Grim Misadventure #152: Dressed to Slay

No dev streams for 3 weeks and teasers like these… :rolleyes:

Correction: 4 weeks!
Last dev stream was on the 2nd of November.

Not that I am counting :rolleyes:, just eagerly anticipating the new expansion… :smiley:

Well, they’ve been about every 3-4 weeks since FG was announced so not new. I expect we’ll get another one before Christmas.

They did a lot every 2 weeks for some time, so the 4 weeks feel like quite some time now. But I personally like it more when they do less, but more spoilery streams instead of frequent streams where you have to watch grava die over and over again :P.

That said it is super awesome that you guys stream at all and I love every stream you do! I can’t wait for 1.0.7 patchnotes and am super hyped for the patch itself! :slight_smile:

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Well, Grava did say on the 17th August

“I’m not going to be doing regular or bi-weekly yet. Pretty soon, we’re getting further along in the expac and we’re going to start doing at least once a week like we did do and maybe towards the end bi-weekly again. Keep you guys informed on what’s going on and updated with everything on the expac before it comes out.”

Yeah, would be great to hangout with the devs (at least) one more time before the holidays! :slight_smile:

I agree with you on multiple accounts, RektbyProtoss.
No streams in a while and dangling a big carrot in front of us feels kinda … cruel.
So unlike the devs we know… :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll see…

Well, put it this way. Would you rather have a lot of streams and no expansion, or few steams and the expansion gets done! :smiley:

And just remember - while Zantai may like to tease us unmercifully he never does so without a good reason.

We all prefer a perfect xpansion ofc. That’s why I said I’m pretty happy they aren’t doing “meaningless” streams where they don’t spoiler us new things, but rather work on their awesome game.
Also at this point I guess there isn’t too much left to spoiler except for some items, the current state of the shattered realm and maybe some overhauls of older areas/masteries. So yea, take all the time you need devs.

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Believe me, I know what it’s like to report bi-weekly to an eagerly anticipating crowd.
Even if the act itself only costs an hour, time and energy consumed beforehand can be much greater.

Didn’t bring up the wish for a dev stream this time, but I did react to it and agreed to points brought up by RektbyProtoss.
Should have scrapped the “No streams in a while”. Being cruel referred to the latter part. :smiley:
Zantai can indeed be cruel sometimes (and that’s why we love him :wink: ), but I regard him as a very competent game designer: no followup on his carrot dangling in a timely manner would be unprofessional. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I only one here who can’t wait to see next patch notes?

It’s going to be so big that it takes the same amount of time to read it, than to finish FG. :rolleyes:

No, you’re not the only one.

But if Zantai’s teasing means the patch is near and the following from the dev streams is still true

then that would imply the expansion is very near as well.
I can’t imagine the patch and the expansion will be out in the first weeks of January, although I won’t object if they will. :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume the patch was moved forward / stayed on the same timeline while the expansion was pushed back and that the two will no longer be that close to each other as a consequence

And as I gazed into the abyss, I saw the abomination rise from the deep, it´s terrible mouth opened it it uttered the most soulcrushing words I had ever heard:

I assume the patch was moved forward / stayed on the same timeline while the expansion was pushed back and that the two will no longer be that close to each other as a consequence

For it was mamba, destroyer of hope, shatterer of illusions.


I have no real inside info, but it seems the logical conclusion. All the quotes you showed which mentioned the patch would be shortly before the expansion were from before the delay for FG was announced.

The only quote which seems to be from after the delay was

“drazac :will patch be release close to the release of Forgotten Gods, or will it be release in this year
Zantai_GD : will probably fall next year, but we’ll see”

And if comes out soonish, which is how I understood Zantai, then that means the gap between and FG will be bigger than the few days mentioned in the other quotes

Knowing patch will come out soon, I want to ask this before it gets too late: For Steam users, is there a way to keep the game at and not have the patch automatically update? I still have a lot of work to do on my Grimarillion characters and with a patch this massive, I’m sure it will take some time before mods are compatible with the new release.

I know GoG buyers have the option to stay with a particular patch, but how would I be able to keep the game at the current patch if I have the Steam version?

Change the Steam setting to offline, that should do it.

There’s a clickable option either on the Steam settings or the game’s (right-click) that enables/disables auto-updates

Specifically : right-click on Grim > Properties > 2nd tab on top (Updates) > 1st drop-down menu on top let’s you auto-update/update when you start the game

as much as I appreciate another gear or monster misadventure, I think its about time Crate finish brewing up that expansion trailer. What better way to hype blizzard sheep by actually showing expansion in the flesh and blood form . Just in time before holiday sales kicks in too. :wink:

Only if its ready though :undecided:

So with the next GM looming in a few days’ time the question is will this be the last one before Christmas or will Crate grace us with a Christmas Eve GM?