[QoL] autoloot for materials

since there are mods capable of doing it, can we ever get an official update with an option to auto-loot crafting materials (and components, of course)

having an auto-loot function tied to the loot filter would be even better, but i’d be happy enough without having to pick up the dozens of aether shards and components

This feature has been requested again and again for years, but was always rejected by Crate. Not sure about the reasons though, maybe their target audience is Korean Starcraft 2 pros, clearly not geriatric patients.

Abandon hope, GrimInternals is the way to go.

As said asked for many times and Crate have made it clear they don’t want to add this to the game. Install Grim Internals if you really need this QoL.

But Grim Internals are for 64-bit only, so…

Your’re in luck, Crate apparently changed their minds! Grava and Zantai just announced on stream they will be adding an auto-loot & auto-combine feature for components and materials :slight_smile:

Indeed, surprised everyone - sneaky devs. :rofl: