[Tool] Grim Internals

I am also a software engineer/developer/designer and would be willing to help if this ever goes open source. Honestly, I think making a second mod would just complicate things, so I would much rather that this one went open source rather than making another mod as some other people have suggested, but if the community makes their own separate open source project I would be willing to help on that as well.

The resolution went from 1940x1440 to 2560x1440, scale/layout is at 150%, but even at 100% it was still like that.

ty for responding :slight_smile:

First time using a mod, it doesnt even start?

just got home from work and there was a stream? :frowning:
Gotta take a look what is coming on next patch :o

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Some rant about opensource and nature of modding, feel free to skip.

I didn’t see GI source code of course, but otherwise I do know my way around computers. What GI does in my opinion is closer to what autoassembler in cheat engine does. It’s not a mod in traditional sense. Hook process while in memory, patch certain addresses to jump to your code so you could do stuff like record numbers for damage counters and then jump back where crate code left off.

Sorry, but GI is not a mod. And the game is not moddable enough to allow things like autopickup. The term you are looking for is reverse engineering, or just hacking. Only thing Crate did to support this kind of “modding” was to leave debug symbols in - you can see names of individual functions in game.dll so you can have some educated guess what they do. Oh, and not waving C&D letters when someone figures out a way to do it. Rest is diving into assembler and lot of thinking, so all the credit goes to GlockenGerda.

That is why it is so fragile and has to be updated after each minor patch from Crate and why there has to be separate versions for Steam and GOG - addresses in the .exe or .dll can shift in a major way for the slightest changes in original source. After each release, she has to figure out the new addresses to patch. There are ways to make this process faster (remember few surrounding bytes, after updates look if there is the same pattern in updated version and verify the hack still works), but still some manual work has to be involved. Just opensourcing would not fix the release schedule. I very much doubt its just “build and it will work”. Someone has to spend the work to make it work. Of course there are more people who have the necessary skills so there would be higher chance that this tool won’t be abandoned.

As for her reluctance to release source code - big speculation from me, but given the anti-pirate mood in this thread… releasing source code would help to keep the tool alive, but it would also enable pirates to easily build GI for older game versions. It wouldn’t be good enough reason to prevent me from releasing such thing (I did some updates to few Stardew Valley mods after their autors moved on to other games, only thanks for the opensource mentality of the modders). But I wouldn’t have enough patience to build such tool in the first place. I may possibly have enough skills to at least understand what she’s doing and what is the cost, but I got enough coding in day work, games are for relaxation. In the end, we can only respect her decision. But if Crate relies on this project for their game to have such basic QoL features, that’s… very shortsighted. More likely they don’t consider it important enough.

For now… this tool is alive and kicking. In the future… GOG lets me choose if I want to upgrade. Steam people seem to have a way to go to previous version too. I don’t think i could play GD without this, after 1200 hours clicking on every component I see DOES get pretty old. Thanks, GlockenGerda.

Pseudo-edit: apparently I have been ninjad by Crate themselves - they CAN listen after all :slight_smile: I can imagine playing GD without health bars if this mod died (I still hope it won’t!) after 1.3.1 is live.


And have been… for many years now. They have their own reasons concerning decisions to do or not do things. Occasionally they even change their minds.

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thanks :smile: at least you guys listen to the players, which is why I bought the loyalist packs. well done

They spoke about components & crafting material only, not for items and all other features provided by GI.
From my stand point, GI will be fully usefull after

Found a problem connecting to multiplayer with the updated version. Connects just fine solo, but no go with MP.

Also, others can’t connect to my games if I am using GI. It gives them a “failure to connect” message.

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GameSpeed not saving after restart game.

I’d rather say it’s some kind of lazyness , sry

What you call laziness is actually game design decisions and development priorities. Crate guys work normal hours and are paid for those hours, do you expect them to do the stuff you want in their free time? How about you do it in your free time. You got the tools, so don’t be lazy :wink:

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Bug report for the configurator in v1.79: when you click on Q&A by Darkstalix it takes you to https://forums.crateentertainment.com/#post695979 which is just the front page, not an actual post.

Wait…wait, I’ve got a gif for this!



You’re a saint GlockenGerda. Thanks for the update. :grinning:

I’m seeing the same problem. :frowning:

EDIT: Some of us are seeing the same problem even without Grim Internals, especially the 64 bit version.


Yes i know i completely forgot to tell her that the links are broken
For now you can find the post in my profile in here or with the search function its very fast