks but none of the consequences because the skill modifier did not affect retaliation. Now there’s a new stat that does.

RektbyProtoss : these changes have you considered buffing shield devotions a bit to make shields a little bit universally better?
To answer your question yes, Shield Training is going to be a little weaker and devotions supporting shields are going to be a little stronger. So we’re taking some of that Soldier shield power and giving it to everybody.

princexavier123 : when will you stop supporting gd1?
We have several patches lined up for you guys so there’s still a lot to look forward to. How long we support GD really depends on how GD sales are going. As long as sales are coming in it makes sense to keep things updated to keep the community engaged and keep sales going. Ultimately it’s a financial decision.

GM #160 gave us a preview of the new sets coming our way in v1.1.3.0 plus there’s also a new Loyalist Pack being made.

The dev stream of the 24th May showcased the 5 new Legendary sets revealed in GM #160.

atamanir : what about new dungeon ??
You are referring to our 5th rogue-like dungeon. It’s coming, it’s being actively worked on. It’s going to be a lot of work, cause rogue-like dungeons take a lot of work. There’s also a whole lot of build up to that dungeon that we have to create so as I mentioned in the little road map that we posted about a month ago this is going to relate to Riggs, the character in the Conclave of the Three, who gives you a few things, you know, for free and there are a few strings with that. And when one of our updates later on comes out, I believe it will in 1.1.14, then he going to come and ask for a little something in return and that’s going to involve sending you off to what will be the 5th rogue-like dungeon. And a few things along the way.

Fragonarsh : Is the new dungeon in the maw in the desert? (the star wars creature)
It’s not in there, but you might end up in there … for some reason.

rygoukh : Zantai, are there any plans for some “adventure mode” for leveling without playing the story maybe?
I don’t think we’d ever do something like that. I think if you actually desperately want to level without doing the same content you can go to the Crucible, go to the Shattered Realm. The Shattered Realm actually gives quite a bit of XP compared to other stuff.

Alright, first off we have the Dunefiend set. This is a dual wielding set that, even if you’re not playing a dual wielding class you can still gain the ability to do so through the helmet.

silentwrath777 : mr zantai is that true that items in GD cant roll perfect values on every rollable modifier on same item?
I’d really have to dig into the seed mechanics, that is how items determine the set, but I’m fairly sure that is in fact true, you cannot roll what would be considered a “perfect” item. Besides statistically the odds of rolling such a thing, even if it were possible, would be so astronomically low that you shouldn’t really count on it.

Dual wielding, that’s important because you have two swords in this set. You have the Slicer and the Dicer - Dunefiend Blade.

All these items are built around you playing with Shadow Strike, Eye of Reckoning and you can support yourself with Blood of Dreeg which will give you additional offensive stats and actually increase the healing output of Blood of Dreeg to give you better sustain.

Stonewall6915 : xbox version ever coming
Yes, it is absolutely coming. We’re sorry we’re not giving you more active updates in that regard, but it’s just not at a point where we can tell you confidently it’s coming out this day. Even just talking to Rhis, one of our programmers who’s involved in the Xbox port, just last week and there’s actually potentially going to be some more optimizations coming to the game, again courtesy of the Xbox port, but it does mean several things have to happen before we can even get into releasing the Xbox port for you, but don’t worry it’s coming. It’s great. I hope you guys enjoy it on console.

Now a little bit of fun we had with this set that I’ll point out now is that we added a little more tech to the way we can swap out skill fxs so you’ll notice that Eye or Reckoning is a nice acidic green. And this applies to all skill modifiers on gear that can convert Eye of Reckoning which will now reflect the correct damage type for that skill.

frogsarepeopletoo : is it only for EoR?
Yes, that is specific to Eye of Reckoning. So before Eye of Reckoning couldn’t have this effect swapped out by item skills, but now it can which is going to be coming in this patch.

