Incoming Auto-Loot for Components/Crafting Materials! (06/21 Livestream Spoiler)

Well, GD still has a plenty of flaws.
But at least, Crate are listening to their fellow players, trying to improve their game.
That alone is admirable.

Why would you want to quit the game because they are letting some people auto-loot materials (those who decide they want the feature and go toggle it on in options)? That’s like saying you’re going to quit because they included a certain video resolution for some people who have a certain monitor preference. lmao


Lol, never thought of it like that… grocery store sim… love it. and hooray for auto loot

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Its going to be a good QOL change for controller users who don’t have GI installed.


Lost the stream ;(

Yep, very cool indeed! :metal:

Stream still exists…

Latest GD Twitch Stream

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Indeed but i just wanted to ask zantai awkward things :]
Gonna get time to watch it :v:

Will miss you :sleepy:

I’ve heard there’s a reason why but could someone please explain -

Why haven’t health bars been added at this point?

(I never ask for anything but mannnn I’m so close to not needing Grim Internals anymore)

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Now health bars next please! Thanks for feature :smiley:

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Crate should buy Wolcen and finish that game.


Really lots of nice features and changes added or planned recently. This one in particular will save a lot of time and lessen hand strain. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Haha, just thought about such a feature while playing a few hours ago…

“would be nice if there was an auto-loot-function for Components…” and BOOM - there it is! *at least with next hotfix

Hm… so what is the next thing i should think about…? :smiley:


Thats great, it’ll save me so much time. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the ASMR video! :crate:

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That’s look fine feature indeed!

Next on the list,choosing Crucible arena,ahem.

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Finally, definitely the most important missing QoL feature on my list.