Possible new Crate project in the works

Zantai joined us briefly on the GD discord today and had a few interesting - if vague as usual :wink: - things to say.

Zantai: My primary task is not gd these days. It’s also not the town builder.

powbam: so what yer really saying is that you are working on a new unknown game and you aren’t going to tell us what it is even tho its GD2.

Zantai: Gd2 would require significant ramp up by programmers before I even touch it.

I imagine gd fans will be interested in what I’m working on.

I’d be up for doing an RPG in the gd universe some day. One idea we tossed around for that was a prequel in the pre grim dawn era.

powbam: can you say if this game will also be using Unity?

Zantai: It won’t

I totally want to do a gd rts. But it’s not that, maybe some day

One idea I had was to do a faction system where you can get some sub units/structures from a shared pool of factions

powbam: so can we expect a more official announcement of this game in 2020?

Zantai: Maybe, depends how much progress we make

powbam: and this pretty much confirms GD expansions are for sure done. Even tho ive already felt that.

Zantai: I thought I’ve been pretty blunt about a possibility of a gdx3, hah. All things considered, FG did very well, but it just doesn’t make sense for the team and for the game to bloat things with a third expansion. A 10th mastery would just blow up items."

So what exactly is it? Will we hear more in 2020? Stay tuned!


Hmm possibility that it’s a game set in the GD universe.:grava_yes:

Indeed. Seems there is some relation to it. Remains to be seen to what extent.

Not working on an expansion
or GD2
or an RTS
or traditional RPG
or their town builder…

What genre is left?


Where is the thumbs up button for Mornay……

Does everyone just love the drama of Vapourware?

The proof is in the pudding… or at least when I can use the Fry “Take my money” meme…


Perhaps it’s a mod for GD.:thinking:

Why do I think this is something like This War of Mine, Fallout Shelter or Xcom base building game? This type of game could borrow so many things from GD: factions, characters, assets, goals (survive and support the war effort), art direction, etc.

Turn based strategy, anyone?

As I’ve suggested multiple times in the past, GD would be fantastic as a Squad-based RPG/RTS like Dawn of War II. You would still get some item/skill customization, use different squad members and you could have different factions playing through just like in DoW II:Retribution.


Oh noes here went my hopes for new story chapter in GD in snowy areas…

No need for 10th mastery - just a smaller DLC with new story chapter would suffice!

Interesting idea. I was thinking that a turn-based party RPG would also be quite fitting for the gd universe.

any possiblity of having a tv show based of the world of Cairn? Just look at Witcher… the game is revived and breaking world records… thanks to netflix :sweat_smile:

Cool as it could be to see Cairn develop that far el_critico dont know if it would have enouigh of a following yet, Keep in mind the Witcher is based off a book, both the tv and the game. Having books can broaden the fan base significantly as well. Be sweet to see Carin Book series, sop many options for story arcs. be sweet to see Urubook (see what i did there :stuck_out_tongue: ) as a novel.


You are right. Just imagine having a tv show right now, people be like who on earth… who is this dude cause you know about only 0.0000000000001% of world population knows about a guy like Hangman Jarvis, definitely its going to superflop with this tiny of a game community, plus the story of Cairn isnt exactly that mind blowing😁

the tag is ‘grim dawn future’.
so the new crate project will probably have more aetherial stuff. since in the main story conclusions of vanilla campaign and AoM its foreshadowed by creed that the black legion might take months or years to take the fight to erulan capital.
perhaps its a spin off game concentrating on the fight to retake erulan capital from the aetherials?.

I don’t know, i can imagine a lot of stuff with the Grim Dawn IP and as someone who enjoy a lots of Genre’s, i’m pretty open about that. Though besides a cRPG i’d love a (Point&Click) Adventure at most, and i really could imagine a strong Horror-Game.

“Last days of Malmouth” or “Into the Fleshworks”…:skull:

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Official MOD workshop is what I can estimate.

It may not have anything to do with grim dawn. A company can’t have 1 franchise. Having multiple properties is a good idea. Lets not drain this well dry to soon. I love grim dawn and I love the idea of grim dawn in other genres but let’s see what else create can come up with.

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I agree which is why I’m looking forward to the new town builder. However this was in the opening post of this thread

"Zantai: Gd2 would require significant ramp up by programmers before I even touch it.

I imagine gd fans will be interested in what I’m working on."

so sounds as if it could be GD related.