MaDDworlD1337 : will there ever be a way to turn off the visuals to toggle abilities? (example path of exiles’ ‘invis’ aura toggle thing)
Probably not. We’d have to add some tech to disable those on a case by case basis. Or do you mean just a complete turn off all effects like that. Again, it’s not really the simplest thing because enemies can apply stuff to you and make that invisible and some things are attached to the same point and it’s complicated. The game wasn’t built for that. We’d have to look into even the feasibility of that I guess.

That the fun thing here with Shadow Strike on this set, let me try and get it to proc, is the fact you can get multiple Shadow Strikes off in a row which can be pretty bursty. And that’s because of the set bonus: 12% chance of +100% skill cooldown reduction to Shadow Strike. It kind of harkens back to this really old bug we had where people were actually able to stack enough cooldown reduction to make Shadow Strike have a point one second cooldown and they were basically doing stuff like that.

aspru5207 : any plans to make Healing stat more meaningful?
Is it not meaningful enough already?

Vaxterius : @CrateEntertainment any chance to tweak the Familiar’s AI to use its heal more frequently on other pets?
One thing we did specifically was change the Familiar’s heal to an AoE. You can kinda position yourself near your pets to optimise the way the healing comes out. I’m not sure about straight up switching it to heal pets more than you. Then you might end up in the opposite scenario where it’s healing your pets and you need a heal and you’re screwed.

Fragonarsh : any news on the loyalist items pack?
The Loyalist Item Pack is an upgrade you can pick up on Steam, Humble and GOG that adds a few cosmetic items to your collection. The first one was released way back in beta and it was a way to throw more support as us if you liked the work we do and want something in return for it. So that worked out very well and it seems like you guys have enjoyed it very much so yes we are considering doing a second Loyalist Pack, it’s actively in the works. I hope it will make this next patch, we’ll see, but we actually just recently talked about some concepts for the armour we’re going to add to that collection, Loyalist Pack 2, and it’s some pretty cool stuff I gotta tell you. It’s not ready to show you yet, it’s not in the game yet, but it’s gonna be pretty awesome. I think for those people that are interested in supporting the Crate Entertainment further and purchasing that Loyalist Pack you’re going to have some pretty cool armour to show off.

MaDDworlD1337 : will Nightblade ever get Exclusives? i always feel bad about not having a crazy toggle that deals frostburn and acid damage over time with a 10meter radius lol.
I don’t think there’s ever going to be a point where we’d go back to old masteries and add new skills. The game’s not really at a point where that makes sense to do

Darkstalix : We got any update on Primal Strike-reckless tempest FX? And the new vitality based primal strike?

eardianm : will post a feedback thread, but what are chances that mythical aetherstorm set could get a devastation can be cast with 2 hander mod on full set? buffed attack it provides begs for 2 hander with 50% weapon damage, but devastation mods then go to waste (assuming new set doesn’t make this a thing)
First off, blue sets don’t have item skill modifiers so that alone is going to be a bit of a show stopper for your idea. Second off, I’m not sure I’d want to do something like that.

rygoukh : ever thought about selling cosmetics zantai? like skill effects and such? i demand glacial primal strike effect (or riot)
So that’s kinda where the Loyalist edition pack comes in. That is cosmetic armour, they don’t give you any gameplay advantage apart from looking really awesome. As far as skil fxs swapping, the way the tech has been built in the game to do that there has to be item skill modifiers which is why we’ve had all these item skill modifiers for swap out fxs. Without an item skill modifier we don’t actually have the means to replace the skill fxs visually.

So the next set we have on this character has some similar cost distributions is Targo’s Craft set. All these are 4 piece sets. As we mentioned in our development update that we posted earlier this month, this set is focussed on Judgment, Amarasta’s Blade Burst and Blade Arc. And those of you who would like some trauma damage for other builds potentially like a Spellscourge build, you might find that this Blade Arc supporting mace might fit really well into that set.

rygoukh : Zantai, it would be so cool if judgement didn’t knock enemies around, but rather pull them in really quick. would feel more satisfying i might say. the knock down is too slow imho
We could increase the knockdown, but that might start having weird effects.

