[Feedback/Idea] Yet another thread about Drain Essence


Now look at it again:

Now let’s talk, this item is the best cold based Drain Essence, but the issue with that is the conversion, which practically doesn’t do shit. I’ve made once a Cold DE, but the issue was it was way too squishy and got oneshotted by Kuba’s fist. Here’s the build in case. You gotta use the funny book that converts damage, but still you only deal about 60k/tick and waste a modifier slot (off-hand).

Now here’s why I am butt hurt, some other skills get a random 100% conversion, while DEE doesn’t. 45% conversion, 76 damage, 8% chance for freeze, so basically two modifiers that are not even that good. I do take in account that DE has a built-in 100% aether -> cold, but it’s only 196 damage at level 26. Continuing my butt pain, you sacrifice 10% lifesteal for a cool particle FX. And gain a slow.

Compare these:

Yeah, the forcewave modifier does way more in a way better way.

So, effectively we have:
196 cold damage,
some random cool numbers of vitality damage,
about 8 - 12% lifesteal (Hungering Reach, depending on level),
25% damage increase.

196 aether damage,
some random cool numbers of vitality damage,
18 - 22% lifesteal (HR)

I took in account only the stuff that can be converted or other bullface. So it’s sure we will not build cold DE because it doesn’t provide anything cool. With the build I posted, we have about 539 flat cold damage if we manage to get 100% vit -> cold (same setup) but with Uroboruuk’s set we can get 512 damage (if we get Riftwarped Grasp). You’ll say, yeah, it’s good. No it’s not, we waste 10% lifesteal and an off-hand modifier.

So, Crate, increase the cold conversion from 45% to 100%. I want to finally play a Cold based DE. I am sick of having one “viable” DE build, which is Uroboruuk. I want to suck my enemies’ health and still put out cool whirlpools. I don’t care if Gravechill will be changed, if you don’t move the conversion from there, it’s super okay. Another idea would be to add another modifier to the transmuter, 50% vitality -> cold, by that you could reduce the damage Deathbound Amethyst grants to, for example, 45, conversion to 40 and add 20% WD to that (yeah, change the conduit bonus too, it’s worthless anyways because all other builds don’t get it because they simply can’t because of other better bonuses). Oh, yeah, right, it has a chance of freeze too… uh… Wait, does it? Freeze sucks because it only works on trash mobs that will most likely die instantly anyway. Well, maybe some heros are not immune to it, but that doesn’t change anything.

So yeah, that’s my opinion on Cold DE. I don’t see a reason at all of adding a cold set for that, just add some more items that modify the skill with vitality or aether, and increase the conversion of vitality damage somehow to 90 - 100%.

Now, look at it again before you comment:

Dreadwalker (man, i read it with “n” first time, too much Dota i guess) is quite good for DE, you can combine it with RE for extra dmg output and even SoC if you go Cabalist.

Now, the question is, will Crate even consider cold DE this time? Aether is strong with Uroboruuk, Vit is good with Dreadwalker, and that amulet is good on cold PB, meaning both the skill and the amulet are pretty strong items, just that the combination of the two isn’t. I personally don’t want another forcewave (who’s very good in 3 damage types) so I’m not so much in favor of this idea. I’m not with Crate tho so they might look at this :slight_smile:

Cold DE with no mention at all of the 25% damage modifier on Gravechill makes you look kinda…dishonest. just sayin.

I actually forgot about that, let me fix that. And didn’t see it either when looking at Gravechill. Please don’t tell me I suck. :frowning:

Mentioning 25% damage boost without mentioning loss of skill’s ADCtH is also rather dishonest. Just saying.

Pretty sure someone asked about Gravechill early on in FG’s development and Zantai replied that they were looking into more support for skills with transmuters that currently lack it.

We know Discord/Elemental Cadence is getting support so I think they are aware of Gravechill as well.

I forgot Cadence had a transmuter. Maybe because it’s way too OP and I don’t like OP stuff and therefore I never picked it. :rolleyes:

I hope they will make it better, I mean Gravechill. Right now it just doesn’t feel right.
Wonder if exchanging 25% increased damage for 25% (or a little more) WD would be a good idea. Sounds good, but sounds are always sounding good.

I support this is for no other reason than so i can use DE semi-effectively while wielding a big scythe

Really? Well, in this case we’ll have to find something else to complain about :rolleyes:

Wasn’t able to find the exact quote I was thinking of earlier (as I was on mobile) but here it is now:

I gave Discord Cadence as an example and there’s the new item for it that we’ve seen :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea. Let’s complain about Arcanist again. Oh, wait, Arcanist is being looked at too… Ok, I am done. Worst game ever. Can’t complain about anything as for now… Worst developers, don’t give us anything to complain about… uninstalls Grim Dawn