Incoming Auto-Loot for Components/Crafting Materials! (06/21 Livestream Spoiler)

Those that had a chance to stop by the livestream today have had their first look at a feature we are rolling out in an upcoming hotfix.

Due to popular demand for an auto-loot feature and the frequent frustration whenever we update the game and thus temporarily break the mod that enables it, we have decided to make auto-looting of Components and Crafting Materials a baseline feature.

Coming up in V1.1.4.0, you will have the option of toggling on this feature in the Game Options. It will be disabled by default, as new players should still get an opportunity to read the tooltips before they are sucked into their inventory, but for veterans you will soon be able to enjoy one of the great features popularized by Grim Internals!

In addition in the upcoming update, all Partial Components looted, whether with auto-loot or by clicking them, will automatically combine in your inventory!

Here is a little preview of the work-in-progress of this feature that was played during the livestream!

After some internal deliberation, we’ve decided that the best course of action is to release Hotfix 1 with several bugfixes we wish to get in your hands sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the auto-loot feature and some other surprises we are working on will instead be released when they are ready in V1.1.4.0, likely in mid-July.

The new Roguelike Dungeon and Riggs’ questline will be released in V1.1.5.0.

Note that this is not going to have any impact on the release timeframe of the Riggs content, which is still expected later this year. We are simply inserting a surprise Major update in the middle, which means you get MOAR and get it posthaste…r.


Thanks for that feature, not that i need it but i know a lot do. :smiley:

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Either make it possible on pickup (when pickup button is pressed) or I just don’t give a damn about it. I don’t like that idea at all, even though I heard it’ll be a toggle.

Makes me wanna quit the game anyway.

K bye! :wave:


video broken for me right now @Zantai


Works fine here. :upside_down_face:


It’s an MP4…can your tablet parse those? :tired_face:

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Zantai, hats down to you for the remarkable damage control following some controvercial patch nerfs (wink DM Cold builds, Acid Dervishes etc) - you almost make up for it with this beauty (sarcasm aside).

As someone who likes “pristine” its game - i really thank you for finally buckling up and adding this (which should have been baseline feature mind you)! My mouse and tendovaginitis sends their warmest regards.


That’s great news. It will be an ideal system if it works with the Loot Filter.

This is FANTASTIC!!! Just had the GI mod for a few days and love that feature. Gameplay is so much smoother since you can just run around kill instead of playing a Grocery store simulator.THANKS again!


Praise the ZANTAI!


It’s great.
Now, waiting also for combat log feature…

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Further evidence that Crate should be in charge of all videogames.

Thank you so much for doing this.


Same, on PC, using Opera.

Well, it was my Desktop (opera browser) that couldn’t. My tablet has no problems.

If it’s desktop, then could be you’re missing a codex, or a browser plugin I suppose, depending how the browser handles it.

Using my laptop and i’m on Chrome and the video is loading fine.

Can confirm it’s definitely something with Opera. I currently have a copy of their new Opera GX browser installed I was testing out and it too won’t play the vid. Runs fine in Vivaldi tho.