RosvoKissa : any info if we will get rouge dungeon and what it will be like?
I’ll tell you you are getting a rogue-like dungeon in an upcoming patch. Not the one that includes these sets, but it is coming. Visually it’s going to be similar to some of the environments you’ve seen in the expansion, I think we’ll throw a few twists in there. gonna have some fun with it. There’ll be some more lore for you to uncover which will pretty fun, I look forward to writing that.

tabia_ditch : it’s going to be inside the belly of the beast
It’s not going to be inside the belly of the beast, but you will venture in there for some reason on the way to the rogue-like dungeon.

dave45788 : @CrateEntertainment boys tell us how are the sales of FG doin ??
They’re doing very good, can’t complain. The expansion was absolutely worth doing I can tell you that.

rygoukh : @ zantai: What about a Fistweapon class for the future? Like a “Brawler”?:wink:
Well, first off, if we add another mastery it would require another expansion which is not super likely at this point because of supporting Forgotten Gods and our future projects. In terms of fist weapons though, even if we added another mastery we would not add a new weapon type because that requires new animation, it requires adjustment of the loot tables and bloating the loot pool. So we would never add a new weapon type.

vette88vette : any chance of adding a text bar to type gear into stash to find easier
The biggest challenge honestly for us for UI stuff is just fitting things in. The UI is already as full as it’s going to get. To add a search filter we’d have to make some changes.

This is another badass set I’d say. Chest piece, shoulders, helmet and off-hand.

jrayjr : animations are really expensive if im not mistaken right?
Individual animations might not be, but the problem is that a new weapon set we need to do two entire animation sets, one for male character, one for female character. And then we’d have to do animations for every single like attack type, every single weapon pool skill, all sorts of custom animations we have for various special skills. It’s actually quite a long list so if you add a new weapon type would be very expensive for what you get. And at the end of the day a new weapon type is mostly visual, it doesn’t actually change the gameplay that much. So I’m not sure it’s really worth it. I would rather have more animations for new monsters than make all these animations for the player character.

MaDDworlD1337 : will there ever be a way to use this pick up button to pick up all components and stuff like in titan quest where you just press the key once and it will AoE loot the stuff ?
I mean Medea’s answer to that question is the most valid one. There is a mod that does that, that people are happy with what that mod does. We personally do not want to add an auto-loot feature like that so that’s why modding exists. And in terms of your concern about compatibility in multiplayer that mod actually does not conflict when playing multiplayer with other people.

faust_wither : what the reason to place a npc that only sell potion in shattered realm Treasure Chamber? i think he should just randomly appear in some fighting chunk
The reason he exists there is actually because he sells the Shattered Realm set. Previously what happened was the Shattered Realm would drop it’s gear from the chest which had a few problems. The first one being if your inventory was full and you looted it, it fell back on the ground and got destroyed because that’s how soulbound items work. To counter that problem we just moved it to the vendor. The other issue was that people would get to the point where they already have the set, they don’t need more copies of it dropping so it dropping was actually detrimental to them getting more loot. So instead we just ripped the set out of the loot tables, replaced it with other stuff so you didn’t lose out, and you can buy it from the vendor.

madparr0t : on modding, is Workshop integration something being considered?
We kinda looked into it, kinda messy. The implementation we would have wanted to do would be quite a bit of work. I’m not sure it’s going to happen at this point, unfortunately.

Bigdaddyyumyums : So no toggle transmuters for Blood of Dreeg, word of renewal, pneuma, for those of us who are less button inclined??
It’s not likely we’d ever do a toggle, but there are some item skill modifiers that increase the duration.

ungod21 : skin for pets in transmog vendor?
That would be quite a bit of work.

