Hello everyone !
Probably like a lot of you I am a big fan of Diablo 2. I know that most of you are veterans of Titan Quest but i would like to say something about Grim Dawn and Diablo 2. I started playing Grim Dawn because it is great H&S and it is familiar to D2 which i love and I am thinking about mercenaries system from D2. In GD we have a lot of different factions and we have to work for their respect so maybe on some level of respect they could allow us to hire some kind of mercenary from thier faction ? From enemy factions we have Nemezis so maybe from ally faction we could get some guy to help :stuck_out_tongue: Tell me what you think about this idea. I’m new on forum so sorry if topic like this appeard some time ago.
Also sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, it’s been asked for a few times. However

30th March 2018 dev stream:

Zantai_GD: hirelings was a feature I wrote a doc for once, but ultimately we decided against it

Zantai_GD: there were all sorts of complications with adding hirelings

Zantai_GD: we’re not adding mercs, no.

If you want mercenaries then play the Reign of Terror mod which is a D2 mod for the game. It has mercenaries in it iirc.

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