Impertinent domineeringly patronising question to the developers: third expansion?

It will primarily “cost” them however much medierra pays his employees - which we don’t know. We can make some guesses…

…but this amount varies widely depending on the role, or roles, each individual serves and their experience. You must also factor in how many employees he would assign to work on it “full-time”, but I imagine there would be some overlap - the artists for instance would likely be working on multiple projects simultaneously.

The amount of time it will take them to complete an expansion, based upon how much time it took them to complete AoM and FG, respectively, is roughly about 1 and a half years for a “full” expansion that features content, gear, masteries and new features.

Anyway, all indications are that Crate are not currently interested in making a 3rd expansion and they have made this clear for quite some time now and I highly doubt there is little you could ever do to affect that. They certainly do not need any money you might attempt to “raise” to persuade them with - as a company, Crate is rich off the success of GD and can easily fund any further projects they wish without needing to Kickstart or take any community-driven efforts to fund them.

As for inspiration - here again I very much doubt you are going to sway them as they made their minds up some time ago that it was time to put effort into other endeavors and all developers are currently invested in working on new games - there appears to be several projects they are working on currently and you need to keep in mind that this is a small dev studio with around 13 or so devs total (tho they are hiring for a few positions). What this means is that they must manage what they are working on tightly and as noted above they are very much busy with other things now.

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It’s up to modding community to make a “third expansion” at this point.

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Well, if you want to change the parameters of your initial post and move the goal post, then, how about this…

They’ve said they won’t do a third expansion.

They have said that down the line they might entertain GD2.

If you want to ‘theorize’ and ‘speculate’ and ‘inpsire’ than why not do it for something to do with GD2?

But then moving the goal post is much, much easier, right?

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goal post!? Hä!?

the only thing thats missing here now is the necessary time… can someone give a clue in manhours?

Not seeing any moving of goal posts here.

In addition to what powbam posted it’s not as if Crate don’t have ideas of where they might go in any future GD2.

12th July 2019 stream:

"Any plans for the NPC found in the Fleshworks to make another appearance?

Zantai: So his story is not going to finish with Forgotten Gods, his story is for things beyond. Which is more of a sequel."

19th April 2019 dev Stream:

"gachibass_chechnya_kavkaz : Could you share with us what’s gonna be in the next expansion/GD 2 in terms of storyline/lore, at least a bit?

Zantai: I’m not sure I should really talk about that because I’m not sure when or if it’s going to happen. I mean I can give you some ideas of threads we might pursue. For example there is the whole thing with the Emperor, the capital, with the Sun (son?), Ulgrim seems to be a special guy too. The Witch Gods seem to have gotten their way - what does that mean for the future of Cairn? What will happen to the future of Kymon’s Chosen? That Sigil?"

I just don’t get what you mean, man…

Anyway, appreciate your links, I will browse through them…

Do the math, use your brain. I gave you the rough time frame that it took them to make the prior expansions. Approximately a year and a half. You can make some basic assumptions to get you in the ball park based off general work hours/conditions in the US. You would start with 8 hours a day, 5 days a week if we ignore the possibility of overtime. Calculate that for 1 year and 6 months and you would have a rough idea. Beyond that you would have to apply that to each person working on it, which as I noted above, we simply wouldn’t know for sure unless Crate told us, but we can guess that the number is variable over this time frame as people like artists would likely be working on multiple projects.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see that. Only saw the dollar figures.

That’s why I asked here. There are developers active in the forum, afaik?

Then you should read my previous post in its entirety. You asked questions, I gave answers to the best of my knowledge. I didn’t write all that up for you to not read it.

Yes they are active and read most everything on this forum. As for if they are going to respond, that’s a whole nuther thing. And if they respond, are they going to divulge such things? /shrugs

You’ve been here for nearly a year and haven’t read a single Development Update or Patch Note? Who do you think writes those? :woman_facepalming:


are you being serious right now?

Yes, I am. Zantai is project lead for GD and has been since Medierra took a step back from the day to day GD stuff to concentrate on the town builder they’re making entitled Farthest Frontier.

If you click on this
you’ll can see any Crate employee’s posts here. And there are a lot of them.

I KNOW that!! Come on!

Then why are you asking if they’re active here?

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Then why did you ask?

a little irony!? Please?

I shoulda PM’d Zantai instead…

While you do that go ahead and ask him what the odds are that he’s going to be so inspired that Crate is going to drop everything to make a 3rd expac for you even tho they’ve been saying since before FG that there won’t be anymore after FG :smirk: Let us know what he says.

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Feel free to start brainstorming and share your ideas with us. Maybe you can inspire :wink: more people to join you. Being German I recommend to keep your expectations low. Just do it for your personal enjoyment.

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You have already opened a post here about this subject, ignorant of previous Crate statements on the matter, people informed you about those but you shrug them off and now you’re adamant to PM Zantai, sure that your “inspiring aura” will change everything.

It doesn’t work this way. You’ll get no reply from him.

In order to get his attention you have to offer a Celestial Essence.

Then you’ll have his attention for those 3 tenths of a second that pass between the offering of the Celestial Essence and being oneshotted.

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