So this set, the Pyran’s Ruminations set, supports 3 different skills: the Guardians of Empyrion for some reduced reduction support and some damage output, Devastation so if you like have a long Devastation that actually adds 3 seconds to it’s duration which is pretty substantial, and finally Mortar Trap which will also have a longer lifetime so you can get a bunch of them out. Run around and blow some enemies up. So if you want stuff raining from the skies this is your set.

jrayjr : at what point / shard does the shattered set appear at the npc? …oh my great set btw there, make it rain that fire
Several different shards. I think the first piece is at 10 and the last at shard 60 and you can’t grab it if you do a checkpoint. So you have to do at least one shard beyond a checkpoint to make the NPC sell the set.

Darkstalix : Blackwater Cocktail is gonna get any color change when having different dmg type? redish vitality for example
I honestly wish it could. The big challenge with Blackwater Cocktail is actually it has a transmuter that increases the radius of the effect and that’s the problem because if we had any sort of fxs swapping on gear it would then conflict, like which size does it need to be - the base radius or does it need to be the transmuted radius. And that just doesn’t exist right now in the game, that’s the real challenge of Blackwater Cocktail. I would love to make vitality fire and other stuff, but I’m not sure we’d be able to do that. We’ve done as much as we could really in terms of the visual swapping.

vainee : When i convert 100% of TSS/devastation to acid and or cold damage with conduit of arcane whispers, add new colorful fx too please
The Conduits do have fxs swaps so check them out.

So if you’re more into the void aspect of thing you might be looking forward to the Voidsoul set. This set supports Aegis of Menhir, Flames of Ignaffar and Doom Bolt.

One thing that is coming in this patch is for Doom Bolt, we’re getting rid of the percent current life damage on it and replacing it with crit damage. In other words when Doom Bolt crits it’s gonna crit hell hard.

feelgoodstoya : any plans to buff foi cone and aeo a bit ? btw this skill is a bit meh to use
We weren’t planning to increase the AoE, but we are buffing Flames of Ignaffar.

Darkstalix : Primal strike? Reckless tempest? Wind devil fx ?
Primal Strike? One thing I want to do with Primal Strike is I want Allminoxy to take a look at it because I feel the lightning could look hotter. See what we can do with that and we’re going to see if we can do a visual swap on it, but I’m not 100% sure we can. We’ll take a look.

However, Roigheist Set. It’s a Dreeg’s Evil Eye, Primal Strike and Vire’s Might set.

skipperx83 : @CrateEntertainment we have an offhand which converts vitality to fire dmg to DEE, do we have a red eye for this?
Dreeg’s Evil Eye has the same problem that Blackwater Cocktail has. The transmuter actually changes the behaviour of the projectile.

dave45788 : @CrateEntertainment will you increase the drop rates of celestial lotus ?
I don’t think we’ll have to increase it in the existing content, but there will be more ways to acquire it once the new rogue-like dungeon is added.

rygoukh : @zantai when leveling in crucible, the EXP/round Ration drastically drops after level 35 ish…could you maybe see an exp boost for crucible to make it more rewarding exp wise?
We’ll take a look. Not saying we will change it, but we’ll take a look.

AtakanG : why is there no Bows in Grim Dawn? (not crossbows)
The game doesn’t have bows because we wanted to go with guns and crossbows instead and adding bows would need it’s own animation set which would be, as we discussed earlier, quite an endeavour.

Oh, one thing that’s going to be coming in this patch for you guys that I haven’t mentioned yet is we’re actually going to be adding a few special levels to the Shattered Realm, 4 to be exact. These are going to be things like the mines level and lever levels where the rules change and weird stuff happens. And you might be able to get some special prizes out of it too, you never know. But yes, new Shattered Realm levels, some interesting twists in there, you guys are probably going to complain about some of those which is great.

SakkatBamboo : When can we expect this new patch ?
Probably next month, probably in June. I think that’s a pretty good estimate.

Dementios : Any visual pet conversions?
Pets are quite the effort to swap out because you literally have to change out all the pets that you summon for a new visual.

