Forthcoming Forgotten Gods expac - what we know so far Part II

Reserved no 20

I was just about to report for spam. :wink:

Anyway thanks for collecting the FG information for us. And would it be possible to put information in to sections? Like one section for a possible new mastery and anything related to that.

Not sure Mauricius. I was envisioning more just giving me space to put each new GM and live stream together rather than having everything under spoilers like the other one is. But I might be able to highlight/spoiler some stuff. I’ll have to see how it goes. Hopefully the most of the other info won’t be as long as this stream was so should make it easier to find anyway.

Thanks for the great work. Lazy me sitting in lazy chair and enjoying the chat-log lazily, all thanks to hardworking Medea!

By the way, great decision to reserve the spots first… Hopefully the game will come out before you used up all reserves thread

Now completely updated from Friday’s stream (27th July) so read to your hearts’ content.

Yeah, thinking about it, it seemed a better way to organise stuff in general. Wish I’d thought of it before, but there you are I didn’t. And yes, I’m hoping a few of the reserves will prove redundant, but added a few extra just in case. Frankly I’m surprised that I managed to get all Zantai’s comments into one post. Finishing it off this morning I fully expected to need the second slot for it. :eek:

We also for a split second saw the map of the act, or at least a portion of it when Zantai was going from the portal to Steps to show off the challenge areas

Interesting stuff, thanks again.
Only skimmed it, but I like the no entry cost to enter the initial realm level: one thing I always hated about Path of Exile is the horrendous drop rates on maps which is almost entirely luck-dependent if you don’t trade.
Free entry with an option to pay materials to get ahead, is much more preferable to that to me.

Other things I’m most interested in is the skipping Elite solution, and how the rewards of the shattered realm stack up against the Crucible’s, so I’m looking forward to the next reveals.

Thank god the floors are handcrafted and not randomised crap. I’m fine with them being in random order but randomised layouts is easily one of the things i hate the most in this genre.

I’m glad I asked this and glad for the reply as well. It was exactly what I wanted to hear. I really hope the modders take advantage of this and add tons of maps.

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“sirspanksalot92 :is the shattered realm basically an infinite dungeon? is there an end to it?
Effectively there is no end to it.”

Isn’t infinite enough for you. :smiley:


Maybe it was already mentioned, but this confirms the location of the new expansion.

Grim Tools map:

Last Friday’s Dev Stream (July 27th):

Who caught all 4 stars in the Scarab constellation?

I’ve got 3.

1: +15 Physique, +20 Armor
2: ???
3: +4 Armor, 15% Bleeding Resistance
4: +4% Attack Speed, +12% Shield Damage Blocked, 30 Acid Retaliation

But he also said that the enemies become progressively stronger the deeper you go, so there will be a practical end to it. At some point a build won’t be able to cope with it any more. How far you can go might become the new measuring stick for builds.

@medea fleecestealer - thanks for this super summary!

I see it was mentioned that nemesis and other bosses would be as per campaign and thus suggested that some Crucible mobs are toned down. Is this the case with Cruici? (I don’t have cruci).

Looks very promising, after reading the OP. That’s quite a lot of insight.

Mythical Perdition set? You never know.

Mythical Oathbreaker would make sense too, mind. I’m hoping for a lot more gun + shield support in general. :smiley:

Can’t really say hamyhamster1 since I don’t really play Crucible. If Big Z says they are then I guess that’s the case.

Big thanks for compiling all the info from recent stream :wink:

2: 15% Reduced Stun Duration, 8% Shield Damage Blocked :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nothing is ever enough for me, medea. Hence my being a disgruntled, jaded 26 year old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just say I like symbolism and language, and be creative about it. :stuck_out_tongue:
And moreover, I like that the devs are side-stepping the politically correct sentiment that’s invading everything right now, and give some tongue-in-cheek pokes here and there.
Some might consider the choice of topic in question to be a little vulvar, I just jokingly appreciate that the devs don’t hesitate to touch upon it.