With patch as the last patch released, what is next for Crate and the devs?

With patch as the last patch released, what is next for Crate and the devs?

Might I suggest a native 64-bit port of Grim Dawn. I wrote a post explaining why they should do it. It can be found here:

Here are some more ideas (all of which should be released on Linux as well as other platforms):

  • a multiplayer online card game
  • a first person shooter
  • a MOBA game
  • a real time strategy game
  • a stealth action game
  • a driving game


Thank you.

If there is an idea that it’s a guaranteed shot in the foot for an indie videogame company that is MOBAs.


Release over-last

I saw a video that stated was the last patch for the game. Was the video maker mistaken?

last MAJOR patch, there is already a thread where Zantai is asking for suggestions for

It’s explained here

As for other projects, GD is being ported over to Xbox. And then there’s this.

We do know that Zantai’s project is a standalone GD related one, but that’s all we know atm.

Regarding Linux, Crate have made it clear in several posts over the years that this segment of the market simply isn’t big enough atm to warrant the time and effort needed.

“I respect that Linux is a powerful OS and its users wish for more gaming support, but unfortunately the adoption rate for Linux among gamer is still very low. Steam is our number 1 source of revenue by users and you need only look as far as their surveys to see that Linux represents 0.78% of their user base. Expending significant resources to make the game run smoothly on Linux is simply not viable for a company of our size. This is the simple truth that applies to many game developers.”

27th July stream:

JA_Sinclair :Can I dare to ask about a Linux-Version or is this kind of impossible with the current GD Engine?
Nothing’s impossible with an engine because you can just rewrite any part of it. It’s just a matter of how long it would take and is it financially viable and the unfortunate answer with Linux is it’s just not big enough to warrant the work required. If you look at the Steam user survey you’d find that Linux currently represents 0.5% of the Steam user base and Steam is literally our biggest share of sales by a massive margin. Like 95% of sales are Steam, so if only 0.5% of people on Steam are using Linux it’s kinda hard to justify the programming time necessary.

7th December stream:

frankstar : @CrateEntertainment when will we get a native Linux version. im waiting way to long for it
We cannot justify our resources for a Linux version, I’m sorry to say that. Linux is unfortunately just not enough of a market share to warrant expending programmer time on it. For the same reason we don’t have a Mac version and Macs might actually have a higher percentage of the market.


didn’t powbam say GD already performed better on linux than on win10? :thinking: - why would there be a need then for more dev resources to be diverted to a native linux port (which is still an incredibly small fraction of the market)

anyway, not like i’m saying it’s a bad thing if it happened, just seems kinda “wasteful” to divert resources to if not not as simple as suggested/worthwhile,
and would personally prefer dev resources being diverted to what gives best rewards for “all of us”/what Crate thinks fitting. Be it FF, GD2, incantation to summon wolves falling from the sky in Canada and central Europe, or anything not moba related, incl but not limited to Loyalist pack 3 and other cool things like a surprise walking bipedal beetle nemesis content update :blush:.

Not really a need if Valve’s Proton does the job anyway.

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Is Crate open to the idea to create a classical RPG with deep and tactical turn-based combat?
And what about the genre? Fantasy only? Or would Crate try to do a game in the science fantasy genre, a combination of fantasy and science fiction?

They might be in the future, but given they want a break from ARPG’s I guess RPG’s are also on that list for the time being.