DarkOmeh : do you have a date at least when you think to announce that you start working for GD2? @CrateEntertainment
If we started working on Grim Dawn 2 we would not tell you until we are well along with Grim Dawn 2.

mauric1us : does the town builder game have a name?
It has a name. I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you yet.

FancyTorben : any plans on A hide item option for Illusionist? will the player models get some love to meet the standard of newer models like Byscilla?
Maybe. It’s not something we’ve actually been talking about.

DarkOmeh : what year you think that the new town building will come or have more information @CrateEntertainment
Maybe I should tell you cause they’ll be forced to live up to what I tell you. But it’s probably 2020. If they release it this year. Come on guys, make 2019 happen. What’s stopping you, it’s easy. I mean Grim Dawn’s been out for years, why isn’t the town builder done?

tuftyfella : is there a match 3 element to the town builder?
No. And I will dare say officially here that it does not require a phone either.

killmame : by town builder, not sure if you can say, but can you describe what it might be like?
It’s going to involve building a town and having people in that town and having them, you know, not die every winter.

DemonikCurse : @CrateEntertainment will you also update shattered realm portal arena?
That is one of the largest ones, so no. But we are updating the Loghorrean theme arena and the Fleshworks theme arena. Those are getting bigger.

frogsarepeopletoo : can you buff spawn rate of shrine of death in SR?
We’ll think about it. It is supposed to be more rare.

The GM of the 17th June showed off the items coming in the Loyalist Pack 2, 4 new quirky levels for the Shattered Realm as well as more updated fxs. Oh, and some new Legendary sets as well. :wink:

Not a lot spoiled in this stream of the 21st June, but what was is big news for many players.

dave45788 : did you add new legendary items beside the set items to the new patch ? @CrateEntertainment

Not this patch. Although in the next hotfix we’ll be adding a belt. Because feedback was that all the changes we made to this one belt killed too many builds so we’re just going to kinda bring back the old belt and make a new version of the belt we wanted to make. Oh yes, the Totally Normal items got added in the patch.

EnemyEX : any news on the Xbox One version yet?

The work on that is obviously not finished. Just with this patch actually you guys got voice chat functionality built into the game and that was something that was required for the Xbox. I have a feeling, not 100% confirmed yet, that there’ll be some optimisations coming next patch. Not like the next hotfix, but the next big patch we’ll be doing that should include optimisations that are aimed for the Xbox, but will benefit the game. Specifically involving lighting calculations and lighting has been actually very taxing on this game in the past so should actually have a notable improvement on that for people in the game.

Bigdaddyyumyums : So any chance you’ll change thermite mines to a singular mine with a bigger aoe? I believe I read on the forums you said it won’t bounce off of enemies that way

I’ve got something better for you because I’ve got the mines spawning in the usual trio they do, but at the target point and that’s coming in the next hotfix. So they’re going to be place just like the Inquisitor’s runes, just like the mortar trap and they will still do it as a trio.

Grava: So what’s next for you guys.

There’s the next rogue-like dungeon and the whole quest that goes with it. There’s going to be a huge dungeon, there’s going to be a bunch of mini dungeons that lead to the rogue-like dungeon, it’s going to be great.

Grava: I wonder what Riggs’ real name is. I feel that Riggs isn’t his real name.

Zantai: That would be your head canon. You were the one who created the character.

Grava: Yeah, I don’t know. Pretty sure his real name isn’t Riggs though.

“The patch just came out and every forum, every reddit, discord, was like oh my god I can’t play the game because Grim Internals doesn’t work, I want my autoloot. So it’s like FINE, we’ll make it so you don’t have to reinstall Grim Internals every patch to get your autoloot. Coming in the next hotfix, probably next week, we’re introducing autoloot for components and crafting materials. And whenever you loot a component, whether you loot with autoloot or manually, it will automatically combine with any of those components in your inventory. Yes, you can turn it off, it’ll be off by default, but we’re going to make that an option in the game options that you can make that automatic autolooting components.”