Shattered Realm, how deep does it go?

Shattered Realm, how deep does it go? or is it endless :slight_smile:
been playing this for awhile now and paused. I am 15 shards in. are there only 4 chunks tops to each new shard domain.
Already got a bunch of those shrines in there also.
I looked around before posting here but not much listed. That is why i am asking here. I unlocked some achievement feast of souls awhile back. Basically just wondered how deep this goes as it is getting boring lol. My Warlord is slaughtering them at the moment.

Loot stop scaling at like shard 88. But the mode itself is designed to be endless.

Also yes, only 4 chunks per shard.

ah ok cool, unlocked cpl more achievements since this post going on 16, guess when i need a break i will pause and keep going down the rabbit hole. Curious what is the farthest anyone has made it ?

dont worry warlord getting em some proper nerfs soon! :cool::stuck_out_tongue: paladins will rise again!

seriously regarding how deep shard is, it really depends how you answer the question:


lol good one…
I have a paladin also, but he needs some work. My warlord is Retaliation build as is the Paladin but the paladin is quite a bit weaker.

Zantai’s mentioned at some point in the past that there’s something like 200 shards to it? But it’s designed so that it will scale way, way, WAY past anything a normally built character will be able to handle. And if you do manage to push up to SR 200 somehow, he’s mentioned that he will just add in even more levels :rolleyes:


I highly doubt he will do that. Its faster for him to nerf a char than add more SR levels, so expect that powerful toon to get the nerftai treatment instead :eek::smiley:

Well, when they nerf the warlords I hope he Nerfs the damn grubs, worms forget what they are in the Crate quest. one shot by a damn worm? who the hell thought of that lol. had over 300k retaliation and a grub one hit me in that quest thats insane lol.

Iirc correctly Zantai said in a stream that playtesters had gotten to Shard 103, but that was before he did some retuning. Whether that’s still possible as a single player I don’t know.

Is it truly infinite? Probably. Hopefully.

My only concern is difficulty increase when progressing.
If I pass floor 53,285, will floor 53,286 have stronger enemies, or has their stats stopped scaling 53,085 floors ago.