1H MELEE Firestrike. Is it good?

Been trying to think of something that isn’t as common as Cadence Witchblades.
Would melee 1H+Shield Firestrike be viable solo Glad?
Would Fire damage do good damage? Or should it be a mix of Fire and Physical?

I don’t know. I have no idea lol. Help.



The core stuff

Superfluff’s has a Cadence Commando in the builds section. I’m tinkering with Fire Strike and finding it to be pretty fluid.

Currently playing a FS commando, buffed with soldier’s passives. So far, so good.
Damage output is okay. Explosive strike hitting several targets in melee is a nice touch. Someone may say Cadence is better but I usually get bored quite easily with Cadence.

What is ur level and current DPS?

I’m new to the game and haven’t played much, but I have a Saboteur that duel wields using fire strike. At level 32 he deals 1300+ dps.