1800 limit grain silo filled up with 6900 wheat

This was interesting. I originally had 4 silos adjesent to the farm fields. The cow barns are located on the other side of the village. In order to ease access to wheat for the cow barns, I moved three of the four silos next to the barns. This is what happened. Insted of distributing the wheat between the barns, the workers put all wheat into the one silo remaining close to the farm fields. I guess that is a bug.

See that tick box above the grain, turn it off and force the grain to be put into the other silos.


Thanks for the tip Kendy! I unchecked the checkbox. The weat is is still not moved to the other silos, it is moved to the general warehouse. I then moved two silos next to the warehouse. The weat still goes to the warehouse and not to the silos.

Untick the grain box at the warehouse… :wink:

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I have a silo next to my mill, ticked to only accept grain, and a silo next to my bakery, ticked to only accept flour, and yet after buying 1200 grain there is no grain anywhere, even in the storehouse/warehouses and the resources page says there is none anywhere, even in the Trading Post.

(NB: When I was young we had a newspaper style advertiser called The Trading Post, no commercial advertising permitted but there were a lot of “private sales” which you could collect from car yards and specialty stores.) :smile:

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Anything purchased at the Trading Post and moved to city usage stays in a “purgatory” state, including gold. It will get consumed as needed by the villagers, it just won’t show up in storage.

It’s a known bug that will eventually get fixed.


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