10th mastery for possible 3rd xpack - throw ideas here. :)


As Zantai said in the last stream, new mastery will be possible with the new xpack.

So let’s make easier for Crate and give them ideas for new mastery.

Ok, so what from me? Remember TQ mod called Destinies?
There was fun (almost) pure passive mastery - Training

NOTE: sorry for empty error skills, it’s taken from newest ‘non-friendly for mods’ version of TQ. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, something like this, a pure passive mastery, as a support, it’s what I wish for.

Your turn, give them ideas.

I highly doubt a new xpack will be released to begin with. I’d like to see the moment in the stream when Zantai promise a new xpack.

I watched the entire stream, I was kinda drunk tbh, but I can’t remember Z saying ANYTHING about 3rd expac :stuck_out_tongue: Can you tell me/us where in the stream Z said these things? :stuck_out_tongue:

Chaos / Bleed caster.

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I think a mastery heavily based on chaos/bleed would be cool. In the past, someone once suggested (former) bloodsworn cultist as a mastery for this.

Summoner class, that has dragons and lizards as pets

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lol sounds like maya’s wet dream

Not on my watch!

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Barbarian: sick life steal, life regen, OA and crit damage. No armor, DA or resistances. Waith, that is Shaman… sorry

Hunter: ranged and pet specialist.

Witchdoctor, whatever that means :man_shrugging:

I really don’t think we are gonna see any new exp pack but…my dream is to see a marksman class. Very high damage squishy class speciliazed in 2h ranged, supporting physical, pierce and bleed mainly.

A shapeshifting class. Though my understanding is that it’s an engine limitation.

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Think they already have plenty of suggestions.


mastery that lets you transform into a bird birb.

You mispelled birb. :rofl:

not anymore


I would prefer Android, damn it !

I don’t think the game is hurting for a new mastery but I’m the kind of player that feels like I’m missing out because I haven’t played every combo available. But if there were a new mastery I’d like something like the martial skills assassin from D2 with default attack skills that charge up and provide some bonus to finisher moves which can only be used with some amount of charge.

WPS activated from Default attack replacers with charge levels basically works like that.
You also have the opposite, you have buffs like lethal assault that will affect all your weapon damage for the duration.